Area 13 Electric Bike Facility Explained!

I've been cooped up behind my desk working on a 
lot of big projects and I wanted to get outside. There goes Mark on The Hydra! Obviously that section isn't done yet. We've got a swooping banked 
turn that comes in and then   a little bit of a drop you can just 
roll right off of it nice and slow   but if you carry some speed like you 
saw there you can fly off of that. And then I have something really cool planned 
for over here let me show you some of the   other features before I get into all of 
that fun trail building and trail riding   I want to talk to you a little bit 
about the facility here at Area 13.

There are a lot of changes that are 
going on and I feel like despite all   of the videos that we put out a lot of people 
have no idea where we are actually located. Why is there an airplane up on a stick? Why did we go from Bolton Ebikes so now Area 13. So I decided it was a good time to give 
you a little factory tour of sorts. There's Jory out on the falcon riding 
along having fun I do have on my Area 13   Falcon T-shirt (total coincidence 
that he rode by just now.) We always have a line of bikes out front for test 
rides so if you stop by you can not only test ride   a bike going up and down the street but we have 
some really awesome trails right down the road. And then stepping inside to our showroom area we 
have Kali helmets on display. Kali gloves we've   got some of the other small accessories and things 
this is just kind of a sneak peek or a little   tidbit because we have lots and lots of inventory 
in the back that would never possibly fit up here.

We've got our gps trackers our 
Galfer adapters brake pads and   giant 246 millimeter rotors, 
more bikes on display. But if we step through here 
where it says notice employees   only this is something that not 
too many people have actually   seen so this area has the machine shop which 
is where we are making currently the freewheel   removal tools here so that are done off the 
first operation and don't be surprised if   you see this area slowly transition to more and 
more storage for additional bikes and showroom. This is our packaging line 
so we can safely and quickly   get bikes wrapped up and ready to go out 
the door have been installing new things   like this park tool work stand it's electric 
of course and it can lift a bike on each side   and out this roll-up door we get into some of 
our test track area at least what's currently   built and all of this is happening 
right here in Grass Valley California If you don't know where that is we're 
about an hour northeast of the capital   Sacramento and roughly an hour or so west of Lake 
Tahoe we are also immediately next to the nevada   county airport, hence the signs right on the edge 
of our yard so if by chance you're a pilot that   makes it really easy to visit us and go for a test 
ride which leads me back to the F-104 on the pole.

pexels photo 4221591

That is a tribute to Chuck Yeager most 
famous for being the first person to   break the sound barrier if that's all 
you know about him i highly recommend   you do some research a lot of other very 
interesting things that Chuck Yeager did   but that is because Chuck Yeager 
was a native here in Nevada county. Now nothing has happened on this side of the yard 
quite yet but this was completely covered with   blackberries on this side of the fence we still 
have blackberries on the other side of the fence.

This is going to be more room for not only 
additional parking but additional test track   areas and just to give you an idea of how much 
cleaning up we've been doing outside these   pine needles this massive pile that 
just seems to go on and on and on   this is all from yesterday with any luck 
all of these old pallets are going to be   reused and recycled into more features this 
is the end of the test track as of right   now it will continue on further but we've 
got multiple lines one up high right here   we'll have another feature over here we've got 
a jump which you can catch air off of right here This is the latest thing we did we still got 
some pine needles to clear off right here but   we made this nice big sweeping banked turn which 
is a lot of fun especially if you have an awesome   emountain bike like The Falcon or 
even The Hydra for that matter and Again you don't actually have to have 
one of those you can just drop by   take one for a spin take it for a test ride I 
highly recommend it we really want to make Area 13   not a secretive place like Area 51 but 
something quite the opposite where you   actually not only want to come visit 
but you can we have this ramp right here There's the higher line well actually 
there's a middle one too Hydra over the ramp Down the bank turn off the jump are 
you having fun the hill right here   is fairly steep so we do have a few steps 
cut in in case you need to walk up there No they don't have fun at all around here.

Second GoPro let's get some footage from onboard Up the ramp down the other side   we have three different lines the 
bank's turn a little bit of a jump Yes he's trying out the UBCO oh here he goes! Oh yeah, This is just the 
start there'll be more to come. And in case you missed it yes we used to be   Bolton Ebikes there is a nice long story 
about why we changed the name to Area 13. If you didn't already see that 
video you can find it right here.

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