36 MPH Ariel Rider 52V X-Class review: The sweet spot!

Convert Waste Paper Into Free Fuel With a Paper Log Maker

As utility bills continue to rise, more and more people are looking for an alternative way of heating their homes which offers significant savings to their heating costs. A Paper Log Maker enables you to recycle your waste paper, junk mail, envelopes and even leaves into free fuel, which in turn should save you money on your heating bills whilst also helping to conserve woodland and reduce landfill. Paper logs can burn as well as wood for up to two hours at a controlled rate in a fire grate or wood-burning stove.

Technology Vs Tradition In Water Filtration Methods

Who would have ever believed that a time would come when there were no longer enough fresh, clean water resources to hydrate the Earth’s population? We are now faced with seriously-dwindling freshwater sources, and those we have contain a multitude of substances that can cause damage to your nervous system, liver, and kidneys as well as more deadly illnesses, such as cancer.

How Necessary Is a Portable Water Filtration System for Your Outdoor Activities?

If you’re someone who enjoys spending a lot of time out communing with nature, one of the concerns you may have is the ability to obtain all the fresh, safe water that you will need. With all the media and Internet coverage in recent years, you probably already know that even water sources that look sparkling clean can be filled with harmful substances. Another sad truth is that water in ponds, lakes, or rivers which you’ve trusted for years can become contaminated almost overnight. The only thing that is going to keep you safe while you enjoy the activities you love is to invest in some type of portable water filter or purifier.

Time to Redesign Our Wind Energy Future

From an engineering stand point, I’d say all these very large modern wind turbine designs are rather cumbersome and less-than-optimal. No, I am not taking anything away from the brilliant engineering designers using high-tech materials to make all this work, truly it’s an amazing feat. We now have carbon-composite blades with special aerodynamic tricks, one design even uses the organic evolutionary design from the leading edge on the fin of a hump back well, and to that I say; Bravo, and Well Done!

Responsible Organic Solvents: Exploring Government Classifications

Businesses invest quite a bit of cash into their machinery and mechanical parts, and consequently take upkeep procedures very seriously. While accumulation of dirt and dust is perfectly normal, the truth is that if these materials are not properly washed off machinery, they will cause long-term problems like corrosion. More seriously, when these materials are not washed off of critical parts like ball joints, these components become dangerous to use and can lead to human fatality.

Organic Solvents: Environmentally Friendly Options Exist

Industrial machinery represents a very high operating expense for organizations. It is no surprise then that corporations have a lot to gain by devoting time and energy to the upkeep of their various machines and parts. Businesses that take the time to care for essential machinery will extend the life expectancy of those resources, which ultimately affects the bottom line.

Mandatory Eco-Lighting Light Bulbs in Our Homes or More Efficient LEDs?

The new eco-light bulbs that became mandatory in the US do use less energy. However they do not last as long as promised in some cases. Luckily, they seem to be of similar brightness.

Wind Power – Is It Safe for Humans?

Over the years, I’ve been completely amazed at the environmental crowd which is usually out in full force when it comes to any type of man-made energy generation which is killing wildlife, and yet, merely passes on the challenges with wind power generation. Today, we realize that wind turbines are killing birds, and bats, and creating ultrasound which is bad for biological health of living organisms, yes, that would include humans. Still, somehow this is considered to be okay by the environmentalists, because wind power has been put on the pedestal of the eco-friendly energy schemes.

What Can We Do With All the Plastic Polluting Our Environment – Eat It?

Although plastic water bottles are quite thin and decompose rapidly in the environment due to UV rays in sunlight, not all plastic de-materializes quickly. Worse, there are so many different types of plastic, and so many products made with plastic, that they have ended up all over our planet, including throughout our oceans.

Why We Shouldn’t Use Fossil Fuels

Consumers are familiar and comfortable with conventional power sources. Power generated by fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, or petroleum (oil) is widely used across the world and many countries rely on these finite resources as the primary source of power production.

The Importance of Biodiversity for Australian Red Meat Production

Farmers have long been aware that a healthy landscape pays dividends in terms of greater productivity and preserving natural resources to be handed down to future generations. The definition of biodiversity is generally accepted as the variety of all life forms on the planet – plants, animals, micro-organisms and the ecosystems they exist in.

Ocean Wave Energy – Is There a Detrimental Side Effect to Oxygen Depleted Dead Zones?

There are draw backs to any form of energy generation, as anytime you convert energy you inadvertently disturb other things and thus, the side effects are noticed. With fossil fuels there are pollution issues to deal with for instance. With nuclear power we must deal with the waste and spent fuel-rods, and the potential for radiation leakage.

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