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– Hi there, and on today's Ask EMBN we have questions on
weatherproofing and winterizing your E-Mountain Bike, as well as women's
E-bikes, and warranties. All here, on today's Ask EMBN. (frenzied electric buzzing) – We have this one here
from Topsey Kretts. Topsey Kretts is one of
our regulars on the show. "Hi guys, loving the channel, by the way. "Anyway, looking at the new "Canyon Neuron six point zero, "my question is, "is the female model exactly
the same as the male model? "The only difference I
can see is the saddle. "Asking because I prefer
the red to the blue. "Are the fork shocks identical?" – So, I guess the
question is Topsey Kretts, is, are you male or female? And how tall are you? Because the female version only comes in extra small to medium. Whereas the male version
comes in extra small to extra large. So, I guess the question is, it depends on availability. I mean, my wife rides
male and female bikes.

Depends on the color. – Yeah. – For example if you are riding a bike from extra small to medium, it seems to me that the geometry, which is the all-important factor here, seems to be exactly
the same on both bikes. So it comes down to color. Oh, as you mentioned, the
woman specific saddle on there. I'm not actually sure, Chris, whether Canyon do a
lighter tune on the shock on the women's bikes. – [Chris] Yes, That's something
we normally see, isn't it? – But again, that comes back to, we're all a mix and match
of weights and sizes, so, I think you could ride either bikes. If you fancy one color over the other, then I don't see why not, to be honest with you. – Yeah, it's just the
saddle is the main thing we can see is the differences.

As Steve mentioned, a lot of manufacturers either use different geometry, like a shorter top tube, and different saddles, and different tunes on
suspension for women's versions. Obviously, normally the different
colors and that, as well. But, looking at it, it
looks pretty similar. But as Steve mentioned– – Do you know what, you see a lot of hype and a lot of nonsense
in women-specific bikes. And I'm not for one minute saying that's the case with Canyon, but I know one particular brand, they made a women-specific bike, and they actually heightened
the bottom bracket. So it gave, they said, was to give better
clearance from pedal strike. I mean, but you heighten
the bottom bracket, it actually, all it did
was compress the frame, raises the top tube. So at that point, there's a higher stand-over, and it makes the bike
handle far worse in corners.

So you need to be very careful
in women-specific stuff. I can highly recommend
that Canyon Neuron bike, or indeed the Spectral, 'cause that's a cracking bike, too. – We got this one in from Philip McMahon. "Love the channel. "I have a Levo, which I love "but have had quite a few warranty claims. "Do you guys have an
idea as to which battery " and motor systems
are the most reliable?" Looked into it a bit, haven't you Steve, I suppose. – Do you know what I think? It depends how much love you give your E-bike when you ride it. We know there's been issues
with all E-bike motors over the last few years, whatever brand it is,
so it's a question of, might be a question of bad luck
some of the time, you know. I mean for some motors
they get a lot of abuse, a lot of water get into them. Some motors, there are actually some small manufacturing problems, but that happens with all mountain bikes, not just E-bikes. – Yeah. – But which motor's the most reliable? – I don't know.

Hard to decide on my pick. – That's difficult. – That's a hard one, isn't it? – Obviously there's gonna
be comments now saying, "Oh, he should be in politics, blah, blah, blah, blah blah." – Beating around the bush, but it truly is, some of the bikes that
have had a bad name, I've ridden and they've been the most reliable motor out there. – Here you go. This is actually as it
is happening, right. Chris. You've got Shimano, Brose, Bosch, and Yamaha motors. I've mentioned Yamaha. Now, how may problems have you had with any of those motors. This is an absolutely
out-of-the-blue question to Chris. – Zero problems. – Straight up. Absolutely straight up. We can only go from experience. We do hear that there are problems with different motors. – That was a hundred
percent genuine answer to that question.

I've had zero problems
with any of my motors or batteries on all of my E-bikes since joining the MBN, in fact. – Because he's so good at his maintenance. (laughs) – All of mine are broken. Only kidding! Now if you want to see a bigger picture on E-bike motors, we did one earlier in the year. You can find all the
information just about now. Now, Bosch, Shimano,
Brose, Rocky Mountain, Panasonic, Yamaha, all have their individual motors, and they all have their
certain characters. It's more than just power here that we're gonna be talking about. That's right, moving on. Question here from Insane Pain. "If I bought an E-mountain
bike from Europe "and it was limited to 20 miles an hour, "could I use it on the
trails here in the U.K.?" Yeah, of course you would, you could. You could use it
especially on private land. You can do whatever you want, but the question here is, when it comes to public
land or public roads, I know they're on roads, you cannot ride it on the roads.

