Are E-Bikes Motorbikes? | Homemade Petrol Bicycle Vs Mid Drive EMTB

something you always hear when it comes to e-bikes and we hear a lot on the NBN is that there are motorbikes and myself Chris and Steve got a lot of experience with mobile you know that they're not but I do hear that Chris is buying something there might be somewhere in the middle a bit of a mountain bike with a motor he's running late as per usual it's that noise someone cut nine trees a chainsaw oh here he is [Music] it's got a motor I'll give you that pretty similar to what you're riding right motor to wheel and is a bike yeah I think this is that classic motor and a mountain bike surely this is what they're on about in this comments right as a dream machine you like it I love it well I got this off a facebook marketplace a hundred and sixty pounds from a pretty dubious guy in Britain that's not the worst thing I've seen on Facebook marketplace but it's pretty sketchy let me run you through it anyway so she's running eighty CC of two-stroke power think this motor is probably straight out of a chain saw it's got zero millimeters of travel front and rear this bad boy is rolling on 26 inch wheels weighing in it is sprightly 25 kilos pedaling is optional it's all throttle here you keep the clutch in and it rides just like a normal bike range is as much petrol as you care to check in the tank Chris that was a bargain I'll give you that but you got no chance against this mix of German and Japanese technology I'm riding the canyon spectral on 150 travelling about 160 up front Shimano 250 watts of power I've got full exile groups on this as well but we do have the same pedals that's one thing one thing I forgot to mention Don this bike is totally illegal to ride anywhere aside from private land and you're going to piss anyone off within quarter of a mile degeneres it's not that like they're lucky we've got permission a wind hill bike park so quick lap on the road and then straight to proline Chris I don't know about that Don I think we should starting slowly I think start on the blue maybe but I think we should do a sprint race first me and you head-to-head okay went down this fire road see you takes a win yeah remember 26 ain't dead not yet it ain't nice to see what's happened at the end of the day right let's get into it [Music] right darling you ready for this head head sprint one second we do I'm ready you ready now I'm not actually I've got to start this thing I've got a clutch on there I'll turn the fuel on I got a prime it bump start it and then I'll be ready for a bit of warming up or not Baba mad to go I reckon eighty CC verse of 250 watts eighty CC of Chinese cc's look at an 80 pound engine is probably more like 40 in reality I think you're gonna be eating your words chopper ten you running that bad boy I've got it on 98 oh yeah with a minimum oil in there so this thing's gonna be absolutely flying I probably might not see you for a cloud of smoke down there actually smoke there will be [Music] done done three two one let's rip our common tongue [Music] or limit these away let's race lighting me [Music] I couldn't see where I was going I thought I have an Astra attack as well like and the smokes you didn't know why I've been running a bit more oil in that's part of the plan a bit of a smokescreen going on – yeah yeah yeah we did look like slow down very well though yes it's pretty sketchy but I think off the line that thing was out in front wasn't that electric power just seemed to catapult your office start nice and tall yeah this was a bit boggy but then a TCC well no need for a limiter when the whole box of Eagle true to Troodon I think when you hit that limit air just you know pogs you down hey you run up you'll be out on our yeah got a bit more loads in the tank the thing will go for miles like on a break test break test tanea tell me a little bit more about this break test I think you're gonna absolutely smash your play to my strengths I've got a proper tires I've got big Shimano XT our brakes on here we just roll on together same speed as quick as I can you get really cooking that yeah three two one boom sound the brakes on stops of service when it gets a point right yeah let's do it [Applause] Milo I know the V brakes didn't hook up to you well on the wet rims and that well a little bit Vantage there I went into the Evo point for you [Music] right we're warnings for tests so far yeah one of the best things about ebikes at bike parks he's a matlab see again a short my time well imagine the amount I can get in on this we've already established this way faster than that bike why we have a race then yeah dyeing the red yeah back to here sound good I think we should keep it chilled more on the blue I think I'm not feeling that Jean Loup back to here yeah yeah I reckon I've got you covered on the dials on this beast but I'm slightly worried about the offals yeah I think you need to get your ears open I think I've got you on the fire road clones because you mentioned this bike isn't simply not going to touch that on the downhill giant boulder Sport Series super special 8 CC turbo supercharged machine it's going to win this one well an extra added bonus point for the maximum speed on the max heartrate max heartrate I think I'm going to get that well I'm absolutely gonna be crapping myself on the way down not from working hard anyway done fine you ready yeah hold on there just start this machine in three [Music] Oh looky there is God there [Music] [Music] I wonder if he's having [Music] [Music] it's very good oh I've done it my racket oh yeah some technical issues on that