Moore Bike is a company that breathes biking.
They are daily use drivers, and they like to make bikes that can support that. They
also realize that the factor of speed makes e-bikes a bit different than a traditional
bike. Because Moore Bike wants an e-bike that is fun, safe, and reliable enough to get you
to work, all their models share some key features. A 48-volt Samsung battery, full suspension,
26 by 4-inch tires, and 5-level pedal assistants are chief among those features, along with
some minor features such as a horn and turn signals. Moore Bike isn't the only one to employ safety.
You can as well with this Manxion wireless anti-theft bicycle alarm. This highly poignant
113-decibel alarm can be found in the description. As for the models, Moore Bike has four, all
of which are made from the same base and molded into niche subcategories of electric bike
riders. The Sun and Fun is for your more casual enthusiast with a 250 or 350-watt rear hub

If you are looking more for a workhorse rider,
the 24 7's 500-watt rear hub motor is a bit more powerful, and the 180-millimeter mechanical
disc brake compensates for the fact. Then there is the o2 for the ones invested
in a quality ride. The 1000 watt rear hub regen motor, 48 volt 17 amp hour battery,
and 8-speed Shimano gears, all add up to a beautiful cycling treat. Finally, if you need the fastest and the best,
then the Wrap 2 is your guy. Sporting a 1 000 watt ultra mid-drive motor, torque sensor,
and 9-speed Shimano gears, the ramp 2 is a ferocious steed indeed. Passion is something everyone can value. When
there is passion, there is a drive to perfection and greatness. You will be hard-pressed to
find a company with more passion than Aerial Rider E-Bikes. Their vision is to make the
absolute most out of e-bikes, and let's just let their work speak for itself.

And speak
it shall. The X-Class 52v is a speed demon, and that
is no mistake. It was designed to be one of the quickest electric bikes that Ariel offers,
with a top speed of over 30 miles per hour. One of the ingredients in their agility pie
is the metal gear technology they design and manufacture. The metal allows for higher torque
power and speed than the traditional nylon gears. As the name implies, this road runner stocks
a 52-volt battery system that uses a massive 35 amp controller and runs off a 1 000 watt
motor with a 2000 watt output peak. So aside from being an asphalt assailant, the X-Class
52-v also has a range of 70-plus miles and 5-level pedal assistance. A feat to be flaunted. With the average commute being only 5 miles,
you can use this bike for days without charging. As for the electronic features, you will find
an LED display for quick and easy diagnostics, front and rear lights, and two USB ports.
If you are one to carry cargo, then this bike has you covered, too, with a payload capacity
of 300 pounds.

And if you are U.S. or Canada-based, then you can order your aerial rider e-bike
today. Can we just start out by saying we love fat
tires? The Ristretto 303 fs from Atelier and Tonic has some of the chunkiest monkeys you'll
ever see grace a bicycle rim. Letting you know it's built for going on adventures. This e-bike is nothing short of a beast. At
its heart beats a powerful 3,500-watt motor capable of propelling the Ristretto 303 fs
along at the maximum legal speed of 28 miles per hour. Still, with just the press of a
button, you initiate race mode.

This isn't for the faint of heart nor for use on any
commercial or public roads or footpaths. Once race mode is engaged, the electric motor is
given free rein to operate at full capacity sending the rider hurtling along at 40 miles
per hour. The smart LED display allows for customization
of various parameters, like the max power setting, the throttle response rate, and the
level of pedal-assist the rider desires. If any at all. Upfront are twin LED headlights
that feature both low and high beams and a blinking function.

Ride comfort is maintained via Wooda Fousey
shock absorbers all around. They are fully adjustable, so you can set your own compression
and rebound rates based on your preferences. A pair of extra-wide 26-inch Teravail Coronado
tires wrap the rims, which come to a stop thanks to 203-millimeter TRP hydraulic disc
brakes. The saddle is well padded to prevent a sore rear end and comes wrapped in a waterproof
leather finish. Another set of two rear-facing lights are located just under the saddle to
ensure the rider is seen by other road users. What are you looking for in an e-bike? Do
you value speed, torque, and long battery life, or does the perfect e-bike for you look
like a regular bike in disguise? Let us know in the comments.

It's not hard to guess why Barcelona-based
e-bike manufacturers named their latest creation the Ohh-bike. The uniquely creative design
looks like a cross between a traditional road bike and a futuristic Tron cycle. Turning
heads with its next-century aesthetic. The hubless front wheel is sleek and confusing
at first glance. Especially as the inner ring remains stationary while riding. But this
hollow space was designed with storage in mind allowing riders to stash away items for
safekeeping. Both wheels are surrounded by solid, unbreakable
Tannis tires that remove the hassle of inflating ever again. A grease-free carbon chain system
means an end to tucking your pants into your socks before hitting the road. The 250-watt
mid-motor is powered by the frame integrated 36-volt battery, which only needs two and
a half hours to charge to maximum capacity. Finding and creating alternatives to transport
can be difficult, but the guys at Splatch don't let that deter them. They know how to
maneuver state-of-the-art technology and offer practical and eco-friendly substitutes. Aside
from their host of great electric scooters, Splatch also dabbles in electric bikes.

