2 Motors, 1 eBike, 0 Snow!

Hello, this is Mikey at Blue Monkey Bicycles,
and today I'll be giving you the first pre-emptive look at the Easy Motion EVO Snow; The first
production electric bike with two motors. Yes, two motors.
The EVO Snow was doing wonders in Scandinavian countries, where all the kids get let out
of school if there is no snow on the ground. Here in the good old US of A the snow isn't
so permanent, but we got the bike anyway 'cause it's cool!
Even though it's summer right now, we just couldn't wait and we took the bike out to
the gravely terrain of the Utah mountains along side with the 27.5 and its older brother
the 650B.

And off we go!
The EVO Snow has a 350W geared motor in the back, and a 250W geared motor in the front.
The purpose of having a motor up front is to get more grip on slippery snowy surfaces,
and to get you out of tight spots with better ease. The dual motors are really fun once
you feel 'em kick in as it torques and tugs with electric power! The wide handlebars give
you a good sense of control as the larger 29er tires scale over most obstacles.
Unfortunately, the motor power is not nearly as gutsy as what we're used to. The weight
of the extra motor along with the single battery that distributing the same energy to the two
wheels, makes the EVO Snow feel pretty heavy on the trail.
In a mountain biking setting, single track and technical, we'd rather be on the 27.5 Yes. The EVO Snow is like a lumbering polar bear
next to the nimble mountain goat of the 27.5. Comparing the two, the 27 is a tight, trim,
torquey, twinkle-toed, two-wheeled… …something…
As a mountain bike the 27.5 is so much better in every way.

pexels photo 3855225

Come this winter, we'll test
out the Snow bike in the snow and make a subsequent video.
Stay tuned to our channel and our website where you can see that update. Or, if you're
watching this video in the not-too-distant future you can click on the info tab which
will lead you to that snow video. Also, you can click on the info tab to check out our
website: bluemonkeybicycles.com.

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