run Chris yeah it wasn't fun I it bogged down it stalled twice actually as I come out the bottom of the hill at the bump start it twice and it stalled again I think it's getting a bit of air in the system or something I think I do the job no the jumps I don't think it's quite designed to be doing the jumps all the steep berms is well I think this is a bit of fuel issue going on so the carburetor is not the biggest one I've ever seen now I think it's like 12 mm or something pretty big will repeat it I'll give a report at one more chance I was pretty close up that works isn't it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right I wants the client Chris still sending boy it's not father I laughed your heart [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I think stings [Music] even though that straw that was still pretty hard work hurt you it's just the ATCC her power slight hum the steep bear I thought I might just on this yeah and then in Malachi and beam yeah and the downhills oh yeah she fine that bike hooking up amazing the corners I tried to block you there and make you righteous real high now I thought that good techniques so let's look at the data then Don what were you're on your Mac speed max speed it's already five point seven ah 20 point three so you take the extra point for that one I need it max heart rate 170 5 1 5 6 yeah I was working out there oh yeah I thought I was digging pretty deep but maybe that eighty CC of power was helping up that climb a bit more than I imagined two points view and the bonus points on one point for me on the challenge laughter next one anyway let's get into it [Music] all right so it's not all about going fast on bikes although to me it probably is sometimes is about fun and handling how good is your bike at handling too true you know me Neil I'm all about the street the trials motorbikes it's all my kind of game so I think should set up a little trial section first time what it is it's boggy I can see that boggy is nasty and I think you might be in a bit of advantage on that bike there's big tires loads of grip I don't know which leave with Paul I don't know I'm gonna be struggling my clutch rear brake three finger forefinger braking technique close mmm nah don't need that stuff it's all about Drive load power so this actually we got start gate within a loop around the big bomb Hall we're gonna drop into it the bog have dude yes proof bogging this gonna be nasty exit the bog round the tree and then I've got four logs for you to hop over and hopefully you're gonna be putting your foot down because every time you put a foot down you're gonna lose a point for all those challenges throughout a day I'm gonna engage trials gearing on this one we're going to drop it down into the middle chain ring I think right you ready now the clinch controller for Spock one point so this is going to be the buff start in the section technique oh maybe not oh yeah we're on one point nice all that controls get out here talking points program I hate right near the official scores are in and I dropped three points on my trial section or minus one yeah minus 1 but I had a little bit of a technical issue I think the clutch was slipping Texas all day long with that lovely machine it's not being good does it right best of luck I want to see a clean on this I'm not getting trials while I go flat out look at the speed of this man he is not messing around okay they're so easy or you're camber and I for the trip [Music] to be clean nice one easier that Tony bonus man that's my middle name so clean for you on that – – one versus three three – it was close not really but well done for the Girardi by smashed it beats the fossil fuel eater any day so it's been a load of fun today here at wind hill bike park but we definitely do have one clear winner and I think you know which one that is the by force I'll bet is more fun the ride nothing but well then you dr.

Alright on that at times but the big question is are a bikes motorbikes well in the world motorbikes with big exhausts massive power outputs big noisy things then it's just worlds apart it's not the same thing not for me it's got two wheels that could bite worth comparison ends on ebuy really yeah I think it's pretty similar with this bike as well yeah it's you know it's heavy it's loud it's pretty nasty to ride off-road and the motor is definitely pretty gutless when you start pushing it up those tech climbs and one other thing I had to have special permission to ride this bike here at wind Hill it's something that you can't simply ride out your front door because it is totally illegal apart from private thought it does look beautiful bikes you know you've got to put something in if you're not pedaling the thing then you're not getting any power right you're only getting 250 watts anyway so comparing two motorbikes hardly and I can ride this in the UK anywhere I ride a normal bike those rules do differ you know in countries country but UK wide this pretty much anyway exactly we've really hope you've enjoyed today's video please let us know what you think about the petrol mountain bike on the trails versus here email and bike has been a good day out drop us a comment box below thumbs up if you enjoyed it if you want to stick around and check out another video check out Emoto vs.

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ebike that's a good day out as well don't forget to hit the globe in the middle of the screen to subscribe to en the end okay I am curious so I've got have a go you got our goat on let's sit .

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