The Stark is an enjoyable electric bike. Immediately
the design of the chassis is eye-catching, with the fat 20 by 4-inch tires and the rear
shock suspension grabbing your attention. If you take a look at the frame and under
the rear rack, you will see the dual 48 volt 15 amp hour battery setup that allows for
a 70-mile range if you throttle, or up to 100 miles, if you only use pedal assistance. And speaking of pedal-assistance, the Stark
offers six levels of it. And the bike uses a seven-speed Shimano gear transmission.

although you won't want to leave it out in the elements overnight, the Stark can handle
a few bumps and scrapes. It even has waterproof wiring to protect your precious joyride. And if you want a little freedom from worry
with your new trail thrasher, you can pick up this utility lock to help secure your concerns.
The link is in the description. The Stark is the perfect companion for anyone
who enjoys traveling, whether that be a simple commute or a dash to conquer fun, and Splatch
delivers worldwide. When using an electric bike, do you prefer
to race across the trails with reckless abandon, or are you a commuter or maybe something in
the middle? Let us know in the comments. We'd like to hear your thoughts. We're going to start the whole thing off with
Ristretto. This company is working in conjunction with Davinci Designs and CYC Motor to devise
a powerful e-bike.

Ristretto brings us the Ristretto 303 Founders
Edition, which has a rugged design with some smattering of streamline and 26-inch tires
thrown in for good measure. Some reviewers have said the seat is perhaps less than ideal,
but the full suspension may make up for it a bit. It also doesn't hurt that the Ristretto
does not lack in the power department. Now, while the self-proclaimed most powerful electric
bike doesn't quite live up to the hype, it is pretty powerful on paper. So what are we looking at? Well, the mid-drive
motor churns out a peak performance of 3,500 watts which helps when the bike weighs 84
pounds. We're talking a class 3 drive mode with a max speed of 28 miles per hour or an
unlocked mode with a max speed of 40 miles per hour.

Yeah, that's right, 40 miles per
hour. Now you should be wary of that top speed as
it might be illegal in some parts of the world. Aside from that, I would definitely encourage
you to wear a helmet and take all the usual cautions. This is a crowdfunded situation,
so that should be taken into account. With that being said, you can expect to pick up
a Ristretto for about three thousand nine hundred dollars after release. We'll pivot into our next two electric duo
wheeled personal transport from Zugo bike. This one comes from a suggestion from our

Thank you, Kim Hogan. In the spotlight of number four is the Rhino
Electric Fat Bike and the Rhino Step-Through Fat Bike. These are, on paper, the same bike,
with the one noticeable difference being the chassis design. The only other difference is that the step-through
caters to a slightly smaller rider without sacrificing the six-foot five-inch upper limits
or the 325-pound carrying capacity. The Rhino is sold as a class 2 legal electric
bike, meaning the 750-watt motor puts out speeds of about 20 miles per hour. For the
daring, you can unlock the class 3 mode; however, pushing you up to the 28 miles per hour mark
with pedal assistance. The fat tire design is one I enjoy not just
aesthetically, but it gives a bit more grip in off-road scenarios.

I think perhaps the
most impressive thing with the Rhino is the 90-mile range that Zugo Bike claims. Of course,
you would need to use class 1 or 2 modes with some pedal assistance to achieve this, and
in perfect conditions, no doubt. Let us know in the comments if the fat tire
design is up your alley. We'd love to hear your thoughts. After having one of the most successful launches
in crowdfunding history in 2015, Sandor's original continued its momentum. Opening two
more multi-million dollar companies in the same year. Since then, they have favorably
shaken the electric bike world, and they plan to continue doing so. So what electric bike could be so great as
to land on our number one slot then? We would like to introduce you to the Rockstar. This
sleek and striking bike comes in your choice of three colors, the vibrant Supernova, the
classy Matte Black, and the conservative Slate. The Rockstar was engineered from toe to top
to tackle those taunting terrains. Riding up a hill has never been easier, and riding
down them has never been more fun.

Sporting a dual-suspension 750 watts of power
to flatten any hill from the mid-drive motor and 21 amp hours of energy, the Rockstar lets
you strum the throttle and make some mud music. As you might expect, the Rockstar is no slouch
in the speed department either. A top speed of 28 miles per hour and a range of 40 to
60 miles depending on your usage of the pedal assistance make for one jubilant time. The
11-speed gears with trigger shifter and hydraulic disc brake system allow you to further control
your preference when riding. The Rockstar supports a load capacity of 300
pounds and weighs around 83 pounds itself. The frame is custom forged and machined from
aluminum, and the handlebars and seat ensure a comfortable and ergonomic standard. And great news for those in the U.S. E.U.
or Britain.

Sandors ships to you, and you can order your Sandor's e-bike today. Lamborghini makes beautiful cars, no doubt,
but what most fail to realize is the research and development that go into them. The engine,
the gearbox, the aerodynamics. Every facet of a top-of-the-range flagship model is cutting
edge in every way, shape, and form. Now they've turned their hand to e-bikes,
and you can expect the same.

The aptly named Sporter is Lamborghini's offering targeting
riders making the commute to work or just riding around the cityscape in general. It looks sleek and elegant, and the fact that
the moving parts, chains, sprockets, wiring, and all the other bits that make it go are
concealed behind a snazzy cover really does give it that extra polish. Better yet, the
mono arm that houses all the mechanical gear and electronics is waterproof, further adding
to the Sporter's longevity. This is the only e-bike on the market that
pairs a high-efficiency 500-watt electric motor with a race car transmission system.
The gearbox contained in the mono arm is an electronic sequential using computer-controlled
rotary gear selection that makes jumping up or down a gear a seamless experience. The
Sporter even comes with an optional set of tires with extra grip for use on gravel tracks;
however, at that stage, you're crossing into the territory of the next model up. Pun intended. The Crosser is made for just that cross country,
as you'd expect. The suspension breaks, tires, and linkages are all beefed up to handle all
the lumps and bumps you'd encounter riding through the wilderness.

