400 Miles on an Electric Bike | eBike Touring Day 1

hey what's up world. Today I'm going to be 
riding 100 miles up to Payson. This is all part   of a tour that I'm going all the way up to 
Flagstaff so basically I'm going to be going   up to Payson from Phoenix then into the lake 
Mormon Lake area to Flagstaff then down to Sedona   up and over Jerome and down into Prescott and 
then finally I'll make the final descent back   back home down here into a Peoria (Phoenix 
area) this should definitely be interesting   um last year i did 200 so this year 
it should be interesting doing 400 but   anyways i'll show you guys the bike 
here okay i got the whole bike loaded up   got the sleep system here got my water got some 
morning influence here i don't drink coffee   some granola bars batteries my helmet tools and 
and of course all my batteries there's three   batteries there and then all my clothes and of 
course i got my little mini drone back there also   but so i'm gonna get off it's about two 
o'clock in the morning on more than fourth all right made it down to shea a little bit a 
couple miles past tatum got a probably about 20   20 more miles to go that 
way until the d-line highway   and then pretty much up i climb for 60 
more miles from there the b-line nice wow uh all right v-line highway sun's coming up 
about 40 miles into it it's 48 degrees   right now i actually don't mind all that much 
feels slightly cold but also a little warm so   it's cooling me off this is the way to ride in 
arizona unfortunately it's not the best for video   you can't really see the desert or anything 
but sun is coming up gotta love the downhills okay i'm about 32 to 35-ish miles from prescott 
stopped in this little spot take a rest   take a green break and my calves a little bit of 
a rest the motor motor cool down on the e-bike but   yeah i'm on my second battery now the first one 
lasted about 70 miles be expected uh how many   thousands of feet i'm climbing up and everything 
here so it's a nice little spot by a tree here   okay done with my break and i just gotta ride up 
the big old mountain for like 30 umpteen miles all right i can do this i got this oh that's what i see oh oh oh i gotta get oh oh i must push a bike 
almost hike the bike up that damn thing associated so maybe i found the old abandoned uh rest stop 
it's like uh somebody broke into the vending   machine you can see rats actually making 
a nest into this thing it's pretty wild yeah there's another other one looks like this 
is probably been closed down longer than discover kind of weird i was gonna try to 
bleach a little bit of power here   but looks like they got the power totally 
off on this thing so no luck there but it'll make a nice little place to 
take a rest i think yeah you can see   one of the bathrooms here if somebody's 
already broke the walk i did not do this   but yeah it's been it's been so long 
that chicago was coming up everywhere wow that's a shame that was gonna get power oh 
well stinky phone was getting dangerously low   on battery it was like uh 20 so basically did 
this to uh charge my phone off the controller   my controller has apple juice like i could 
do i could use all my drone batteries and   that thing would still be full so let's 
see what it's got it too oh i'm up at 32 so yeah i mean it's slow it would take four 
hours to charge it all the way but still nice   in a pinch i could also use the drone batteries to 
do this but those are a little bit uh well i want   those for the drone so i know this one has access 
i could also use my bike batteries but i still got   18 miles to pedal or so so i want those too 
um still on the second battery it's about 50   from that i think i'll be good good just to 
get up to the room and get charged up again my legs definitely need this rest i'm way 
ahead of schedule so i'm sitting here kind of   kind of just basically stalling 
time at this abandoned rest stop   i'm not too sure why this rest stop is is 
abandoned um not that bad of shape i mean   somebody's pushed over the ashtrays i'm currently 
sitting on one but somebody's also throwing rocks   rocks in the windows and the rats are making 
nests and the reeses of somebody broke into not sure not sure why fire state's not opening 
this they could they took all the tables out not too sure how how long this has been 
closed i don't know somebody knows uh   post down in the comments below about 
17 miles out of prescott on the b-line   maybe somebody knows more information about 
this place i went looking around a little   bit more just to kind of check it out place is 
definitely abandoned kind of sad looks like once   it probably costs millions of dollars but as you 
see all the every last sign has been removed the   bathroom signs all the parking signs looks like 
a place was broken a couple times and they just   welded uh steel plates over one of the side doors 
i was trying to look for the electrical panel but   yeah of course i'm not gonna mess with your 
steel steel plate i bet i could anyway kind   of a nice little place to rest if you're on a 
bicycle for uh about 20 18 miles out of prescott   it's got uh well this is where i'm i'm 
currently at i'm resting there he's in   the ashtray as a bench they've been long abandoned 
for quite a while they left up some of the signs   see that one that one's sidewalks coming 
apart as you can see even even the signs   over here have been been removed wonder why 
they shut it down i don't know unwordable   out of the abandoned rest stop bye bye 
abandon rest stop sorry you were abandoned uh it's not very wheelchair 
accessible but they got the one charlie all right all right made it up to the very low part of 
the trees where they kind of look like tree   bushes here man this is this is definitely a lot 
harder going up this way than prescott um a lot of   climbing crab ton of climbing already on my third 
battery hopefully i can make it without them dying anyways onward and fourth oh made it to payson nice um this side is 
much harder than riding up to prescott   i don't know how many passes i had to come up to 
the top and drop but yeah i'm on my third battery   definitely definitely the hardest climb i've 
done as of yet uh but yeah woohoo made it nice now then see if i can check in early comfort in yes all right let's see what uh 98 dollars 
get you in payson arizona   all right tiny little thing 
shower nothing special there all right got a chair bed see how that it air conditioning that's important 
yeah cool got a little desk   nice the tv takes hdmi so that means i can 
hook my phone up as into dex mode all right all right it's in the drawer 
is there a bible in there   nope old-school tradition i'm gonna go get 
into the shower that's always i stink um that   was definitely the the hardest mountain i've 
ever grown up uh is definitely very very very   challenging to ride from peoria to payson 
anybody wants a good challenge try that one   much easier to do the prescott 
side anyways i'm off to the shower like i climbed 4000 feet three times 
anyways i'm gonna get some rest now

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