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Water Treatment and Filtration – Always a Strong Market

A couple of months ago I was talking to a grandmother of a young student going to engineering school. She asked me what type of career path in engineering that her grandson should take. We talked about alternative energy, but I suggested to her that unfortunately the alternative energy bubble has been blown to big, and it is about ready to pop; for instance Solyndra and quite a few other alternative energy failures.

Transforming Waste Into Energy Using Plasma-Arc Power

Waste treatment and alternative energy generation are two of the most difficult and important challenges facing the world today. An ever increasing global output coupled with the rapid industrialization seen in many developing countries is forcing the world to not only rethink how it handles waste, but how it views waste as a resource. The two dominant waste treatment solutions – incineration and landfilling – continue to fall out of favor with regulators and the general public due to a myriad of reasons (pollution and land-use issues, waste of valuable resources – minimal recycling, etc.

What Running a Carwash Taught Me About Living In a Lunar Colony or On Mars

The other day, I was talking to an acquaintance about how important it will be to recycle everything which is used in an off world colony. For instance, water is a precious commodity, and you wouldn’t want to waste even your own urine. All of that must be recycled and reused just like everything else. The human waste would also need to be used for fertilizer to grow food, and there would have to be a system for all this.

Don’t Throw Away, Recycle!

Every item of waste that you throw out of your house has the potential to be modified and used again. But this potentially environment-friendly and cost-effective product is dumped in dustbins, landfills and even rivers. We are running out of resources and we need to wake up to the only practical solution left for us now- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. What it means is that we need to reduce our production of waste, including the waste that has already been accumulated as well. This we can do by reusing that waste after recycling it. Lucky for us, many environmentalists and health specialists have pushed the governments and the private organizations to promote recycling.

Network Society

Society needs many forms of outlets to maintain organized chaos. Before the advent of mass media through the internet, people received their news from the papers and the television, were able to socialize through dinner parties, groups and other social events. Society needs to be able to take in information and share that information with others.

Let’s Recycle All That Plastic Floating In Our Oceans

Perhaps, you’ve heard of the Pacific Gyre? This is an area in the Pacific Ocean that goes around and around it due to the normal oceanic flows and it is filled with garbage and plastics. Much of it has come from Asian nations that have inadvertently or sometimes purposely allowed trash and pollution to flow from their shores. Many ships also dump their garbage in the ocean while they are cruising around. Since human trash is now made much of plastic containers, this plastic degrades and pollutes.

Benefits of Reusable Sandwich Bags Vs Plastic Baggies

Why are reusable sandwich bags the better alternative to plastic sandwich baggies? Plastic contains harmful substances, whereas reusable bags are usually fabric and totally natural.

Clean Energy Inspiration in Outer Space

Kids adapt. Their interpretation of their surroundings is fluid. Anything is possible. In fact, they can accomplish just about anything they put their minds to. Adults have figured out how to operate within the confines of established rules. The parameters of our culture, codes and conditioning have been beaten into our heads. We need that to solve the energy crisis.

Ingenuity Required For Utilities In A Yurt

So you’ve decided to move to a yurt, found the ideal building site and ordered your kit from a reputable manufacturer. But you are far from ready. What about power, heat, water, and waste? Ingenuity is required, if you intend to live off the grid, live in an eco-friendly manner, and live cost-effectively. But the efforts are well worth the results achieved.

How to Write Articles About Eco-Innovations In the Alternative Energy Space

There seems to be a huge amount of interest in alternative energy and with eco-innovations. Could it be that global warming has become some sort of religion, and the mass media has finally infiltrated the minds of the people on this topic? I think so, and I also believe that people can’t get enough, they always want more information, and they’re interested in novelty, new innovations in the space, creative ideas, and new strategies to keep the earth clean, run our transportation more efficiently, and harvest free energy from any source possible.

Call to Ban Plastic Containers

Australians are voicing their concerns regarding the quantity of plastic floating around our shores. It is everywhere and impossible to remove, as demonstrated in the great pacific rubbish patch. The solution that some now see is to force companies to return to bottles and impose a charge on them that would be turned into a reward for their return.

Grow Plants in Total Darkness

Some people claim that it’s possible to grow plants in total darkness. If you’d like to see for yourself, you’ll find all the information you need right here. Think what a great science project this could make for you or someone you know.

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