ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike – Review 2021

Saving Water In Large Commercial Settings

It’s a real challenge to try and conserve water in a commercial space, and the cost of water becomes a major expense in large facilities. Fortunately for business owners, there are devices which they can install that can help cut down on water usage.

Water from Air Powered by Wind – A Device Sitting on Earth Able to Put Out a Fire

Back in 2004 some folks at our think tank were marveling over an interesting innovation happening in India. They were producing water out of thin air, nothing too brilliant, the principles of physics are well known – condensation, evaporation, hydrogen-oxygen H20, etc. Nevertheless, combining several technologies together it seems a new eco-innovation has come to fruition – using wind power to harvest water from the air.

New Sustainable Energy Direction for the Clean Development Mechanism

On 6 March 2012, the Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) approved a new methodology that will enable rural households in developing countries to swap kerosene lamps and diesel generators for clean renewable energy and potentially benefit from carbon emissions trading. This sustainable energy direction ties in with the UN’s International Year of Sustainable Energy for All and perhaps will help restore some trust in the CDM. The prices of the CDM’s Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs) have not been performing very well of late, and in addition, there have been some concerns about the environmental benefits of certain…

Off Grid Living With Hand Water Pumps

Hand water pumps provide access to wells and water stores without electricity. Hand water pumps can also be adapted for use with solar power.

Hand Water Pumps Maintain Water Supplies Through Power Outages

Hand water pumps are useful following violent storm activity, which often results in prolonged power outages. Hand water pumps are economical and easy to use.

Why Recycling Foam Coolers Is Good For The Environment and Economy

Back in the days when these types of coolers were commonly known under the nickname of “Styrofoam”, nobody batted an eyelash at leaving cheap, flimsy, broken ones on the beach or throwing them into the environment to serve as ugly eyesores that could even endanger natural wildlife (some animals would tear into the foam and choke on the bits). In these wiser days of environmental awareness however doing such a thing is entirely frowned upon, and for the following good reasons…

Plastic Shopping Bags Compared to Paper Shopping Bags

As much as we all know, shopping bags are common while we go shopping, buy some groceries and it is even now used for us not to hand-carry things. It actually gives us an efficient and easier way to go shopping and also go to somewhere else.

Can We 3-D Print a River Through the Desert Sands – Yes, I Do Believe That Is Possible, Here Is How

Not long ago, I had a quick brainstorm while I was studying 3-D printing and all the new technologies and potential applications. It occurred to me that we could use a 3-D printer to build colonies on Mars. Yes, you are thinking such an idea is out of this world, but before you say I’m crazy, let me tell you about something the Singularity Institute believes is possible; 3-D printing low income housing in Third World countries.

How Shopping Bags Evolved Through Time?

Many years and decades have passed until the market has changed their view on shopping bag. Today, most consumers consider shopping bag as one of the culprit to the environmental damages.

Plastic Bag Bans And What It Means To Manufacturers And Retailers

For every plastic bag produced, there is an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases produced. Then, after the use of said bags, they would more often than not be thrown away indiscriminately. These plastic bags would end up clogging the drainage system in a city, pollute wild lands, and place undue risk to the life of aquatic creatures.

Chickens, Rabbits and Fish, Oh My!

Micro-farming In Suburbia. When we decided to move into this house, we knew that we would be sacrificing, yet again, the land that would help us to reach our goal of becoming self sustaining. We have come up with some ‘creative solutions’ for getting the best of both worlds, like finding or starting a growing co-op locally, but today as I was reading my favorite survivalist forum, I saw a thread about raising rabbits.

SBA Clean Tech Loans Really Concern Me – Let’s Talk

As the coordinator for a think tank, we spend a lot of time looking over entrepreneurial business plans for new startups. I am always amazed at the number of business plans that I’ve been reading, especially in the last five years that have to do with clean technologies, green companies, and alternative energy. Still, I am quite concerned because many of these business plans simply do not have a compelling reason to risk the capital.

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