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yes hello people here you can see the current project today i will hand over it one without freddie team one completely rebuilt with a 48 volt battery you the beautiful Frame fitted yes stainless steel brackets below is supported by these Velcro straps held 13 sap there are 2200 counting inside from sanyo here in this bag is the controller that is 35 m per controller inside, yes a specialty of this controller you can see it here at the front display on the back of the controller is a side here a button you hear that if you press on it the display is off on the other hand you can still use it still ridden the bike as soon as I move the throttle that would be bike still going here is namely an emergency button inside and one has with this bike the possibility that you can legally ride it on 25 with With a single push of a button, this bike is switched to 25 and you can do not drive faster the throttle grip then only serves as a pushing aid at 6 km h that means whoever stops the police or anyone else and if you switch on this display after switching it will be this bike only 25 km h without gas only as a pushing aid go to explain I do that if you feel like it, I want to do it at some point i want comments but you want to know how i do it then at some point you can only watch a video on kt displays kt lcd 3 only because this display works as you can see a 15 kw motor is installed from a continent that has a lot of power so it really had itself really power yes what has been changed, we are new pedals are on come there are xcs red with dark and you stop really nice good grip we have a new saddle spectacular but cozy and looks well from yes what me personally what me Personally, these practical tires are very popular.

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They are actually there mature but they have such a great grip so now, for example, here in the snow you see it's just white here you have such a good grip You can't even imagine that on this ground so i was over snow and ice with it and i haven't got up yet the face packed with at least the structure of this tire looks like this this structure before the tire of what i have made so it is one new fork arrived how does the 2014 rock shox fork look like this? then we have a richie handlebar copied slx has prices from shimano new flu fit part of the bread from the pedals as well as the brakes at the back brackets that are also in red then a new saddle stand from synchro it came in matching the frame color white so i think the overall impression the whole bank you already see is very high quality and last but not least a race face stem would have arrived the whole thing just says very well afterwards you can see a few more videos from the ride and yes me I wish you a lot of fun and my goods videos and carry

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