#1 Rower elektryczny / e-bike. Podstawy.

Hi, my name is Konrad and I would like to tell you about my newest teaser, which is electric bikes. Colloquially called "ebikes". * INTRO * I decided to record this vlog, because I have built two bikes so far, I am building two more and I am full of this knowledge all the time and I just want to share it. Now I will tell you how to ride an electric bike (e-bike) . How fast, how far can you go on such a bike. And in general, why is he so cool. When I say something is really cool it's because I really know what I am saying because I have been doing many, many things for the "fan".

* MUSIC * and electric bikes really beat those things on the head. Or at least they are equal! As a former motorcyclist * MUSIC * I can say that an e-bike gives a similar adrenaline to a motorcycle. You can say that driving an e-bike in the morning to work works like a really strong coffee. Some say that an e-bike is pointless, that it is not a bike at all. Because you don't pedal, because we finally have an engine that does all the work for us. This is not entirely true. You pedal on an e-bike – a lot of it – I am very often wet from riding an e-bike. In fact – on an e-bike you can control the speed by pedaling.

And we support a lot, we support the electric motor with the strength of our own muscles. This is also absolutely not true. You just ride an e-bike faster than you would on a regular, classic bike and much, much faster! In addition, the e-bike also has such small devices that we call a shift lever. Then you do not have to pedal, but even if you use the lever , believe me, the legs itch themselves, to help the engine a little and to pump up with pedaling.

Besides, there is another great advantage of pedaling: when we are driving in city traffic, when we pass cars, when we overtake cars, especially when starting at traffic lights, the face of drivers, seeing a pedaling cyclist overtaking them without the slightest difficulty, is priceless. That is why it is worth pedaling 🙂 How fast does such a bike go? Hmm … I will say briefly: such a bike is great and it will be really fast! My first bike I built on an old bike frame is going 60 km / h – it has never ridden that fast. My second bike – a dedicated e-bike is going … fear to be afraid – actually fear to test 90 km / h – I think this is its maximum speed. However, it is not the speed that is the most important here – in an electric bike, in an e-bike, we are able to go everywhere, that is , unlike scooters or motorcycles , we are not limited only to the streets. We can use bicycle paths, sometimes sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, and so on and so on.

This means that traffic jams do not exist for us. The lights are a very delicate obstacle. We can avoid these lights using a pedestrian crossing that happens to be green. So generally speaking "hands down " there is no faster mode of transport in the city center than the e-bike. Absolutely – there is no! I, to be honest, do 3-4 kilometers in 4 minutes. This is my way from work to home or from home to work. Generally speaking, on average in the city center I have about 45 km / h. It is completely unattainable by any other means of transport. The question is how can we get far with such an electric bike? Well, this is a question that , unfortunately, cannot be answered unequivocally – why? Because our range depends primarily on the battery. (on the number of batteries), but not only because the main factor influencing our range is the speed with which we are going. This is because if – assuming that we have a range of 25 km / h, our range is 100 km, then if we go twice as fast, i.e.

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50 km / h, our range shrinks four times. Because the air resistance increases squared, it does not increase linearly with the increase in speed, which means that a double increase in speed reduces the range by a factor of four. This is, unfortunately, the price of such an electric mechanism. My average – as I mentioned earlier – is about 40-45 km / h and this means that my range is also in the range of 30-40 km. With the amount of battery I have, if I wanted to go slower, of course, this range is much longer Well, but who would like to drive slowly? In fact, long ranges are unnecessary to drive around the city, we make distances of 5, 7, 10 15 km. I charge my e-bike on average 2-3 times a week, so I don't even have to plug it into a socket every day. The good news is that riding an e-bike costs almost nothing – because the amount of energy that we have to put into the bike socket costs about PLN 1.5 per 100 km. Comparing it to even a scooter … or not to mention cars. These are ridiculous values. 1.5 PLN per 100 km – this is our energy consumption when driving an e-bike.

How much can such an e-bike cost – let's think. If we remake an old bike, it was like that in my case – my first bike, 15 years old, Gary Fisher , it cost me about 3,000 zlotys. In total. We really need three things: motor, driver and battery. You could say that these things are of a similar price, more or less the same price. Of course you can buy more batteries, you can buy a better motor, you can buy … a better driver. Generally speaking, a bicycle conversion may cost exactly that, may cost a little more. However, if we want to build a bicycle dedicated to an electrician, we do not rework anything ready, but we have to build the entire bicycle from scratch and equip it with electrical equipment.

It is a bit more expensive, because it is known: if it is a cushioned bike, we have to buy a damper, we have to buy a front fork, if we equip an electric bike that is to ride fast, it must be good quality components – they are quite expensive. On average, such a dedicated bike that can go almost 100 km / h, that really has a good range and that looks more like a motorcycle than a bicycle. It costs about 10,000 zlotys. Therefore, it seems to me that it is worth investing in remaking your bike at the beginning.

And to see how it works, what are the effects, are we satisfied, before someone decides to build something like this from scratch, it requires some experience and some learning. I will share this knowledge with you with pleasure. If you like what you are watching now, if you would like to see more – I will be happy to share my knowledge on how to build such a bike, What affects the range, what components are OK, what are not OK . I am testing various solutions. As I mentioned, I am building 4 bikes, 2 are already on, 2 more – at least one of them – should be riding next week. I am pleased to present these bikes to you and I will tell you about the differences, I had difficulties in building them, and so on and so on. Therefore, the feedback YOUR feedback will be very important to me. Leave a comment, leave a sub if you like it Thanks, bye, bye!.

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