12 Incredibly Cheap E-MTB Upgrades| E-Bike Modifications

– We all know that E-Bikes
can be really expensive, but if you're like me, you
love looking at your E-Bike, sitting on your E-Bike,
squeezing those brake levers, just looking at it lovingly. But, sometimes you just can't afford all those expensive bits. So today's video is gonna be taking a look at all those cheaper
bits, parts on a budget, you can bling your E-Bike
up for not a lot of cash. (electronic noise) Some of these upgrades are gonna make your bike look better and some will enhance performance. (upbeat music) So one of my best upgrades
for not a lot of cash is popping down your local hardware store, grabbing a collection of colored zip ties. We've got yellows, reds, greens, things that are gonna
match my bike behind me. I can bling up those little cable clips, I can replace them with
some colored zip ties.

Zip ties are also good for
replacing those C clips that have a habit of
breaking or getting lost. So yeah, really inexpensive
way of adding a little bit of color and a little bit
of bling to your bike. (upbeat music) So your E-Bike might've come with a set of old school slip-on grips. These things can be a nightmare, especially in winter if
you get water going on them they can develop into
dreaded throttle grip. It basically means that grip
spins around the handlebar.

What I would suggest is
spending that little bit more money, getting a lock-on style grip. That way it's gonna
pinch on that handlebar. Obviously available in a
lot more colors as well, so you add a little bit of color and that little bit of extra security and of course there's a
contact point for your bike. So, spending that little bit more money is gonna end up in you
and a bit more control and a lot more comfortable on your E-Bike. (upbeat music) So a real nice upgrade
for just a few pence is these colored cable crimps. They replace that factory fitted silver boring one on the back of the bike. Add a bit of color to your rear mech, dropper post, things like that.

Get one of these on there,
add a little bit of bling. (upbeat music) Looking after these valves on your E-Bike is also really important. Often overlooked area is the valve cap. Obviously if these become split or damaged they're gonna allow gunk
and water and things in. That could make that valve sticky and you're gonna be unable to undo it if you need to adjust that pressure. So upgrading that cap
to a decent alloy cap makes all the difference. So look after those valves, you're not gonna get in
trouble out on the trail. (upbeat music) Really nice way of adding a bit of color to the front of that E-Bike is by replacing the stems spacers. These are found underneath the stem, sometimes on top it, just add
a bit of height to that bar. They're available in carbon, lots of different colors as well. Just remember if you are replacing them, just replace exactly the same
amount and the same depth as what you took off that bike. (upbeat music) So a real cheap upgrade
for your cockpit area is to a few zip ties to stop
those cables rubbing together and hitting off each other.

Obviously available in lots of colors. The next step up is to add a
bit of spiral wrap to them. This is available in lots of colors too, but it just means all in one, replace all those gear and
brake cables altogether in one nice, sweet looking line. Obviously gonna protect that bike and stop all that noise
from the front end too. (upbeat music) Something that's nearly free to do on your E-Bike is a detailed clean. I mean getting into every
single nook and cranny, every chain link, every single bolt, inspecting them, going
around cleaning it up.

pexels photo 2118560

It's also a really good
way to inspect for damage and wear on your E-Bike, too. (upbeat music) So all the E-Bike manufacturers
do a really good job of protecting that chain stay as well. Protecting it from all the chain slap. You can step it up a
little bit more, though. Just add in a cheap chain stay protector, it's just a thin bit of neoprene but it's gonna make all that
difference out on the trail. You're not gonna hear that chain slapping away at the back of the bike. (upbeat music) So if your E-Bike came with
a set of plastic pedals, strongly advise upgrading them. Just an aluminum version with
a little bit longer pins. Things like that. When it gets sketchy out there, wet and slidy in the winter, it's gonna give you a lot
more confidence out there. (upbeat music) So the factory fitted gear cables, the inner and the outers, can be quite low quality
on some of the E-Bikes.

Replacing that with high
quality outer and inner can make all the difference when it comes to those winter months. It's gonna be nice and slick and your shifter's gonna
be crisp and spot-on. (upbeat music) Nice little upgrade for your
battery is a battery cover. It's basically a neoprene sleeve that slides over that battery, protecting it from knocks and scrapes.

The other thing it's meant to do is hold a little bit more
temperature in that battery, which in theory should give you a little bit more range, too. (upbeat music) So a lot of manufacturers recommend removing that battery when
transporting your bike. Obviously by removing that battery, you're gonna leave the connections open to water, dust, and grime. Especially if it's on
the back of your car, up on the roof, things like that. It's gonna get water in it. So buying one of these
little pin cover protectors is a pretty good idea, just stops all those
elements getting in there. You'll whip it off when
you get to the trails, plug your battery in, and you're all set. So that's it, how to pimp
your E-Bike on a budget. I really hope you've
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