Ancheer Electric Folding Mountain E-Bike EMTB Review

Great White North May Be Key to Promoting Energy Efficiency

Canada is all about oil these days. It’s oil sands deposits in Alberta enable it to rival the Middle Eastern countries in the reserves department. But the country also is interested in green energy and could provide an excellent example of how to save money through energy efficiency. After all, it’s a bit cold up there, eh?

All About Irrigation in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the countries in East Africa that has a vast land categorized under undeveloped resources. There are also estimates that the country has approximately 40 million hectares of arable land.

All About Irrigation Plans in Uganda As a Solution to Drought

  Uganda is currently planning to endorse various irrigation plans and systems in the name of combating drought and dealing with food security in the country. Various bills have been passed in the parliament in order to see the country standing out in one of its major short backs, which is water shortage. Ugandans are farmers and have depended on agriculture for their food and as a main source of livelihood.

How to Promote Environmental Awareness

This article that focuses on a community project in the Philippines that is intended to care for, and improve the environment through recycling and growing vegetables without the use of chemical fertilizers.People are also slowly learning about proper disposal of litter. I.E: Don’t throw litter on the ground.This project will serve as an example of how ordinary people can work together for the sake of positive change.

How About a Vortex Flow Triangulated Laser Anemometer Strategy for Wind Farms?

Is it possible to become so accurate at airports during flight operations as to know exactly where the vortex flows are, those airflows coming from wake turbulence and wing tip vortices – enough to negate the FAA rule of three-minute separation? Generally speaking three-minute separation is a good rule, and it prevents accidents especially at airports with large heavy jet airliners, or large military cargo aircraft. But what if we could know exactly where those flows are, and if it was safe, forget the three-minute rule?

How to Convert Your Family to Solar Energy

You may know what it takes to convert your home to utilize solar energy, but your family might not. Therefore, you are going to want to get your family on the same page as you to learn about solar energy so that they know what to do around the house. Use some of the tips in this article to do that, and to learn how you can convert your house to use the power of the green energy for the whole family.

Got QMilch?

How a stepdaughter responded to her stepfather’s need inventing a product that will help people and the environment. You’ll never look at milk the same way.

Massive Satellite Data Flow Coming In On Rain Forests – Now It’s Time to Act

Well, it seems whatever sort of advanced technology that humans come up with, entrepreneurs will always find endless applications to apply it. Let me give you a case study here, because there was something recently in his scientific research news which can help environmental scientists stop the degradation of the rain forest. If you are a tree loving environmentalists, you will love this concept, but even if you aren’t, you have to marvel at the technology.

Can We Clean the Salton Sea of Salinity With the Boat Hulls of Touristy Curiosity?

The other day, I had a meeting with a gentleman who had spent considerable time increasing awareness to the challenges we face with fresh water in our country. Now then, I happen to live in a desert community in California, and we get our water from the Colorado River, and anyone that understands the water challenges in Lake Mead knows that we are adversely affected by droughts, the lack of snowpack in Colorado, and the water levels in that lake. In the desert water is life.

Maybe the Asia Nations Ought to Make Their Plastics Out of Fish Food?

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Pacific Gyre, this is where an abundance of discarded human trash continually circulates in the Pacific Ocean going round and round with the current. Where does it come from? Well, many nations allow their trash to be swept away, swept out by the tide to the sea, and then there are ships which dump their trash overboard as well – yuck.

Reclaimed Rubber – Recycling the Best Way to Save Resources

Rubber is an essential resource used widely all over the world for various purposes. For this reason, rubber is recycled and reused by numerous manufacturers to make different commodities. Reclaimed rubber is the best way to prevent rubber paucity and also to preserve it. Rubber is usually available in two forms, natural rubber and synthetic rubber. While natural rubber is acquired from plants, the synthetic ones are manufactured through a process known as polymerization. Hence, recycling rubber holds quite significance due to the benefits associated with it. Many businesses have realized the importance of recycled rubber and hence are manufacturing it in bulk quantities for both domestic as well as global markets.

Protectionism Is Bad Policy – Alas It Is All That Socialists and Crony Capitalists Know How to Do

Two wrongs don’t make a right, and I think we inherently know this, but we don’t seem to be learning our lessons very well when it comes to global economic policy in the United States. We complain that China has manipulated their currency, subsidize their industries, instituted unfair tariffs, engaged in proprietary information stealing, and goes full-tilt when it comes to protectionism of their own in-country industries. Yes, in many regards all those charges come with strong arguments on both sides.

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