– Not legally. – But if you look at bike
parks and trail centers, I don't see any sign saying. You see people going down
some of these descents, probably like 40, 50 miles an hour. – [Chris] Definitely, yeah. – [Steve] So there doesn't seem to be a speed limit, right? – No, I don't think so, and of course, if you want to do it legally, by the book, it's not technically illegal to ride on public land or on the road. It's 15.9 or 25 kilometers now. – In the U.K. – Yeah, in the U.K. – You need to check, check on the country, he mentioned the U.K. – Yeah, but obviously, there plenty of D-restricted bikes over here in the U.K., as well. So I don't see it being a problem. I think getting stopped
on a D-restricted bike isn't really gonna be a problem, unless you're riding it like a tool.

Shouldn't be a problem. (laugh) – Like a tool. Moving on to Simon White's question. "Referring to salt, "what about grit in roads in the winter, "and your thoughts?" I hate grit in roads. – Yeah. I think you just need
to take a bit more care of the drivetrain, really. Just make sure that
chain's nice and lubed, degrease it after all those big rides. – I think any bike, whether it's an E-bike or not, it just plays hell with your bike. – Yeah, all the battery connections. – That's why a lot of road
cyclists and commuters, they actually have a winter bike to keep their best bike
for not getting hammered. – We've done a full video on that, how to winter-proof your ride, so check that one out down below. So let's talk lube when
it comes to winter. Basically, you want to be
putting that dry lube away. The dry lube you've used all summer in the dry conditions, designed to be very low stick, so that means it doesn't pick up all that dust when
you're out on the trails.

When you switch to the wet lube, what the wet lube does is penetrate those rollers
better in the chain. Also, it clings to that
chain a hell of a lot better so it doesn't get washed off when the rain starts coming down. Just remember, if it does
get really nasty out there, stick a bit of that in your backpack, and reapply that to the
chain when things get nasty. Next question, in from Ross Penny. "Hi there, love the channel, guys." Thanks, thanks, Ross, appreciate that. "I have the Bosch Performance
Line CX motor on my E-bike. "I recently hit a pedal strike, "and now when I back-pedal, "my crank's making a knocking noise "in the same place each rotation. "What could this be?" Yeah, you could've bent your crank. I mean, are they hitting the frame? It could be– – A bearing issue, something like that. – A bearing issue. – Something's gone out of alignment. – Maybe it's a pedal issue. – Yeah. – That's a tricky one. Because we can't see the bike, I can only suggest
taking it to a bike shop, and a good bike shop that knows what they're talking about.

– Know about E-bikes, as well. – Yeah, an E-bike shop, not just any shop, because E-bikes are quite specific. Yeah, sorry, Ross. That's all I can help you on that. – We've got Mark Gregg. "Evening gents, "keep up the good work on the channel." Cheers. "I'm in the market for an E-bike, "and keep coming back to the
Commencal Meta Power Race 2019, "but I'm a tiny bit reluctant "because of the direct sales "and after sales customer service." – Don't be worried. – "Not that I've read anything bad, "but I'm not sure if I
could pull the trigger "on not dealing with a company "that doesn't have a U.K. dealership. "Also, if I remove the battery, "could you see a problem with me "putting it on my roof rack carrier? "The manufacturer's guide state "a maximum load of 20 kilograms.

pexels photo 4254902

"With the battery removed, "the bike should be
around 19.5 once removed. "Would it handle the elements "without the battery
protecting the contact points?" – Yeah, it would do. Mark, in response to how
it candle the elements, yes, it can. Can you put it on your roof rack? Well, can you? Only you can answer that, 'cause 20 kilos isn't light. – No. – But the other question, I think, on whether you should
buy a direct sales bike. I've seen their bikes, incredibly good value. It's got great geometry, it's got great components. The bike arrives in box. – [Chris] Too simple. – There's no problem in
buying a bike like that, and it's very easy to send them back. It's all set up so you can, if there's ever a problem, you can send it back to
them and it gets sorted out. I've never heard of any
Commencal direct sales problems.