It even features a
security pin code required to unlock the back wheel and shift the gearbox from neutral into
drive. With a company like Evinton, you get a company
that has made it their mission to empower everyone in their bike riding escapades regardless
of their age or ability. They are committed to building the best value bikes that are
sure to last you. Cinch is just one of many in their line of
e-bikes. With its foldable frame, it lives up to the name, able to quickly transition
between a mode of transportation and a mode made to be transported. It's just a Cinch.
Aside from easily being able to fit in the trunk of your car, the Cinch also features
front suspension and 20 by 4-inch tires to make your ride comfortable on or off the trails.

I'm sure you would like to know how the bike
rides, though, wouldn't you? Well, in addition to the tires mentioned earlier making a smooth
ride, the Cinch also comes equipped with five levels of pedal assist depending on the workout
you want or if you don't want one at all. There is also a throttle function so you can
just enjoy the scenery. The average range of the Cinch is roughly
40 miles on a single charge. However, if you use the throttle function for the whole ride,
you can expect around half of that.

A top speed of 20 miles per hour is nothing to scoff
at either. If you are looking for a Cinch, it just so happens they ship to the U.S. and
E.U. The 700 series from Ride One Up is one seriously
feature-packed e-bike. Some people think of e-bikes as detuned motorbikes that have nothing
to do with cycling, but they'd be wrong. The 700 series has all the features you'd want
in an e-bike, all tucked away to preserve that classic mountain bike look. It's a class 3 e-bike able to hit speeds of
20 miles per hour on electric power alone with a max speed of 28 miles per hour when
you're pumping your quads and giving it a bit of pedal assist.

Power comes via a 78
volt 750-watt Shangy geared hub motor capable of putting out an impressive 60-newton meters
of torque, perfect for hill climbs, every cyclist's least favorite part of riding a
bike. A series of Samsung battery cells concealed
within the mainframe contains a combined charge of 14 amp-hours. This translates into a range
of to 50 miles. Depending on variables like the rider's weight, the slope of the terrain,
the rider's willingness to pedal, and things like that. The frame is manufactured from
a lightweight metal alloy.

To keep the 700 series fast and agile, all the electronic
gizmos and gadgetry are concealed within, protecting it from the elements and the tinkering
of curious owners. The addition of front and rear shock absorbers
means that ride comfort is never an issue. Ride One Up will release the prodigy in 2022,
a lighter, faster, more grippy variant designed to tackle the trails. It will sport a more
refined Bros control system and a motor with 50 percent more torque pushing out 90-newton
meters. Closing in on our number one, we nearly come
to the end of the video. Of course, we still have one more e-bike to wow you, so let's
not dally any longer. Civilized Cycles is a global team comprised
of various talents in the industry. They say their mission is to make the most civilized
bikes globally for the world. Through a lengthy design process that took many people worldwide
to help build, Model 1 was created. The Model 1 is a deep step-through design
that almost seems to be wearing a skirt of some sort.

With the larger rear of the e-bike
comes a second seat for a passenger. That skirt happens to be an integrated set of paniers
for storing groceries, equipment, or anything else you may need for up to 50 pounds of storage. And whether the road you ride is made of dirt
littered with potholes or any other less than ideal terrain, the Model 1 has you covered.
This practical E.V. has automatic full suspension that will adjust to any hiccup on the road.

The 750-watt motor is powered by a 10.5 amp-hour
battery. If you pick up the optional secondary battery, the Model 1 has a more than apt range
of 50 miles. Like most e-bikes, the speed will top out at 28 miles per hour which is
the average legal limit. If you want your own Model 1 from Civilized Cycles, they are
selling for four thousand five hundred dollars. Let us know in the comments which of these
electric bikes strikes your fancy. The Most Porsche is probably the most likely to impress.
Still, personally, I like the look of the Defender S Pro from Uniro. Until next time
have a good day. Next up is a company that plans to have a
dealership network of over 200 dealers across the U.S. Uniro is a company that has more
than 11 years of experience in the industry, and they seem intent on making some pretty
great bikes if the reviews are anything to go by. And the reviews are no less praising of the
Defender S Pro. This is a relatively traditionally designed bike chassis but with twin motors,
batteries, and suspension. You heard that correctly. The Defender S Pro is equipped
with not one but two 750-watt motors specially made by Baffle.

Together they have a peak
output of 2200 watts. With all that power, it may not be too hard
to believe the claims the reviews make about the Defender S Pro. That it is one of the
best all-terrain electric bikes, and well, that's what Uniro planned with it. The Defender S Pro was built to tackle any
terrain, any conditions, and any sport, even hunting, as the Defender S Pro has enough
power and torque to carry or pull your game. As it stands, this electric bike is looking
pretty good when compared to bikes of similar power and the price differences. The Defender
S Pro is available for only two thousand dollars. Suppose you don't need all that power and
are only interested in a transport machine. In that case, you can pick up the single motor
non-pro version, the Defender S. It uses less electricity and is two hundred dollars cheaper. Mechanical engineer Alex Desmond has always
been interested in cycling. Still, his foray into handy, accessible adaptive bikes was
actually prompted by a personal tragedy.

