Did you know that out of bikes sold yearly
in the United States, that only about 250,000 of those are electric bikes? As low as that may seem, numbers have been
skyrocketing over the years. With the world market seeing a rise of 23%
concerning the sales of e-bikes. Today we will be comparing the features, designs,
and utility of five e-bikes that the good people in the industry have produced. And stick around until the end to see a side-by-side
comparison of all the specs! I'm Glenn, and let's get to it.

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hit the bell icon below, right next to the subscribe button. Thank you for watching Mind's Eye Design! With a company like Aventon, you get a company
that has made it their mission to empower everyone in their bike riding escapades regardless
of their age or ability. They are committed to building the best value
bikes that are sure to last you. Sinch is just one of many in their line of
e-bikes, and with its foldable frame, it lives up to the name. Able to quickly transition between a mode
of transportation and a mode made to be transported, it's just a Sinch! Aside from easily being able to fit in the
trunk of your car, the Sinch also features front suspension and 20" x 4" tires to make
your ride comfortable on or off the trails. I'm sure you would like to know how the bike
rides, though, wouldn't you? Well, in addition to the tires mentioned earlier,
making a smooth ride, the Sinch also comes equipped with five levels of pedal assist
depending on the workout you want.

Or, if you don't want one at all, there is
also a throttle function so you can just enjoy the scenery. The average range of the Sinch is roughly
40 miles on a single charge. However, if you use the throttle function for
the whole ride, you can expect around half of that. A top speed of 20 mph is nothing to scoff
at either. If you are looking for a Sinch, it just so
happens they ship to the U.S. and E.U.! MOAR Bike is a company that breathes biking. They are daily use drivers, and they like
to make bikes that can support that. They also realize that the factor of speed
makes e-bikes a bit different than a traditional bike. Because MOAR Bike wants an e-bike that is
fun, safe, and reliable enough to get you to work, all their models share some key features. A 48V Samsung battery, full suspension, 26"
x 4" tires, and 5-level peddle assistance are chief among those features along with some minor
features such as a horn and turn signals.

MOAR Bike isn't the only one to employ safety. You can as well with this Mengshen wireless,
anti-theft bicycle alarm. This highly poignant 113db alarm can be found
in the description. As for the models, MOAR Bike has four. All of which are made from the same base and
molded into niche subcategories of electric bike riders. The Sun & Fun is for your more casual enthusiast,
with a 250 or 350W rear hub motor.

If you are looking more for a workhorse rider,
the 24/7's 500W rear hub motor is a bit more powerful, and the 180mm mechanical disk brake
compensates the fact. Then there is the 02 for the ones invested
in a quality ride. The 1000W rear hub regen motor, 48v 17ah battery,
and 8 speed Shimano gears all add up to a beautiful cycling treat. Finally, if you need the fastest and the best,
then the Rapt2 is your guy. Sporting a 1000W ultra mid-drive motor, torque
sensor, 9 speed Shimano gears, the Rapt2 is a ferocious steed indeed! I'm Allie and it's Mind's Eye Trivia Time. By looking at just these images, do you know what this is and where it's from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess in the comment section below. Finding and creating alternatives to transport
can be difficult, but the guys at SPLACH don't let that deter them.

They know how to maneuver state-of-the-art
technology and offer practical and eco-friendly substitutes. Aside from their host of great electric scooters,
SPLACH also dabbles in electric bikes. The Stark is an enjoyable electric bike. Immediately the design of the chassis is eye-catching,
with the fat 20" x 4" tires and the rear shock suspension grabbing your attention. If you take a look at the frame and under
the rear rack, you will see the dual 48v 15ah battery setup that allows for a 70-mile range
if you throttle or up to 100 miles if you only use pedal assistance.

pexels photo 6636316

And speaking of pedal-assistance, the Stark
offers 6 levels of it, and the bike uses a 7-speed Shimano gear transmission. And although you won't want to leave it out
in the elements overnight, the Stark can handle a few bumps and scrapes. It even has water-proof wiring to protect
your precious joyride. And if you want just a little freedom from
worry with your new trail thrasher, you can pick up this utility lock to help secure your
concerns. The link is in the description. The Stark is the perfect companion for anyone
who enjoys traveling, whether that be a simple commute or a dash to conquer fun! And, SPLACH delivers worldwide! When using an electric bike, do you prefer
to race across the trails with reckless abandon, or are you a commuter? Or maybe something in the middle? Let us know in the comments.

We'd like to hear your thoughts! Passion is something everyone can value. When there is passion, there is a drive to
perfection and greatness. You will be hard-pressed to find a company
with more passion than Ariel Rider Ebikes. Their vision is to make the absolute most
out of e-bikes, and let's just let their work speak for itself. And speak it shall! The X-Class 52V is a speed demon, and that
is no mistake. It was designed to be one of the quickest
electric bikes that Ariel offers, with a top speed of over 30 mph.

One of the ingredients in their agility pie
is the metal gear technology they design and manufacture. The metal allows for higher torque, power,
and speed than the traditional nylon gears. As the name implies, this roadrunner stocks
a 52V battery system that uses a massive 35A controller and runs off a 1000W motor with
a 2000W output peak! So aside from being an asphalt assailant,
the X-Class 52V also has a range of 70+ miles and 5-level pedal assistance. A feat to be flaunted, with the average
commute being only five miles, you can use this bike for days without charging. As for the electronic features, you will find
an LED display for quick and easy diagnostics, front and rear lights, and two USB ports. If you are one to carry cargo, then this bike
has you covered too, with a payload capacity of 300 pounds. And if you are U.S. or Canada-based, then
you can order your Ariel Rider Ebike today! Drum roll, please, because our number one
has arrived! After having one of the most successful launches
in crowdfunding history in 2015, SONDORS Original continued its momentum.

Opening two more multi-million dollar companies
in the same year. Since then, they have favorably shaken the
electric bike world, and they plan to continue doing so. So, what electric bike could be so great as
to land on our number one slot then? We would like to introduce you to the Rockstar! This sleek and striking bike comes in your choice of three colors; the vibrant supernova, the classy matte black, and the conservative
slate. The Rockstar was engineered from toe to top
to tackle those taunting terrains. Riding up a hill has never been easier, and
riding down them has never been more fun! Sporting a dual-suspension, 750W of power
to flatten any hill from the mid-drive motor, and 21 amp hours of energy, the Rockstar lets
you strum the throttle and make some mud music.

As you might expect, the Rockstar is no slouch
in the speed department either. A top speed of 28mph and a range of 40-60
miles, depending on your usage of the pedal assistance, make for one jubilant time. The 11-speed gears with trigger shifter and
hydraulic disk brake system allow you to further control your preference when riding. The Rockstar supports a load capacity of 300
pounds and weighs around 83 pounds itself. The frame is custom forged and machined from
aluminum, and the handlebars and seat ensure a comfortable and ergonomic standard. And great news for those in the U.S., E.U.,
or Britain; SONDORS ships to you, and you can order your SONDORS Ebike today! If you enjoyed this video you can help us
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