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Is There Any Safety in Using Plastic Paper Bags?

Most Plastic bags are made from non organic materials and therefore do not decompose through the natural process. Plastic can take many years before they dissolve into the environment. For instance, many of such products take more than a thousand years to degrade naturally. After they finally degrade research reveal that they emit hazardous chemicals into the environment. On the other hand, one needs to take note that it takes countless barrels of oil to produce such bags. These oils are not renewable hence they end up being released into the environment.

Biodegradable Plastic: What’s New?

Basically there are three products available on the Biodegradable plastic industry. The Oxo -degradables, BioAdictives and the BioResins. A point to note is that there are many advantages of using them.

Employee Benefits Website

Many employees are drawn to companies by the benefits they offer. Employee benefits are a way to make employees feel appreciated and boost morale in a company.

Generate Your Own Electricity at Your Home

What’s the thing you can’t live without. Oxygen. Umm, close. What else? Alarm clock. Quite witty, but not exactly. Electricity? BINGO! Indeed, electricity has taken such an important place in our lives that you can’t even think of living without it.

Recycling By Numbers: Plastic Bottles

Plastic water bottles contribute a considerable amount of pollution, through manufacturing and improper disposal. If you don’t think it’s a serious issue, you will after you read this article.

Technology To The Rescue – How To Stop Oil Spills?

In recent years we witnessed huge environmental catastrophes. Just in 2010 the infamous deepwater horizon oil spill (also known as the Gulf of Mexico oil spill) became the biggest oil spill in the XXI century. It covered up to 180 thousand square kilometers (68 thousand square miles) with oil, and up to 4.9 million barrels (210,000,000 US gallons; 780,000 cubic meters) flew out destroying nature and the environment. For months BP could not stop the spill, and they also couldn’t contain the oil, not to mention clean it.

Why You Should Consider Solar On Top Of Your Truck Wash

As a young man I had an aircraft washing business, way back then in the late 70s I thought that those new solar cells coming to market ought to be on top of every aircraft hangar, and that the down-spouts from the rain gutters should catch all the water so I could use it to wash the planes. Funny how kids think, but I guess if I mentioned that now, no one would think I was crazy, they’d say something like; “of course, you should save the water and generate power from solar.”

Bring On The Future of Nano Manufacturing And We Will Save The World From Itself

How will the future of nanotech manufacturing processes save the world from itself? The other day, I was speaking with an interesting individual about human transportation, fossil fuels, oil, gasoline, and CO2 Global Warming Theory. She explained to me that we were ruining our environment. I asked her if she drove a car, to which she said yes. I asked how many cars in her household, she said three. I asked her how many kids she’d produced for the planet, she said; three so far, and that’s most likely it.

Eco-Friendly Cement: The Green Building Material of the Future

The current methods used to produce cement releases thousands of tons of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. Eco-friendly cement will definitely change the way we produce cement, but it could also dramatically alter carbon capture technology.

Why We Should Make Curly Q Shaped Freeway Sound Walls

Currently, the sound walls that line our freeways, toll-ways, and highways are vertical. It makes sense because that’s how you build a wall, but I would propose a different shape, one which could catch more noise, airflow, and vibrational energy. This energy could be recycled, and reused. Yes, this is an intriguing thought and concept, and therefore I would like to describe what I have in mind, that is if you have a few moments.

Artificial Intelligent Trash Can Recycling Computational Strategy

Our recycling programs in the United States are not exactly up to par despite what people might think. A lot of what goes on is public perception, PR, and propaganda instituted by the local municipality that has given that concession to the recycling company. The reality is that not everything that you put in your recycling receptacle containers actually gets recycled.

Proof of Concept Needed to Make Arid Regions of the Planet Lush Paradises

Is it possible to create highly advanced megacities in the Middle East in completely arid regions where nothing exists except sand, heat, and oil under the ground? You bet it is. Not only can it be done, and not only can the Middle East look like Dubai or Kuwait everywhere, it’s just a matter of time before modern technology, engineering, and the will to create abundance on Earth is taken on as a task by those that know it is possible.

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