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Climate Cliff, Tipping Point or Point of No Return; Worried About Global Warming?

It is time for everyone to start to FEAR Global Warming, because that is the plan. You must fear it all, big time. Are we reaching the tipping point? Is Al Gore wanting us to buy more DVDs of his movie or is the whole thing really true? It is a lot like the; Chicken Little Sky is Falling or the Little Boy who cried; Wolf! Is there really a fire in the Theatre or are they just trying to scare us again? Many scientists say it is real, is it?

Global Warming Debate Heats Up; Let’s Agree to Disagree Shall We?

The debate over Global Warming has gone on long enough it is time that we all agree to disagree on the debate of whether mankind’s CO2 emissions have caused ambient climate temperatures to rise and melt the polar ice. Rather let’s agree that polluting is dumb and therefore let’s just stop polluting.

Scientists – Bleak Future Due to Global Warming

A group of scientists is about to release the first segment of a four-part report about how much worse human-caused global warming will affect the future of mankind. The first segment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will be released in Paris next week.

Recycling Old Car Tires

Burning your old car tires is just about the worst thing you can do to get rid of them. It releases massive quantities of toxins into the air as well as oil into the ground. The tire recycling industry has developed many other better options for recycling old tires.

Rain Barrel Water Recycling

Watering your lawn, trees and plants can consume more water than you might imagine. Collecting and recycling rainwater using a rain barrel can not only reduce your water bill but also provide your plants with a superior source of water.

Recycling Landfills by Vaporizing Them

Plasma gasification is an excellent way of recycling garbage. The facilities are large and expensive but the by-products from the process are carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water vapor and inert slag making it very environmentally friendly.

Mount Kilimanjaro and Global Warming

The ice capped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro made famous by writer Ernest Hemingway may disappear within a couple of decades. The culprit is believed by many scientist to be carbon dioxide fueled global warming.

Global Warming Are You Convinced?

The debate is now in full swing over Global Warming, as the trend has grown in strength and there is a lot at stake in a power grab for money and power. Pun intended. Do you believe in Global Warming? If so that means that you believe that mankind is causing thru CO2 emissions the heating of the atmosphere.

Ocean Wave Renewable Energy Generation and Danger to Sea Life Solved

Many environmentalists know that wind generators kill migratory birds in the hundreds each year. And yet most have kept quiet due to the trade offs of renewable non-polluting energies. One Online Think Tank has come up with many possible solutions to prevent bird strikes on Wind Generators as to alleviate this problem. In fact as this challenge becomes more widely known, folks are demanding that the issue be solved.

Global Warming

Global warming is something that is changing our planet. Here is just some info about it

Global Warming Tipping Point

You may have heard of the Butterfly Effect – it’s a part of chaos theory. The challenges facing mankind in relation to global warming are the result of a mighty big butterfly – mankind itself.

2007 If You Invented Easily Distributed, Cheap, Renewable Clean Energy; Would Government Allow it?

The question has been proposed at an online think tank; “If someone were to come up with an easily distributed, cheap, renewable clean energy, would the government allow it if it potentially reduced their bottom line?”

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