According to a recent study, 66% of cyclists
say they prefer an e-bike to get to work each day. With 75% of those reporting they've used their
e-bike to get to destinations, they wouldn't usually go on an ordinary bike. Today we will find out which electric bikes
are driving innovation in 2021. And stick around until the end to see a side by side comparison of all the specs. I'm Glenn, and let's get to it. To get notified when a new video is posted
hit the bell icon below, right next to the subscribe button. Thank you for watching Mind's Eye Design! The 700 Series from Ride 1UP is one seriously
feature-packed e-bike.

Some people think of e-bikes as de-tuned motorbikes
that have nothing to do with cycling – but they'd be wrong. The 700 Series has all the features you'd
want in an e-bike, all tucked away to preserve that classic mountain bike look. It's a Class 3 e-bike, able to hit speeds
of 20mph on electric power alone, with a max speed of 28mph when you're pumping your quads
and giving it a bit of pedal assist. Power comes via a 48-volt 750-watt Shengyi
geared hub motor capable of putting out an impressive 60nm of torque – perfect for
hill climbs, every cyclist's least favorite part of riding a bike.

A series of Samsung battery cells concealed
within the mainframe contains a combined charge of 14-amp hours. This translates into a range of 30 to 50 miles
depending on variables like the rider's weight, the slope of the terrain, the rider's willingness
to pedal, and things like that. The frame is manufactured from a lightweight
metal alloy to keep the 700 Series fast and agile. All the electronic gizmos and gadgetry are
concealed within, protecting it from the elements and the tinkering of curious owners.

The addition of front and rear shock absorbers
means that ride comfort is never an issue. Ride 1UP will release the Prodigy in 2022,
a lighter, faster, more grippy variant designed to tackle the trails. It will sport a more refined Brose control
system and a motor with 50% more torque – pushing out 90nm. The aptly named Bullit from Santa Cruz Bicycles
sets itself aside from other e-bikes. Instead of being an A to B option and part-time
adventurer, the design brief was focused on creating something custom built to dominate
the steepest dirt trails and the wildest crests along rocky outcrops. Agility and brilliant handling can be found
with the Bullit thanks to a robust fork and frame suspension system that allows up to
170mm of travel on both front and rear.

That's a hell of a lot of impact the bike
can take before bottoming out. Likewise, the fork is wider than other e-bikes
at 38mm, extending down to Maxxis DoubleDown tires that are made to do only one thing – grip
dirt and grip it well. Interestingly, this e-bike uses mixed size
wheels. The 29-inch up front creates a large area
of contact that is brilliant for maintaining traction. At the same time, the 27.5-inch rear wheel
gives that little bit more clearance for your back end and makes a more responsive and quicker
handling bike. The entry-level R spec has all the goodies,
including a combination of 650-watt hour Shimano batteries and the Shimano E7000 drive unit. The top-of-the-line X01 Coil sees improvements
made all across the board. With the heavier-duty suspension, better quality
crankshafts, shifters, brakes, hubs, rims… you name it, and the X01 Coil has it.

The big selling point is the lighter, more
efficient, and more powerful E8 series Shimano electric motor. I'm Allie and it's Mind's Eye Trivia Time. By looking at just these images, do you know what this is and where it's from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess in the comment section below. Can we just start out by saying – we love
fat tires? The Ristretto 303 FS from Atelier and Tonic
has some of the chunkiest monkeys you'll ever see grace a bicycle rim. Letting you know it's built for going on adventures. This e-bike is nothing short of a beast. At its heart beats a powerful 3,500-watt motor
capable of propelling the Ristretto 303 FS along at the maximum legal speed of 28mph. Still, with just the press of a button, you
initiate race mode. This isn't for the faint-of-heart nor for
use on any commercial or public roads or footpaths! Once race mode is engaged, the electric motor
is given free rein to operate at full capacity – sending the rider hurtling along at 40mph! The smart LED display allows for customization
of various parameters like the max power setting, the throttle response rate, and the level
of pedal-assist, the rider desires – if at all.

pexels photo 5793191

Upfront are twin LED headlights that feature
both low and high beams and a blinking function. Ride comfort is maintained via Wotefusi shock
absorbers all around. They are fully adjustable, so you can set
your own compression and rebound rates based on your preferences. A pair of extra-wide 26-inch Teravail Coronado
tires wrap the rims, which come to a stop thanks to 203mm TRP hydraulic disc brakes. The saddle is well padded to prevent a sore
rear end and comes wrapped in a waterproof leather finish. Another set of two rear-facing lights are
located just under the saddle to ensure the rider is seen by other road users. What are you looking for in an e-bike? Do you value speed, torque, and long battery
life? Or does the perfect e-bike for you look like
a regular bike in disguise? Let us know in the comments! Lamborghini makes beautiful cars, no doubt
– but what most fail to realize is the research and development that go into them.

The engine, the gearbox, the aerodynamics
– every facet of a top-of-the-range flagship model is cutting edge in every way, shape,
and form. Now they've turned their hand to e-bikes and
you can expect the same. The aptly named Sporter is Lamborghini's offering
targeting riders making the commute to work or just riding around the cityscape in general. It looks sleek and elegant. And the fact that the moving parts, chains,
sprockets, wiring, and all the other bits that make it go are concealed behind a snazzy
cover really does give it that extra polish. Better yet, the mono arm that houses all the
mechanical gear and electronics is waterproof – further adding to the Sporter's longevity.

This is the only e-bike on the market that
pairs a high-efficiency 500-watt electric motor with a race car transmission system. The gearbox contained in the mono arm is an
electronic sequential, using computer-controlled rotary gear selection that makes jumping up
or down a gear a seamless experience. The Sporter even comes with an optional set
of tires with extra grip for use on gravel tracks. However, at that stage, you're crossing into
the territory of the next model up – pun intended. The Crosser is made for just that – cross
country. As you'd expect, the suspension, brakes, tires,
and linkages are all beefed up to handle all the lumps and bumps you'd encounter riding
through the wilderness. It even features a security pin code required
to unlock the back wheel and shift the gearbox from neutral into drive.

The Rumble N' Henry Air SST is one weird-looking
e-bike – kinda like an AR15 and an old Triumph motorcycle had a lovechild. It's modeled after the old café-style racer
– both in appearance and performance. This thing is a jet – no ifs or buts
about it. The Air SST blurs the line between a low-powered
electric motorbike and a super high-powered bicycle, thanks to a substantial 72-volt 50-amp
hour lithium-ion battery hooked up to a 5000-watt hub-mounted electric motor. To translate that all into English, you can
travel 100 miles easily on a single charge and crank speeds of 65mph while you do it.

You better believe we're recommending you
wear a full-face helmet and riding leathers when you take this bad boy for a trip out
onto the roads. If it's even legal to do so where you live. The café style racer impression comes from
a continuous tank and seat arrangement and the laser-cut cover panels that sit over the
middle of the frame.

It comes with a single front headlight, rear
taillights, and even turning signal lights – just like a real motorbike. The front fork is sporting a pretty beefy
suspension. Another coil-over gas strut type sits between
the seat and the rear swingarm, providing articulation and movement to the rear wheel. Speaking of wheels – they're massive. A full 18-inch tire that looks every bit like
a road tire and it's 3.75 inches wide to boot. At their center, 205mm disc brakes to ensure
the Air SST stops on a dime. The best part is that these e-bikes are fully
customizable. You select the handlebars you want, the lighting,
the steering style, grips, color, whatever your heart desires. Definitely worth investigating if you enjoy
going crazy fast while looking crazy good! If you enjoyed this video you can help us
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