5 MORE IN STOCK?! Things to know about MAGNUM Electric Bikes

Keeping bikes in stock is always a big problem 
but guess what I've just introduced five   new bikes to Bolton Ebikes and 
every single one is in stock We're constantly looking at 
our options for more and more   bikes not only so we can have inventory 
but so that we can have more variety   like for example this bike with a torque 
sensor but i can't do all of that alone so   that's why I have brought on yet another 
brand this time a company called Magnum.

Now they do have more than just the five 
bike models I have here which we'd be happy   to special order for you but as of the release 
of this video these five models are bikes that   we're going to have in stock there are two things 
about the magnum bikes that are the same between   all of their models one is that they all have 
hub motors so no mid drives here which is okay   because we have a couple of brand new mid-drive 
bikes if you are looking for a full suspension   carbon fiber mid-drive mountain bike that's 
going to compete with some of the big name brands   that's not going to be for this video and the 
second thing about Magnum bikes that's the same   between all models is that every single bike 
has hydraulic brakes and I guess I should   throw in a third thing that I like about 
these is the battery capacities the magnum   ranger behind me for example has a 21 amp 
hour battery but let's start out at this   end with the most affordable bike from 
magnum that we're going to offer the Cosmo X So the Cosmo X is actually a new bike 
for Magnum not just for Bolton Ebikes   so this is a brand new model it is a 500 
watt rear hub motor pretty decent sized   15 amp hour battery front suspension fork by 
Suntour the hydraulic brakes I already mentioned.

The displays on most of these bikes are 
pretty similar a lot of information on here. Battery level you have the pedal assist 
settings which instead of using numbers   they use eco tour sport turbo and 
boost you have max speed average speed   it shows your actual wattage when you're riding. They're using a seven speed Shimano shifter, 
a thumb throttle there's a horn built in   to most of their models, the fenders do come 
standard and the rear rack is standard as well   and then of course we have both front and rear 
lights now you might be interested to see how   this compares to something like the event in level 
which is also kind of a city style commuter bike   and the big differences for this would be the 
battery capacity is a tiny bit bigger the rack is   something that comes standard so this is basically 
just a step above as far as specifications   for a slightly higher price the retail on this one 
is 21.99 but of course we are having a sale on the   bikes not just because we're launching them but 
because of the Black Friday Sales going all month.

So this one is 200 off bringing it 
under the 2000 price point to 1999. 500 watt bike but it seems to have 
plenty of power and in stock right now   and next up we have the magnum pathfinder 
which if you've looked at Magnum's bikes before   you might think that this looks familiar and there 
are a couple other versions of The Pathfinder   there is a 350 watt version which I have no 
intention of carrying because we need more power. And then there's a 500 W version with a smaller 
battery than this but we need more range. So I have opted for the brand new another 
new model for Magnum torque sensing   pathfinder so this one comes standard with a 17.5 
amp hour battery you've got these three inch wide   street tires so this is gonna roll really 
nicely it's a fairly small compact bike if   you're somebody in the five foot to five foot 
six range that's looking for something with a   nice low step through that's easy to get 
on and off I only have two of the colors   unboxed and set up here but they do come in 
even more color options than just these two.

pexels photo 4542985

But this is just a very classy smooth 
riding again hydraulic brakes, 500 watt   motor but a torque sensing bottom bracket, 
the rear rack is integrated into the frame   it has a wired in tail light fairly small discrete 
display this one also has the built-in horn Probably one of the biggest requests I 
get is more sizes whether that's bigger   or smaller usually smaller and this fits the 
bill the only thing that's not small about this   bike besides the 17 and a half amp hour battery is 
this massive super heavy duty kickstand the torque   sensing version of the pathfinder is 2499 again 
on sale right now $200 off and in stock next we   have the nomad although right in the middle of the 
price range of the five bikes that i've brought on   this is actually the one that caught my eye first 
it reminded me a lot of our saber model which if   you'll recall is a fat tire but a mid-drive and 
the Sabre has been a great bike for us the only   problem is I haven't been able to keep them in 
stock they are currently sold out and on pre-order   for spring of next year so we are getting more of 
those but i don't have them available right now   those are about a 2800 bike right now 1000 watt 
mid drive big battery but if you want a bike now   I don't have it with the nomad you're getting a 
very similar style of bike it comes with a rear   rack like the saber it has a step through like the 
saber it's still a full size 26 inch fat tire bike   like The Saber but it has a 750 watt buffing hub 
motor instead of the thousand watt buffering mid   drive so basically you can save yourself a couple 
hundred bucks by going with a hub motor instead of   the mid drive and you can get something right now 
so those are two reasons it made a lot of sense   to bring this bike into our lineup now if you're 
wondering how does this compare to say the Aventon   Aventure because that's also a step through 
750 watt motor you know what is the difference   and kind of like the Cosmo there are some things 
that come standard on this bike that don't On the Aventon one being the rear rack the stem 
is adjustable and very upright so this is a very   upright bike even more so than our Saber model is 
with its adjustable stem because the handlebars   have a bit of a rise and then the battery 
capacity is bigger than the adventure models.