A close friend of Alex's, the person who taught
him how to ride a motorbike as a teenager, was permanently disabled after suffering a
stroke. Alex would spend several years developing
a rugged adaptive mountain bike prototype that would give freedom to cyclists who use
wheelchairs. Enter the Phase AD3 from Orange. The first thing you'll notice is two independently
suspended front wheels steered together by a custom-engineered cantilever linkage system.
This allows each wheel to lean independently into corners, increasing traction and preventing
the ad3 from tipping over when turning. Additionally, a balanced handlebar attached to the linkage
allows riders to maintain stability at low speed or when they come to a stop. This helps
for another reason as well. Many wheelchair users have trouble getting in and out of vehicles.
The added balance handlebar means that exiting and entering the ad3 can be done quickly and
without any assistance. Orange Bikes were meticulous in choosing the
best quality materials and vendors for their various components. The linkage slides gracefully,
thanks to bearings by Ride Works, and riders sit in a specially designed bucket seat that
helps them engage their core for easier turning.

Also equipped is a 9-speed drivetrain, a 2-kilowatt
Paradox Kinetics motor, hydraulic disc brakes, and Fox suspension throughout. Power comes courtesy of a 504 watt-hour frame
integrated lithium battery that is boasted to allow up to 16 miles of trail riding in
throttle mode. Take it climbing up technical hills, and you're only able to manage around
a half a mile in distance. Alex was able to pair the prototype with Lorraine
Turong, an ex-wcs racer, and lifelong mountain bike enthusiast. After several concussions
and serious injuries, Lorraine was left with partial paralysis, severe headaches, nausea,
and debilitating fatigue. It was an injury that sidelined her passion for almost seven
years before meeting Alex.

Lorraine wanted to get back on the bike and
back into the Sport she loved but didn't want to settle for the generic adaptive bikes out
there. She wanted an experience that was as close to real downhill mountain biking as
possible. Lorraine and the ad3 were an instant match. On the mountain bike trails of Switzerland,
Lorraine not only keeps up with all the other professional riders, but the 83 made light
work of even the most challenging terrains. Now, despite the 83's frame being made out
of lightweight aluminum, the whole bike tips the scales at a hefty 66 pounds. Orange has
said they can reduce the weight in subsequent models, but when transport and storage are
an issue, maybe lighter is better. The 83 was a custom high spec build at this
stage, and so unsurprisingly, labors and material cost around twenty-three thousand dollars.
Despite this, the one and only customer for the ad3 is more than satisfied, and Alex believes
future production will be much cheaper. Uh, the Rumble and Henry Air SST is one weird-looking
e-bike. Kinda like an ar-15 and an old triumph motorcycle had a love child.

It's modeled
after the old cafe-style racer both in appearance and performance. This thing is a jet. No,
if ands, or buts about it. The Air SST blurs the line between a low-powered
electric motorbike and a super high-powered bicycle. Thanks to a substantial 72 volt 50
amp-hour lithium-ion battery hooked up to a 5 000 watt hub-mounted electric motor. To
translate all that into English, you can travel a hundred miles easily on a single charge
and crank speeds of 65 miles per hour while you do it. You better believe we're recommending
you wear a full-face helmet and riding leathers when you take this bad boy for a trip out
onto the roads.

If it's even legal to do so where you live. The cafe-style racer impression comes from
a continuous tank and seat arrangement and the laser-cut cover panels that sit over the
middle of the frame. It comes with a single front headlight, rear taillights, and even
turning signal lights. Just like a real motorbike, the front fork is sporting a pretty beefy
suspension. Another Coilover gas strut type sits between the seat and the rear swingarm,
providing articulation and movement to the rear wheel. Speaking of wheels, they're massive, a full
18-inch tire that looks every bit like a road tire, and it's 3.75 inches wide to boot.

their center, 205-millimeter disc brakes to ensure the Air SST stops on a dime. The best part is that these e-bikes are fully
customizable. You select the handlebars you want, the lighting, the steering style, grips,
color, whatever your heart desires. Definitely worth investigating if you enjoy going crazy
fast while looking crazy good. Now we're going to mix things up a tad with
a company I'm sure you probably have heard of. Porsche is no stranger to most, and their
goals of creating the most sustainable and most efficient sports cars haven't wavered.
However, Porsche is more than cars nowadays, with their toes dipped into the e-bike scene.

pexels photo 4542985

This shouldn't be too large a surprise. Every
day more and more companies adopt at least some sort of EV into their lineups. And with
two different e-bikes in their repertoire, Porsche is no different. Say hello to the Sport and the Cross models.
They are both simply pretty bikes with similar designs but with different goals. The Cross,
just like the Sport, has a chassis that reinvents the standard with lower handlebars for better
road visibility. However, the Cross was made to tackle any terrain while the Sport was
created with pavement in mind. Interestingly the Sport actually has a larger
battery capacity at 630-watt hours as opposed to the Cross's 504, and with that, a higher
range at nearly 80 miles of charge when on eco mode.

