ANCHEER Electric Bike, 48V 500W 27.5″ Commuter Electric Bike Review

Eco-Innovative Concepts for Increasing Automated Truck Wash Volume

When it comes to eco-innovations in business you need a large mega-phone and you need to market and advertise or you’ll end up like 10s of thousands of eco-entrepreneurs gone bankrupt while trying to chase so-called easy money, grants, guaranteed loans, and catch the wave of eco-friendly trends. Okay so, let me give you an example here, let’s talk about an eco-innovative automated truck washing system. First, your goal of course is to dominate local market share for fleet truck washing, and even though your system has a great reclaim system for environmental washing, you need to advertise and…

The Benefits of Sustainable Retail Packaging

Posh and striking packaging plays a big role in the modern consumerism. Businesses are aware that buyers decide which product to buy based on the attractiveness of the item’s packaging.

Why Businesses Should Stay Away From Plastic Bags

Going green has become a very popular buzzword. This developing trend could be the direct result of the widespread discussion of nature-related issues like global warming, deforestation, and depletion of our natural resources. This move to go green carried out by individual and industry is commendable. If your business for example has still not made the big shift, it might be the right time to start going green.

Paper Waste Management Through Paper Recycling

Paper waste constitutes almost one-third of the solid waste generated across the globe. Before, paper waste was either disposed in landfills, taking up a lot of space, or was incinerated. The combustion of paper through incineration releases carbon dioxide, disturbing the natural atmospheric balance.

Redesigning Trash Receptacles With Interior Canister for Robotic Recycling Garbage Collectors

No, I am not obsessed with human garbage or trash, although I am amazed how much humans produce and then throwaway. I am happy to report that a tremendous amount of our waste is now recycled, and I believe that to be a good thing, but I would also warn that the amount that our societies recycle is not anywhere near what most people believe it to be. I think we can do better.

Build A Yurt Rafter Ring, Version Two

There are several designs of yurt rafter rings, each serving a particular purpose, and working best in specific environments. Snow load, wind and even humidity play a role in determining the most appropriate design. For the majority of yurt applications, the laminated design that I described in a previous article is the most effective. However, the design described in his article is suitable for smaller yurts (less than 32 feet diameter) and in low humidity locations. While it will withstand moderate snow loads, it is less structurally stable than the laminated version.

Personal Water Filtration Diminishes the Need For Plastic Bottle Waste

Even the most avid bottled water drinker should admit that disposable water bottles are a menace to our society. Everywhere you go you see empty bottles that people have just tossed away carelessly instead of disposing of properly. Even if the bottles are tossed into the trash, they then add to the problem of plastic build-up in our landfills, a problem that won’t decompose for decades. Obviously modern technology has come up with more eco-friendly options such as personal use water filters.

MIL-PRF-680: Strong Enough for the Military and Your Company’s Industrial Cleaning Needs

Those familiar with industrial degreasers know that MIL-PRF-680 is most commonly used by the military to maintain equipment, weapons, and vehicles. However, it can benefit any company that requires industrial chemicals to clean “high-value” parts and aging equipment, machinery and fleets that operate on air, land, and water.

Solar Panels

In general, solar energy can be described as the energy that is received from the sunlight and converted by a mechanical source for home use. It’s cheaper and reliable for operations since the sun is readily available. On the other hand, solar panels are the mechanically built materials whose main purpose is to convert solar energy to electrical energy.

Liquid Batteries Doubling As Stability Control for Weight and Balance, and Ballast

If you look at a hybrid car, or a fully electric automobile, then you will note that they have quite a few Batteries. Those batteries have liquid inside, and that liquid does move around. Yes, often they have membranes, baffles, or even a webbing which also doubles as a component of the battery to help it charge faster, or hold the charge longer.

Why Would You Need A Portable Water Filter?

Years have shown you that you can get by without a portable water filter, so why should you put out the cash for one now? Not that you drink a whole lot of water in the first place, because you’d much rather have a soda or another cup of coffee, but in a pinch you can always buy bottled water. So what’s the big deal about people buying straws and drink cups that have filters in them?

Making A Yurt Rafter Ring

One of the most basic components, yet one of the most crucial structural elements of any yurt is the rafter ring. This device holds each rafter in place, ensures geometrical and structural integrity of the building, allows for installation of the essential dome vent and must be installed so as to apply uniform weight and pressure to each rafter at the same time that each rafter equally holds it in place. There are a number of pieces that make up this assembly, whether it is designed and constructed in-house or custom ordered.

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