Ancheer 2020 Mountain bikes: Foldable, 350W fast, and $600

Underwater Robotics For Coastline Erosion Mitigation Considered

One of the biggest ways which changes the characteristic of the surf as the ocean meets the shoreline is the contour of the land underneath on the localized seafloor. Well, we know this, and we also know what we would need the seafloor to be shaped like if we wish the waves to have certain characteristics. We have mathematical modeling which tells us all this. Once we put in the coordinates of the contour of the land underneath, and figure in the weight of the water, the speed of the wave cycle, and the direction of travel we have almost everything we need to figure this out.

Opportunity for Land Use Reforms In Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina

Climate change will exacerbate the number, intensity and effects of Sandy-like disasters for decades if not centuries to come. Like forest fires, however, the catastrophic natural disasters of our time contain seeds of opportunities for renewal and advances. One such is a political climate suitable for establishing land use reforms that will save tens of billions of dollars AND boost quality of life for everyone who enjoys a stroll on a beach.

Discover How The Amish Are Prepping For An Economic Disaster

Read about how the Amish have been prepping for an economic disaster and what you an learn from them. We cover survival for you and your family if any thing was to happen in terms of a nuclear disaster, economic free fall, solar flare, major natural event or an international epidemic.

Restructuring the Environment With Eco-Friendly Technology

Mindset of a man is programmed to improve upon his achievements. Reconstruction of environment is his spontaneous approach. He knows how to survive and survive to achieve the best.

Automatic Robotic Rollover Squeegee for Solar Panel Efficiency

Well, since I run a think tank, one of the things we talked about quite often is energy. The energy policy of the United States is quite important for our GDP, economic growth, and the health and welfare of our business community, employment base, and especially manufacturing. Without power, the United States would be powerless, and therefore we need reliable electrical energy to run things. Now then, in the alternative energy age, which we’ve been promised for about 40 years now, we see more and more solar projects going up, and more and more people putting solar panels on their home.

Reclaimed Rubber – Offering Incredible Advantages

There are many aspects to be considered, when you decide to reuse, reclaim or recycle a product. Of all the obvious benefits that one can think of, there is another that people generally miss out. Recycling non bio-degradable materials like rubber, does not just help in protecting the environment from toxins, rather it also protects us from its chemicals in the water and the air we breathe. Though, its use in decreasing the reliance on depleting resources, like rubber and petroleum cannot be denied, recycling such products directly helps in the economy as well. Many industrial units are now set up for this purpose and people have stopped dumping their rubber waste on the poor unsuspecting environment. Now, the people who are aware and responsible, support recycling of such products like rubber, tubes and tires. They directly go and buy such products from these manufacturers.

Can We Use Water to Power a Car?

For more than a century, we relied on oil to fuel our cars. But did you know that because oil is a nonrenewable resource the world’s oil is close to drying up? Well, that is not going to happen tomorrow or next year but we are getting really close…

LED – Future of Lighting

LED plays a crucial role in saving power and ultimately helps in energy conservation. To promote the use of LED lights in commercial and domestic sectors, LED exhibitions are organized where exhibitors and visitors are benefited and use of LED light is promoted.

Reliable Access to Power Supply in Africa

Reliable energy supply cannot be taken for granted in all parts of the world: 1.6 million people worldwide have no access to public electricity networks and are thus “off-grid.” Most of the inhabitants of those regions use lamps that burn fossil fuels like kerosine.

Diverse Uses of Reclaimed Rubber

It is not that hard to look at the good side of something, if you just open your eyes to it. If you see the natural resources depleting around you, then there are also ways that offer a solution, like using alternative resources. In case you see a natural substance damaging the earth and causing ill-health to many, then there are also ways of reversing this situation. Take rubber for example. The toxic and detrimental chemical reactions have caused it to broaden its ill-effects throughout the world.

ELF or End Of Life Fees For Old Decaying Wind Turbines to Pay for Recycling

Well, I must say that this alternative energy future that everyone has been talking about it sure sounds grand. I mean think about it, clean energy for the world. I love the utopian concept, but then again I am an observer of industry, and I’d like to share some news with you. You see, I live not far from Palm Springs California where there are a huge number of wind turbine generators.

Oil Spill Technology May One Day Solve Some of the Challenges of Ocean Oil Drilling

It is truly amazing how far along oil spill technology has come in the last couple of decades. So many truly remarkable discoveries have been made not only in the chemical sector, but also in the high-tech detection strategy area of the science. As we learn more and more about how oil spills coagulate, disperse, degrade, and mix with salt water, fresh water, and the environment we will find new ways to work with nature in solving these problems.

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