For perspective, the Cross has a
range of 62 miles which is not awful by any means. Both bikes offer adequate headlights for low
light conditions and proper hydraulic disc brakes for a sure stop. You can expect to
charge either the Sport or Cross up to eighty percent in about two and a half hours or around
five for a full charge. Of course, you could just leave it overnight to charge and forget
about it. If you're interested in the Sport, you're
looking at about ten thousand seven hundred dollars which is a bit steep for a bike even
with this quality. The Cross is a bit more forgiving at a price tag of eight thousand
five hundred fifty dollars. The aptly named bullet from Santa Cruz Bicycles
sets itself aside from other e-bikes. Instead of being an a to b option and part-time adventurer.
The design brief was focused on creating something custom-built to dominate the steepest dirt
trails and the wildest crests along rocky outcrops. Agility and brilliant handling can be found
with the Bullet thanks to a robust fork and frame suspension system that allows up to
170 millimeters of travel on both front and rear.

That's a hell of a lot of impact the
bike can take before bottoming out. Likewise, the fork is wider than other e-bikes at 38
millimeters extending down to Maxis double down tires that are made to do only one thing.
Grip dirt and grip it well. Interestingly this e-bike uses mixed-sized
wheels. The 29-inch up front creates a large area of contact that is brilliant for maintaining
traction. At the same time, the 27 and a half-inch rear wheel gives that little bit more clearance
for your back end and makes a more responsive and quicker handling bike. The entry-level R-Spec has all the goodies,
including a combination of 650 watt-hour Shimano batteries and the Shimano e7000 drive unit.
The top-of-the-line x01 coil sees improvements made all across the board. With the heavier
duty suspension, better quality crankshafts, shifters, brakes, hubs, rims, you name it,
and the x01 coil has it. The big selling point is the lighter, more efficient, and more powerful
e8 series Shimano electric motor. With its sleek design, the Colorado-based
company of Planet Cyclery ensures that the Intense Taser will provide superior handling
and ride trails with excellence.

A 250-watt motor with 60-newton meters of torque is juiced
by its 504-watt-hour battery. And to help you adjust to your route, a Shimano 12-speed
drivetrain controls the pedal assistance. You can purchase an intense taser in either
a large or medium frame for $6299 or apply for financing. The foldable e-bike market has become crowded
in recent years. Still, the latest offerings from Gocycle are turning heads for a few reasons.
The g4 and g4i's lightweight carbon fiber mid-frame folds, collapsing into a compact
portable package in less than 10 seconds and locked with a titanium bolt perfect for the
transition from road rider to train passenger. It's the first e-bike from Gocycle to feature
a bespoke patented 500-watt electric motor they've named g4 drive. It boasts a smooth
and ultra-quiet, sacrificing torque or speed. An integrated and removable lithium-ion battery
can be charged in as fast as three hours providing a range of up to 40 miles for the g4 and up
to 50 miles for the g4i.

Custom-designed Moto GP-inspired treaded tires infused with silica
provide incredible grip and handling over a range of surfaces. Conquering rugged terrain has never been easier
than with the Crusader. This all-wheel-drive electric bike from Rambo bikes in Minnesota
packs two 500-watt motors for a peak of 1500 watts. Thanks to its single-speed drive, it
rides pretty silently, too, and it has plenty of power with its 48-volt battery for a range
of 38 miles. The Crusader is available for 49.99.99 with free shipping throughout the
contiguous USA. With uniquely designed four-inch fat tires,
the Zx Trooper tires from California-based Super 73 has a good grip, and time won't wear
them down as bad. The 615 watt-hour removable battery is no slouch, and combined with the
motor, a peak power of 350 watts is possible. When using the eco pedal-assist, an estimated
range of 50 miles is expected or 30 miles if using only the throttle.

This one is going
for $1990, which is similar to the Rad Rover 6 plus we covered. Click on the card on the
top right to compare the two. Definitely winning points for curious engineering,
the Igagomi is one of the only e-bikes on the market with an enclosed drive shaft instead
of a chain or belt drive. Designed and manufactured by California-based
Igagomi, the radically designed 36-volt folding e-bike of the same name is Igegomi's attempt
to reinvent the bicycle. The first thing you'll notice is the single supported rear-wheel
naked without a chain drive running to the pedal assembly. The motor is in the front wheel, a 200-watt
continuous front hub motor powered by a removable 36-volt battery that takes four hours to recharge.
Unfortunately, it's only a single speed, and with such a small battery, you're not climbing
any hills without pedaling.

But with a full charge and relatively flat terrain, the Igagomi
can manage a pedal-assisted max range of 25 miles at a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour. A built-in gyroscope means that the Igagomi
adjusts its power output depending on whether you're traveling up or downhill. Also on board
is an ip67-rated waterproof frame, mechanical disc brakes, and a feature-packed LCD for
displaying instrument and trip data. Headlights come courtesy of a single LED lamp and this
really cool light that runs the length of the handlebars. When it comes time for easy storage and transport,
not only does the entire e-bike weigh just 66 pounds, but it folds quickly and easily
into a small package. Are style and aesthetics just as important as speed and performance
when it comes to your perfect e-bike? What are your must-haves in e-transport? Aesthetics mix well with performance in the
Outcross from Gen 3, a Washington-based company.