– No, I wouldn't be shying
away from that direct sales. I think it's a really good way of getting ahold of these
bikes at a good price, to be fair. And just quickly referencing back to your battery contact points, there's lots of covers available, as well. So you have a clip-on Velcro connector, if you are worried about that, but you can just tie something around it, like a plastic bag or something, just to keep those elements away while it is up on the roof. So a lot of manufacturers recommend removing that battery when
transporting your bike. Obviously, by removing that battery, you're gonna leave the connections open to water, dust, and grime, especially if it's on
the back of your car, up on the roof, things like that.

It's gonna get water in it. So buy one of these little
pin cover protectors. It's a pretty good idea. It just stops all those
elements getting in there. You'll whip it off when
you get to the trails. Plug your battery in. You're all set. – "Moving on to Tillsy 232." – "I'm looking into
getting my first E-bike. "I used to ride a Giant Stance before, "and I loved it.

"Now I'm looking at getting either "the Merida eOne-Sixty 900E "or the Giant Trance E+ 1 Pro in small. "But being fairly short and 75 kilograms, "will I still be able to manual "and bunny-hop such a heavy bike?" – Well, I can answer the first bit. (laughs) Both those bikes are great bikes. Just make sure you get your sizing right. But in relation to the
manuals and bunny-hops– – Yeah, we did a video
actually recently on this, so that's coming out soon, but those trail skills
that you already know on your current bike, you can transfer them across. You're just putting that
little bit more effort in. You really need to use a bike suspension. Just don't have it in your
head that it is a heavy bike. You've just gotta work a little bit harder to make those skills work.

– It's just the bike's
just using your timing. You're just using different
parts of the ground to generate lift, right? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Daniel Mackenzie. "Chris, why did you replace
your Cannondale Moterra LT1? "What was it missing?" – It wasn't missing anything. It was actually, I was a sponsored rider for Cannondale before I joined ENBN, and of course I joined ENBN and then we have different sponsors, so unfortunately no more Cannondale, but lots more different bikes for me. Now I'm on the channel.

– There you go. Trevor Onion. Trevor Onion says, "I have a 2017 Lapierre Overvolt XC500. "I've replaced the front suspension "that was a Rockshox 120 mil, "with a DVO Beryl 140 mil travel "and it's transformed the
bike into a real great bike. "My question is, "what can I do with the rear shock? "It's a RockShox 120 mil basic unit, "and I would like more travel. "I know Lapierre do a 140
mil version of the Overvolt, "but not sure if it's an identical frame. "Thanks and keep up the great show." Thanks, Trevor. You need to be careful, because if you go swapping shocks out to try and get more travel, is the frame going to overlap? Is it gonna knock into
another part of the frame? – If you stick a longer shock in, obviously you think you
might be getting more travel, but you're really gonna
ruin that geometry, as well. It's gonna steepen your head angle.

It's gonna jack the back end out, increase your wheelbase, it's just gonna make it, I wouldn't do it. – There are ways of getting more travel, by using the same lens shock, but it's complicated old business. – Yeah. – Do you really it? I think geometry is vital, and if you go upsetting
the geometry of a bike, then it could handle like an absolute dog. So I'd think very carefully. – At best, you're gonna probably gain what, 20 mil or something like that? And that isn't gonna
make a lot of difference. – 20 mil is less than, or
just about a 20-pence piece. – Yeah. – It's hardly anything. – We've got this one in
from Martyn Littlewood here. "I'm trying to find the
best insurance company "to insure my new E-bike.

"Do you have any recommendations?" – I recommend you do insure it. Who from, I don't know. Have you checked out
Martin's Money Saving Expert? – Loads good there. – Me personally, I do it with
the National Farmer's Union, but honestly, I'm really sorry, I can't help you on this one. I think this is a classic case of, any of you guys out there know some good mountain bike insurance companies, please, please let him
know in the comments below, so you can help Martin out with his question on insurance.

– Today, guys, that's
the end of the EMBN Show, but we love hearing from you guys with all your E-bike questions. If you've got any questions at all, drop us in the comments box below, #ASKEMBN and we'll get back to
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