At 17 and a half amp hours the nomad also 
comes in four different colors I've only   unboxed one of them so far but I already 
have the other three colors sitting here   in stock so again something 
you can pick up by right now. And with these last three bikes we're going 
to 750 watt motors and we are discounting them   a little bit more for the Black Friday month 
sales so these bikes are going to be $250 off Before I move The Nomad you may notice that 
both the metro 750 the white one next to it   and the nomad are looking fairly straight and 
upright right now compared to the ranger now   most of the bikes have a kickstand on the 
side but you'll see that these have a very   beefy center stand just another small 
touch that makes both of these really   nice bikes now if you love everything about the 
nomad but you don't actually want fat tires, TADA!   That's what the metro 750 is a perfect fit for now Something I didn't mention yet is that these 
mounting holes right here on the metro 750   the magnum and the other three bikes I've 
already shown you these are all designed   for a front rack but with the metro 750 you're 
still getting a suspension fork you're still   getting an adjustable stem for comfort you still 
got the hydraulic brakes you've still got a nice   powerful 750 watt motor you do get a slight bump 
up in battery capacity this one goes up to a   20 amp hour now the price does go up a 
little bit the retail on this guy is 2699   again $250 off right now as we 
introduce the bikes for Black Friday.

Comfy gel seat just a good classy looking powerful 
750 watt bike with a big battery you guys know   that i like power I like long range and this one 
just checks all the boxes and finally also at 2699   is the magnum ranger now this bike is a 
little bit different at first glance you   might think oh it's just like the nomad but i 
step over but it isn't yes it has a rear rack   yes it has fat tires yes it has a 750 watt hub 
motor the battery gets a little bit bigger still   at 21 amp hours so that is an awesome battery 
capacity to have you still get the adjustable   stem handlebars with a nice rise to them so super 
upright comfortable position but when we talk   about riding position that's where things change 
and what you need to look at is the position of   the cranks now normally on a bike if you look 
behind at the metro here's the saddle there's   a seat post going straight down and there are the 
cranks right there at the bottom of the seat post   that is usually where you have the cranks now here 
on the ranger there's the seat post you come down.

Well that's where the cranks would be on another 
bike but no the cranks are way out here this is   very similar to the cheetah model and that it is 
a crank forward design so the pedals are out in   front of you the best way i can describe it 
if you've never ridden a crank forward bike   it's kind of like sitting on a recliner chair your 
feet are out in front of you ways making it a very   relaxed laid back riding position pedals are 
out in front of you the handlebars can come up   towards you quite a bit so you're really laid 
back like i said very similar to The Cheetah   and i thought this bike made a lot of sense to 
introduce to you guys because the cheetah bike is   super comfortable there are two 
requests I have for it however   one can you make it not look like a motorcycle 
there are people that love the comfort but just   don't want an ebike that looks like an old classic 
motorcycle totally understandable I love the look   but I also know that's not for everyone so with 
this you get that same type of riding position   without the kind of unique style of the cheetah 
bike the second request I always get for The   Cheetah is a suspension fork which this bike comes 
standard with if you're looking for a bike to ride   on a nice long thanksgiving weekend again these 
are in stock you can come pick them up right now If you're excited about any of these bikes or 
the full suspension models that I hinted at   make sure to hit that like button hit subscribe 
stay tuned and if you want to know more about   the event and bikes that i introduced last 
week you can go check those out right here

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