An elegant design with big old four-inch tires
for a smooth ride, whether rain or snow. You'll need six hours to fill up the 48-volt ul certified
battery from zero, but the 35-mile range should suffice for most riders. Be warned that this
bike and its 500-watt motor aren't for everyone as it does sit a bit high. If interested,
you can pick it up for around 1 699 dollars. This moped-style electric bike from Himaway
is a refreshing fusion of rigid strength, power, and, of course, a whole lot of fun.
The rugged black aluminum frame sits on a front and rear spring suspension system that
provides a smooth ride while on any terrain. Onboard you'll also find a classy wooden platform
on the rear rack for storage, as well as a large LED display and large bright headlights.
Riding the Escape can feel a little like riding a motorbike at times. The right handlebar
half throttle is used to engage the 750-watt brushless gear hub motor and fat tires, making
it a lot of fun to lean hard into corners.

The Escape can reach speeds up to 28 miles
per hour and beyond. But out of the box, this powerful e-bike is console limited to 23 miles
per hour. Riders that want a street-legal class 2 e-bike can set their Escapes top speed
to 20 miles per hour instead. Recently I took the Himaway Escape out for
a test ride. Stick around until the end of the video, where we continued this segment
with my review. First of all, thank you to Himaway for sending
me this Escape to test out and review. The bike arrived almost completely assembled except
for the hour I spent adding the front tire, headlight, fenders, and pedals. It was easy
enough, and I appreciated the fact that they included the necessary tools. My first impression of the Escape was how
heavy it was. It's 90 pounds, made from aluminum, has a solid yet sturdy build, and surprisingly
90 pounds isn't as light as I thought.

Having said that, once fully assembled, I had no
problems wheeling it up and down an elevator or going through hallways or doorways without
banging myself or anything else up. Living in Las Vegas, there aren't many places
downtown to ride this bike, so until I get a helmet, trailer hitch, and bike rack, I'm
not venturing too far from home. Just how easy the bike was to pedal without assist
and the comfort of the seat is worth noting. It has a quick take-off which initially surprised
me. The pedaling with an electric assist was effortless and a lot of fun.

I love the extra-wide
tires that look as if they could fit on any small car. They won't, but they look like
they could. The bike comes with a rear storage rack, and
Himaway offers a front basket as an extra option on their website. I added some additions
to this bike as well, namely the phone holder, my Gopro, a power bank, a lock, and a couple
of anti-theft alarms that sound off if anyone goes in this bike's personal space. The alarms
can also track the location of the bike if it does so happen to go missing. I put the
link in the video description if you're interested in what an anti-theft alarm is all about.
I should mention this bike does have a USB charger tucked away under the control screen. This bike comes with a two-year warranty and
a competitive cost of sixteen hundred dollars. With its features and fair price, if you're
in the market for an e-bike, I think it's a solid investment. I learned from testing
the Himaway Escape that if you live in a city as I do, with limited storage space, you may
want to consider a folding bike or something much lighter for apparent reasons.

Additionally, I now need a trailer hitch mount
installed along with a heavy-duty bike rack; if I plan to take this bike with me anywhere
out of the city. I'll keep you posted over the next several months because, frankly,
I need some time in the mountains to learn how well this bike holds up and functions
over an extended period with more use. If you want to follow along, I'll blog future
updates on our website as always. For your convenience, the link is in the video description. Designed to be the ultimate hunting e-bike,
the Megatron from Rambo bikes features dual 1000-watt hub motors with a 34 amp hour battery.
With a range of 80 miles, you can get to nearly any hunting site and back, and with all-wheel
drive, you can do so as easy as can be. Of course, you could switch between that and
either rear or front-wheel drive instead.

Picking up a Megatron will run you 7299.99 Rad Power Bikes first unveiled their Rad Rover
range back in 2015, jumping into the ever-expanding electric transport market. Their Rad vehicles
now cover a whole spectrum of e-bikes and e-scooters to a loyal customer base that's
grown bigger and bigger every year. The Seattle-based manufacturer is back in 2021 with the Rad
Rover 6 Plus, the successor to last year's Rad Rover 5, featuring a ground-up redesign. The Rad Rover 6 is a sturdy hardtail fat-tired
mountain e-bike with some really cool features to reduce the wear and tear on your internal

Equipped with a 750-watt brushless geared hub motor and a separate pedal only
7-speed Shimano gear set, the Rad Rover 6 can climb hills 25 faster than previous models.
Power comes courtesy of the easy to remove semi-integrated 48-volt battery, which can
propel riders over a range of 45 miles. The Rad Rover 6 Plus comes equipped with Kenda
Juggernaut 26 by 4-inch k shield puncture-resistant tires and hydraulic disc brakes for the inevitable
bumpy ride. Large wide fenders cover the wheels and integrated brake tail, and halo headlights
come as standard. Rad Power Bikes have never really been big
on large, flashy touchscreen displays, so the minimalist LCD display is no surprise.
There's the basic telemetry speed distance and battery capacity. Only the Rad Rover 6
Plus comes in two almost identical models. The step-through model is just minus the frame
supporting crossbar to give easier step-through access.

