2х2 full wheel drive electric fatbike! Ice and snow!

Guys today we will test the full wheel drive
electric fatbike! It may a seem an usual bike with big wheels,
but in fact it is like a real atv which is probably able to tackle even ice and snow. Is it really so? Lets find out! Stay with us, we are to start right now! Hi, guys as usually its me just a voice over
and you are watching review machines! Firstly I should say this bike was bought
on Aliexpress and the delivery took about three weeks.

The seller was quite reliable, and responsive,
package was qualitative. I will place the link in the description. By the way, our attention was attracted by
impressive specs of this fatbike. Look here… Full wheel drive with two electric motors
500 watts and big aggressive tires. These features resulted in the possibility
to tackle rough terrain, and the price is quite affordable it is about 1000 dollars. Well we have never ridden before any bike
on snow and ice and it was very interesting for us to test it.

And guys if you have a similar bike for winter
riding please post a comment about your impressions, it would be very interesting to read it! As I said we have here two electric motors,
500 watts each of them. The battery 48 volts 10 ampere-hours capacity. The battery can be quickly dismantled for
charging, also it can be locked. There is an indicator and usb socket to charge
any devices.

One of the most interesting features – wide
and aggressive tires with tenons that allow to ride even on ice! By the way each motor can be switched on separately
or they may work together. We see here buttons to manage it. Also we see here a throttle handle and the
display. The front light is very bright, it may be
very useful at night. Moreover this bike is even equipped with anti
theft system with remote control! To tell the truth I don’t know how it works,
but anyway it is impressive. Well I think it high time to have a ride now! First of all I should say we were impressed
by the performance of the bike! We have a perfect conditions for test – wet
and loose snow and ice! And the bike looks quite comfortable and effective
in such a mess.

Firstly we were afraid that our rider may
fall, but he went on ice so swiftly as if he had ridden on a perfect dry road! As I mentioned you can use the both motors
together or separately depending on the conditions of the ground. If you are moving through rough terrain use
the full wheel drive, on a flat road switch off one of the motors to save the battery. And if you get into a real trouble you always
may use your trump card – the pedals don’t forget about them. Though you should take into account that the
bike weighs 27 kilos that significantly more than a usual bike. And the rolling is worse due to the two motors. For all that it is still possible to use the
pedals, so at least you won’t carry it on your neck when the battery is dead. Well and now I want to try this thing myself! Firstly it was terrifying to go on bike on
ice! But it is so stable due to the perfect tires
that I immediately forgot about the ice.

pexels photo 2118560

The bike reacts on the throttle so rapidly,
that It seemed to me that it is powerful enough to tackle any kind of terrain. Though I didn’t have enough courage to try
it on maximum speed. And its worth saying that it is quite comfortable
on a flat road but rather tough on a rough terrain. The matter is that it doesn’t have rear
suspension system, thanks to the big wheels and front suspension that slightly absorb
the bumps. Then I didn’t like the brakes. The bike is rather heavy and it is hard to
stop it, so the brakes leave much to be desired. Or maybe they just need to be adjusted. On the whole I was impressed by the performance
of the bike! It is like a real full wheel drive winter
moto atv! Now some more tests. Now our rider is trying to go through some
roughness. Well the front suspension works, but anyway
you should know that the bike may seem tough on roughnesses, so it is better to stand when
you are going through them.

Then we found a hill to try to climb on it
without pedals. As you see the bike managed to climb on the
hill, but it is worth saying that is recommended to help with the pedals on hills, cause the
battery may die there very quickly. Then we found the clean ice to try to ride
on it. The tires are awesome, the bike is so effective
on ice thanks to the tires! By the way we had to pay extra for the winter
tires, mind it if you are going to order this bike.

Well it is high time for offroading! Lets try to go right into snow on rough terrain! Frankly speaking the snow is not very deep
it is about 10 cm and its wet. I had some doubts before the test that the
bike would be able to tackle rough terrain, but to my surprise it is quite effective there! Full wheel drive, big and wide wheels, aggressive
tires – all these features cut much ice on offroading! So we have a real ATV. By the way if you often have rides on offroad
you may pump low pressure in tires and it will be even more effective on rough terrain
and more soft and comfortable. Of course you should know that this bike is
not appropriate for a real offroad like swamp and deep snow, but it is quite good for such
conditions as we have in this video. According to the official specs the maximum
speed is 45 km.h, but our result was about 40, but it was freezing and the battery is
not so effective in such weather.

Now we have 32-33 km/h but we shot it when
the battery was almost run down, so the maximum speed is about 40. And the most interesting question – the
range! Again according to the specs it is about 50
km. Impressive, isn’t it? But its common knowledge that Chinese often
exaggerate their specs, so I wouldn’t state 50 km. Today we’ve had a very tough conditions
for the battery – frosty weather, hills, a lot of accelerating and so on, all this
stuff reduces the performance of the battery. We shot this video for about 5 hours and we
used two batteries. And according to our results the maximum speed
is about 30 km. But it depends on the conditions of use greatly! Anyway the total range is quite decent to
my mind.

Well guys, on the whole I liked this fatbike
– it is a real ATV in the world of bikes! It can be used both in summer and winter,
it is powerful, has a good speed and range. On the other hand it is quite heavy, sometimes
it may be tough on a rough terrain. For all that this bike is definitely worth
of our attention! And I hope you liked this video! Thanks for watching guys, please consider
subscribing the channel – it will be many more interesting materials here! Good bye!.

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