All Wheel Drive with a mid-drive Bafang?! Christini Ebikes

I've got another interview from 
The Sea Otter Classic for you This time from a company called Christini. Now they make an all-wheel drive bicycle and 
electric bike they actually made all-wheel drive   motorcycles as well they've been around 
for quite a few years the ebike part of   the company however is a little bit newer and 
may not be something that you've seen before. If you're thinking all-wheel drive that's 
cool I've seen all-wheel drive bikes before   I promise you if you've never heard of Christini 
you haven't seen an all-wheel drive bike like this Normally for an all-wheel drive bike, for 
example, like The Bronco that we have. You have a hub motor in the rear 
wheel a hub motor in the front wheel. The UBCO 2×2 has a hub motor in 
the rear a hub motor in the front. And there's other brands out 
there that are known for their   dual motor bikes, but that's 
not how Christini works.

You've actually got a mid-drive powering both 
the front and rear wheels and it's even a   little bit more intelligent and smarter 
than that more like a traction control. But I'm gonna let the man 
himself tell you all about it. I haven't seen all the bikes in person but I 
know what they are yeah but I guess give it   give us the sales pitch sales picture all right so 
they're one of a kind yeah they are one of a kind   for sure and it's um the tech's not new we've been 
doing this almost 20 years so it's tried and true. This this bike right here is our Fat Five   Ultra so we're running
these are five inch and   we can even do out to the two XL so super wide 
tires for like the snow and things like that. Okay it's all-wheel drive we call it a 
traction control to avoid the confusion   of like people thinking that it's just powering 
the front and what I mean by that is it does a   one-wheel clutching system in the front so 
you're really running rear wheel and the ratio   is 92 percent basically it's 0.921 so they're 
not spinning the same speed so as long as you   have traction you're just pushing this front wheel 
just like a normal bike okay second the rear slips   it powers the front or the opposite of that is 
if the um the front you're going downhill and   the front starts to wash the rear's going to push 
it so you have some control around the corners so   in this situation you can you can run the bike as 
a normal bike you can disengage shift on the fly   and there's a little switch on the handlebars here 
and then it's in all-wheel drive and here we go Super cool.

So there you go that's kind of the rundown 
we're running the Bafang Ultra Motor yeah   we're driving the rear wheel components 
standard hubs in the rear we make our own   front hub we make our own fork components 
internals on this bike are rock shocks   35 millimeter so we got a nice fat fork not many 
people have that and we also do MRP so we're using   production internals for serviceability and then 
we have to make the externals to run all our   guts so you've got this one right we got a so 
we've got a full range we've got the pedal 27.5   plus these are smaller tires but we can run 
up to a 29 platform um we've got that's a   fat four that's a four inch and that's kind of an 
all-around versatile because 177 rear hub so you   could run summer 29 inch wheel set and then snow 
if you want that's the standard pedal Fat Five. And we got a lot of snow 
bike guys love this thing. If you're crazy enough to ride in the snow 
nothing wrong with more traction so there you go   absolutely this here is a 27.5 plus um or 29 with 
ultra drive so this is a standard boost spacing   running a boost front and then actually we're just 
finishing up our full suspension which will have a   vertical design and it's going to look similar to 
this and that this will be a telescoping section   the front's already telescope for the suspension 
you can see on this underneath that boot that goes   up and down with the spline grease spine system 
so yep yeah there's a lot of a lot of different   moving parts there are there are a lot of things 
and everybody's like oh there's so much stuff but   then people forget that their derailleur has so 
many little things going on we're really just   basic gearing the head tube you never have to 
touch inside you can see the gears inside here   we have it uncovered there's some grease and stuff 
there's a cap that goes over that that's cool um   but maintenance wise you just got to keep it clean 
and lubed just like your chain and in general the   drive train the gear rear gear is the only one 
that really ever wears out the front will last   pretty much the life of the bike and that 
usually lasts longer than the cassette anyways so   okay you're gonna get a lot of life and 
it'll cost less than a GX cassette anyway.

pexels photo 10049071

So you're not you're not getting into 
all this crazy maintenance it's like   basic stuff keep it clean and it's 
going to last you know a long time. We got a couple guys have had we've been doing 
a long time but we have some ebike guys who have   several thousand miles on their bikes 
and haven't done any drivetrain stuff. So yeah which that's like something like this is 
running a lot of power through it yeah a lot of   power and it it's a function of maintenance you 
can also have like the military the Special Ops   have a bunch of these and they crush them every 
operation it's like they just throw them down   and don't do anything it's like and they need 
a lot of babysitting but that's what they do.

Something that didn't get on the interview but we 
did talk about at the show was where the bikes are   made now you're getting a lot of components 
of course from overseas but all of the final   assembly is done here in the US and the bikes 
are basically custom made for each customer   so if you want one of these bikes 
they will build it specifically   for you they will paint it the color that you 
want it painted very customized very one-on-one. Pretty cool company. A lot of assembly done here 
in the US which is unique   and I think for what you're getting the prices 
are actually very reasonable so more footage   from The Sea Otter Classic is coming make 
sure to check out this video right here..

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