A brand that first started as a small Indiegogo
campaign in 2019 before exploding in popularity is none other than Hong Kong-based Fido. They
initially launched on the back of the d11, a folding electric bike that weighed just
28 pounds and could still take riders on trips up to 62 miles. The campaign was a success raising over a
million dollars for the campaign and making a whole handful of early investors very happy.
Now Fido is back with the X Range, another Indiegogo campaign featuring three upgraded
models and well over a million dollars already raised. All three models of the X have identical
specs except for the battery motor and brakes. The Fedox light has a 5.8 amp battery, 250
watt brushless geared motor, and a cable break. The Fido X upgrades to an 11.6 amp battery
and swaps the cable break for hydraulics. At the same time, the US model of the Fido
X is just the X with a 350-watt motor instead. All three models feature an ultra-lightweight
foldable magnesium alloy frame that weighs only six and a half pounds. The folding mechanism
is sleek and discreet yet still affords a high level of stability when riding on the

The battery is removable, integrated into the rear seat column, and unlockable
via pin combination instead of using a key. It's also completely waterproof. The frame
smart battery lock and LCD display are rated ip54 for dust and water protection. As of
right now, Fido is in the production phase of their campaign and will be shipping out
completed e-bikes around about September. Finding it hard to choose an e-bike that ticks
all the boxes? The Cyber X from Zion bike is a futuristic and customizable e-bike with
the rider experience firmly in focus. Powering the Cyber X is a highly efficient 750-watt
mid-drive motor packed into the pedal assembly and a 72-volt lithium-ion battery pack hidden
behind the shiny acrylic panels.

You can ride comfortably on the all-terrain
fat tires with the dual suspension and a two-person leather seat while stopping power comes courtesy
of hydraulic disc brakes. In the front and rear, LED lighting creates accents across
the wheels and side panels, while the LCD display features a USB charging port and Bluetooth
speaker. But Cyber X's true appeal lies in its unique
customization. The acrylic side panels are laser printed with a stock logo or a custom
image of your own design. The result is a high-performance e-bike that's an extension
of your own personality. Compared to the other models by Zeus Bikes,
the Urban Ultralight 1100 has a higher weight capacity and top speed with more range but
at the cost of weight.

Uncorked, this simply designed e-bike has a speed of 26 to 33 miles
per hour with a range of 33 to 40 miles. Most riders will be able to mount up with its weight
capacity of 300 pounds, and the cadence sensors offer a smooth, consistent ride. For $3,100,
one could be yours. The Flex comes from the Washington-based company
called Gen 3 and is kitted out with a 500-watt motor with an expectation of 900 watts at
full power. It's named for its 21-speed shifting, so you can have as hard or easy a time on
any incline. With the 40 miles range, the Flex can handle most work commutes and be
charged overnight with a six-hour charge time. The Flex is currently going for one thousand
five hundred ninety-nine dollars.

Founded in Stuttgart, Germany, Silverback
Bikes have been engineering state-of-the-art bicycles, e-bikes, and apparel since 2004.
After many awards and expansions throughout Europe, the US, and South Africa, Silverback
Bikes can be found in over 200 stores across 49 different countries. The company's latest addition to its e-bike
range is the beautifully designed S-Electro Metro. It's not quite a road bike, nor is
it a full mountain bike. The S Electro is a delightful hybrid of the two, combining
comfort via front suspension forks with agility from the lightweight hydroformed alloy frame. The lockable 504 watt-hour Shimano e8035 battery
is housed in the down tube and can be easily removed for hot swapping or transport. A full
charge will take riders up to 62 miles, but it depends on how much pedal assist is offered
and how flat the terrain is.

Torque comes courtesy of a 250-watt Shimano
steps mid-mounted motor. Still, top speeds are likely limited to 15.5 miles to comply
with European standards. There's no throttle, so riders have to select one of three pedal
assist modes that kick in when they detect effort on your end. When it comes to gears, Silverback avoided
the 12 gear systems that are notorious for needing constant maintenance, instead opting
to go with Shimano's 10-speed derailleur for ride flexibility and quality shifting. Stopping
power is thanks to Shimano Deori hydraulic disc brakes. The S Electro comes standard
with 700 cc alloy wheels and Schwalbe marathon plus tires.

For the trip sensor and battery information,
a Shimano e6100 display mounts to the handlebars with all wiring routed internally. All in
all, the S Electro represents a simple easy to maintain e-bike with enough power for the
modern urban world. Could a bike like this handle your morning commute? What battery
size do you need to make it to and from the office without charging? Let us know in the
comments. Respected e-bike manufacturer E Cells was
the first company to develop and release dual motors, dual batteries, and full suspension
e-bikes. While some people may feel like the Super Monarch Crown is an example of overkill,
for many, the raw amount of pure power is very appealing on this electric beast. You'll find twin 500-watt motors, dual 48-volt
batteries, and a Shimano Dior 10-speed transmission. This translates to a crazy top speed of 30
miles per hour or enough to keep up with most urban traffic, but it's not just an ultra-powerful
city e-bike.

The Super Monarch AWD is just as capable off-road.
Dual suspension means that it handles bumps, jumps, and uneven terrain with ease. Add in
four and a quarter inch V Bulldozer tires, and there's nowhere you can't take this e-bike
on steroids. If you're not a huge fan of both pedaling
and cleaning, an exciting new e-bike range from Avarax E might just be for you. The Averax
E is an affordable super lightweight e-bike that is self-cleaning. A superhydrophobic
coating covers the aluminum frame repelling more than 90 percent of dust and mud from
the bike. Riders have a choice between the smaller EL
model, the Base ES, and the premium EX Model which provides a range of size, power, and
top speed options. With the EL and ES, a 250-watt rear motor can reach a top speed of 25 miles
per hour, and the EX gets a slight upgrade pushing a 500-watt motor to 28 miles per hour.
All models feature a quick 90-minute charge 48-volt battery with an average range of 65 miles. Engineered to tackle both the urban streets
and mountain trails of Oregon, the PX Cycle is built with a versatility not seen in most
e-bikes on the market today.

