Alle Totem E-Bikes 2022 ! 4x günstige Bikes im Überblick ! Citybikes und Mountainbikes für jeden !

not only since the groner crisis are i males or city bikes all the rage the electric bikes with motor support have been selling well for years with the boom it has also increased in the recent past, but the prices of the high-tech bikes are not infrequently cracking the 5000 euro range these sums seem the purchase prices of the dead in the e bikes k like a bargain between 2300 and 2750 euros the bikes from the czech republic should cost is that despite the low purchase price it is a good deal we will find out now in a video i wish you a lot of fun watching it thanks to the company hyundai asl licht bau gmbh in potsdam and teltow in this way kindly and made the e bikes available for me to look at and for the first impression so if you are interested you will find all the links and information directly in my video description and with it let's get started and we come to today's first candidate, especially for price-conscious beginners could the new foil from totem be interesting with the carey model, the manufacturer wants to make downhill rides and off-road tours possible at a beginner's price the geometry of the bike is precisely tailored to the requirements of rauenthaler for good handling on such terrain, last but not least the hourglass fork should and the massive cst tires ensure depending on the surface you can adjust the a5 rp 1er dampers differently and thus adapt them individually to the respective situation in the simple carey mode you can also get comfortably through the city as an alternative to off-road so the totem carey should move as much as possible can be used in many ways the heart of the new totem the foil is the i20 mid-motor from ringer this should be hardly audible in a low noise development, especially on asphalt can control to these via the display on the handlebar what the different speed levels and further the part setting for the trip allows depending down and want d u different levels of support depending on that, you can travel between 40 and 120 kilometers with the dead foley and the integrated 504 watt hour battery from samsung .

The manufacturer relies on shimano for the gear shifting, and the hydraulic ones come from the same manufacturer with ten gears Disc brakes, which have to meet particularly high demands off-road, as already mentioned, you can control everything via the DS 20 Winkler lcd display on the handlebars and you can also optionally connect this to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The totem foil is available in different colors and in frame sizes from 18 up to 21 in these variants it weighs a total of 25 3 kilograms the cost here is 2,749 euros the totem delta speaks for a completely different buyer potential because here you get a new citibank for the city the e bike is equipped with everything you need for the the two needed in the city for the elektrisc he pedal support up to 25 km/h is provided by a g 20 type central motor from the angle the drive with 250 watts of power creates a torque of a whopping 80 newton meters the motor not only supports you while riding but also offers you a pushing aid for the relevant riding information just look at the lcd ds 20 display from winkler on the handlebars of the dead delta city bike , the motor is supplied with a generously dimensioned 720 watt hours battery with cells from samsung which is elegantly accommodated in the frame thanks to its large capacity, according to the manufacturer, a range of up to up to 200 kilometers may be possible, however, the actual range depends on individual use, the e-bike itself weighs almost 27 kilograms, the charging time for the battery is given as around seven hours, as you would expect from a city bike, the totem data equipped according to the road traffic regulations, this includes, among other things, the lighting hydraulic disc brakes from shimano are responsible for the deceleration the new gear shift also comes from the same manufacturer the equipment also includes mudguards to protect clothing from splashing wet as well as a luggage rack on which a buyer and co can be transported the dead in the delta moves up 27 5-inch wheels from the stars brand for the comfort, the manufacturer has installed a comfortable saddle and an hourglass suspension fork that irons out small bumps .

The bike is available in white and anthracite in terms of color and the recommended retail price here is 2699 euros, which is also dead maurice a heavy heart which means that a suspension or suspension fork is working at the front the rear is star and saves a damper ha trails are traditionally cheaper than foil bikes logically you save yourself the damper and in more complex rear structures they are also easy to use thanks to this simple construction h even lighter than a comparable foley speaking of weight the bike week just under 23 kilograms the motor integration solves dead man maurice quite respectable the battery is integrated in the down tube and can be removed completely if desired the motor is less bulky integrated in the bottom bracket area the unit is Mounted in the area of ​​the carrier, according to the manufacturer, the motor should offer up to 80 newton meters at a nominal output of 250 watts.

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The battery has 504 watt hours and is equipped with enough power for long trips. In practice, values ​​between 50 and 70 km could be achieved in automatic mode operation is via a small display plus control buttons you can quickly find your way around the menu operation is easy the buttons provide enough haptic feedback and the display is easy to read even at night due to its indirect lighting values ​​such as average speed occurs state of charge remaining range time of day and co display en for comfort and support off-road, a mountain bike needs a powerful suspension fork on the maurice, a rst ford with 100 millimeters of suspension travel, which can be blocked by remote control if desired, can be individually fine-tuned to the weight of the rider using an operable lever the rear of the hard rail comes naturally without a damper but is still quite comfortable for hardware where there is propulsion also needs to be decelerated the totem bike is equipped with a shimano disc brake which promises top deceleration values ​​in various practical tests the bike was able to score points at any time with great braking performance even on faster descents for occasional riders and price-conscious amateur cyclists, the totem is a fair one you can use in the city and moderate off-road it knows how to convince and offers a lot for little money the price is 2229 euros number four in the league is the totem on the myth it is exactly like the explorer with a powerful mot or and a 36 wood 20 ampere battery already fitted mudguards the thicker tires and the light also make a phase in the dark and wet possible all dead e bikes have the winkler mid-motor with 80 newton meters installed, which makes it easy to overcome hills and other obstacles with a tire size of 27.5 inches and a weight of 27 kilos, it can be used ideally for different purposes.

The brakes and gears are again from shimano. the battery is from samsung and offers a maximum range of around 200 kilometers, which can of course be variable Depending on how you ride the bike, you ca n’t get the multifunctional price from 2699 euros. If you’re interested, you can read everything again in my description I hope I was able to give you the first impression of this Schönweitz and if you find out more would you like to subscribe to my channel so that you don't miss any more posts in the future in this sense thank you for watching see you next video and that's the end of it for us wave wave

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