2 New High-speed e-Bikes by BMW – BMW i Vision AMBY and BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY

The BMW i vision amby with the BMW i vision amby 
the first high-speed pedelec for urbanists the BMW   group is presenting a visionary two-wheeled 
solution for the urban mobility of tomorrow   the first high-speed pedic for urbanists 
the bmw group is presenting a visionary   two-wheeled solution for the urban mobility 
of tomorrow from the outside the bmw i vision   amdy looks similar to an e-bike but it 
offers significantly more possibilities   it is one of five different concept vehicles 
with which the bmw group is presenting its vision   of individual mobility in cities and their 
surrounding areas at the iaa mobility event   under a single umbrella spanning electric mobility 
digitality and sustainability the five pioneering   concepts create a versatile mobility mix on 
two and four wheels fueled by sustainable   thinking which comprehensively addresses 
an extremely wide range of mobility needs   amby is a neologism for adaptive mobility the bmw 
i vision amby and bmw motor rad vision amby vision   vehicles interpret the basic idea of adaptive 
urban mobility on two wheels in different ways   the two vehicles are both fitted with an 
electric drive system with three speed   ratings for different types of roads the drive 
system enables speeds of up to 25 kilometers   per hour 15.5 miles per hour on cycle tracks up 
to 45 kilometers per hour 28 miles per hour on   city center roads and up to 60 kilometers per 
hour 37 miles per hour on multi-lane roads and   outside urban areas however insurance plates and a 
corresponding license are required for the higher   speeds while users of the bmw i vision amby high 
speed pedelec have to constantly pedal in order to   benefit from the assistance of the electric 
drive system the bmw motor rad vision amby   accelerates via throttle grip throttle lever and 
has motorcycle style footrests instead of pedals   the modes available to the rider are stored in the 
app on the smartphone linked with the amby vision   vehicle manual selection of the modes is perfectly 
feasible as are automatic recognition of location   and road type via geo-fencing technology and 
the associated automatic adjustment of top speed   in the absence of any existing legal framework 
for a vehicle of this kind with a modular speed   concept the amby vision vehicles set out to 
prompt the introduction of such legislation   and by consequence developments of this 
nature the bmw group is therefore showing   its keenness to remain part of the mobility 
conversation in cities even if in the years   ahead those cities offer motor cars an 
increasingly small space in which to function everywhere you look apparently established 
categories are being blown apart and that's   a good thing in the future classifications 
such as car-bicycle and motorcycles should   not determine the nature of the products we think 
of developing and offer explains Werner home air   users can prime the BMW i vision amby for use 
load their stored license classes and apply the   required level of insurance cover on-demand 
using a specially developed app the app,   therefore, takes on the role traditionally 
performed by a vehicle key it uses familiar   smartphone identification functionality in the 
same way as the digital key which was introduced   by the BMW group in an automotive industry first 
and turns a compatible iPhone into a digital car   key by allowing customers to unlock the lock 
and of course start their BMW safely and easily you

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