Designed as an upgraded version of the company's previous
successful model, the EXC Plus, the new PX Cycle debuted on Kickstarter platform Indiegogo
in march of 2021. It's got the strength and comfort of a mountain
bike with a long travel suspension fork and cross-terrain tires but still provides the
speed and handling of an urban cycle. The exclusive 500-watt integrated mid-drive motor
sits at the base of the pedal assembly utilizing torque sensors to immediately engage when
it detects a push on the pedal. When the battery is upgraded to 48 volts, riders can get up
to 100 miles on a single charge. Based in California, Juiced Bikes is producing
affordable e-bikes that perform to task, like the Scrambler. The 750-watt motor strapped
to this boxy bike is accompanied by your choice of a 13 amp hour battery for a range of 45
miles or a 15 amp hour battery with a range of 52 miles. There is also a choice between three colors
and whether you prefer city riding tires or off-roading tires. You can purchase a Scrambler
for one thousand seven hundred ninety-nine dollars or one thousand nine hundred ninety-nine
dollars for the bigger battery. The Cab Recon has been described as the most
powerful production e-bike on the planet, and for excellent reason.

320 foot-pounds
of torque mean that riders can go from zero to 50 miles per hour in a blistering 5 seconds,
but that's not even the Recon's top speed which maxes out at 60 miles per hour. It all
comes down to the Recon's 20-kilowatt power system sine wave controller and its 72-volt
battery, the largest stock e-bike battery in the world. Cab estimates a maximum range of around 200
miles with that kind of capacity depending on the speed mode selected. The Recon also
features regenerative braking, which converts kinetic energy back into battery charge, capturing
around 4 kilowatts or 10 percent of your expended energy.

Off-road motorcycle tires, front,
and rear suspension, as well as high-profile comfort seating, mean the Recon is just as
at home on the roads as it is on the mountain trails. You want a rugged all-terrain e-bike that's
bound to make a splatch? Suppose you're feeling extra patriotic or just enjoy a turbocharged
e-bike that's at home anywhere. In that case, the Patriot Pro might be worth checking out.
The first thing you might notice is the Patriot Pro's unique trust style frame that incorporates
an integrated yet swappable 48-volt battery. When combined with front and rear suspension,
this design can take heavy loads and hard impacts with ease. A powerful 1500-watt rear motor has impressive
acceleration getting riders to 31 miles per hour in as little as 4.03 seconds. Riders
have a choice between a pedal-assisted or throttle-activated propulsion mode and can
expect a range of about 50 miles using pedal assist.

A biometric thumb sensor embedded
in the frame provides owner protection against theft. Voted the best fat tire e-bike of 2020, the
X-Class from Aerial Rider prides itself on its newfound title. Despite being touted as
a moped-style e-bike, the X-Class looks and feels like a mini motorbike. It's fitted with a 750-watt rear hub motor
that can provide up to 1500 watts of power using a high amp controller. This translates
to a high torque e-bike that can easily tackle steep hills without struggling. The upgraded x-class 52-v takes this up a
notch, including a 1000-watt motor that peaks out at 2000 watts when needed.

All that power
needs juice, so the X-Class carries a lockable 48-volt battery secured to the frame. The
52-v gets an upgrade and no prizes for guessing the voltage. Both models feature their award-winning CST
4-inch high-performance fat tires, hydraulic disc brakes, front and rear fenders, and a
rear section that can be fitted with a passenger saddle or cargo rack. If you're going to be awesome, you may as
well have proof, right. The Ultima XS and XTE bikes are one of the first, if not the
first, e-bike manufacturer that includes a mounted 4k camera to their bikes as standard.
Created by Vancouver startup EV Canada the Ultima XT and XS e-bikes are the subject of
another Indiegogo campaign. To make their project a reality, the company
is focused on a sustainable convenient, and affordable product while at the same time
slapping on some modern features for the social media generation. The entry-level XS features
a high-speed brushless 240-watt hub motor powered by a detachable 5.8 amp hour battery.
It can propel riders to a speed limited 20 miles per hour over a range of 25 miles. It's also equipped with a frame-mounted foldable
chain-style lock, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, 20-inch alloy wheels, and a Shimano Nexus
3-speed rear hub gearbox.

When it comes to included tech, the XS is kitted out with Bluetooth
speakers, a stem integrated led screen, and smart LED head and taillights activated by
ambient light levels. Upgrading to the XT sees the addition of a
second non-removable 7.8 amp hour battery located where the seat post would be. While
the motor is the same as on the XS, the extra capacity extends the XT's range up to 50 miles
per charge. The XT also features a longer suspension fork, 3-inch tires, and a 7-speed
Shimano rear derailleur instead of a 3-speed that sits on the XS. Both the XS and the XT have the option to
upgrade to the SE package, a tech-heavy add-on that brings 4k video recording, GPS tracking,
and a 20 000 milliamp-hour power bank to charge your smartphone.

If EV Canada reaches their
funding goal, the first Ultima's could begin shipping as early as June 2022. Could you
wait this long for a new e-bike? Let us know in the comments. Moore Bike is a company that breathes biking.
They are daily use drivers, and they like to make bikes that can support that. They
also realize that the factor of speed makes e-bikes a bit different than a traditional
bike because Moore Bike wants an e-bike that is fun, safe, and reliable enough to get you
to work. All their models share some key features..

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