0-60 in under ___?___ Seconds! Electric Superbike by Damon Motorcycles.

Hey we're here at CES 2020 it's Mike from the unbox and I'm here with Jay from Damon Motorcycles and they 've got something really special here like a Tesla from a superbike that's going to change the way people move on two wheels Tells us a little bit about the bike and what it's working on yeah David Ho Our Vancouver Tech Company has been quietly building a new type of motorcycle called the Dana This Hypersport has just gone on sale Pre-orders online on Quiet Motorcycles You've been looking at the Hypersport HS for 24995 It's a good motorcycle We've done a few things that really should take it up a notch Regardless of the fact that the bike has 200 horsepower in excess of 200 miles per hour and has a range in excess of 200 miles per charge and can charge in about half an hour we thought it would be nice to reconsider the way that a motorcycle should let everyone know that they are sick who are cut get sick not Having seen everyone have friends who were injured or killed on a motorcycle so we did something about it developed a system called the co-pilot The co-pilot is a 360-degree collision warning system that can look at 64 cars at once and track them virtually as they are Fly like a fighter plane to predict where the cars will be and warn you of an accident before it's too late so you know I'm human You can look at one thing at a time This bike can look at 64 things at a time to warn you of accidents Vibrate handlebar for forward collision warning There's LED bar tape up here for blind spot detection right and left and there is a 120 degree field of view digital rearview mirror fed by cameras with cameras radar and other sensors the pilot something else about the bike is a system called a ship so I think ship titans do this motorcycle diversion from this aggressive sport riding position that You see it now in ride mode on the go ride this is amazing you know j this is one of my biggest complaints when i used to ride this was this style of bike if i go more than 20 miles my back hurts i've been putting my fist on the tank trying to relax just miserable we always come from anyway looks like you I solved this problem I've never seen it where the bike can convert in a sitting upright position yeah then when you hit an open road you can convert this thing into sport mode which goes up to 200 mph in more from 200 mph son having two bikes in one he had good wine he's very good anybody here yeah this here [music] sounds like a jet fighter isn't it too bad that's cool when you're on the highway in the helmet has this digital the sound of the turbine is Actually very exciting you know when you go through gears I love going through gears on a motorcycle Gina what else is really cool This continuous pull because there are no gears going from zero to 60 in under three seconds zero to 100 mph in under four seconds I used to own a Tesla and that was one of the best vibes that the console lasts really well.

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Not only does it have some impressive specs but it's super sexy I mean if you actually saw it life this is on point with any Super bike I've seen today and it's electric with a cool screen on it Less than 440 lbs and it's light Super high performance we're going to have one of those at Daytona hopefully on this racetrack and go try it out so make sure you guys stay tuned to subscribe to the box elsewhere Thanks Jay so much for showing us a play as we appreciate it Looking forward to seeing more of Damon Motorcycles [music] You [music].

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