Assembling cheap chinese electric bike (SAMEBIKE MY-SM26)

Assembling cheap chinese electric bike Fenders Install handlebar and adjust stem Make sure the bike frame, stem and the fork are pointing to the same direction center the handlebar Install the saddle Adjust the tightness so that you can lock it with your thumb Mounting the pedals You might want to add some grease to the threads Tighten counterclockwise Tighten clockwise Install the front wheel Notice the two springs One spring goes to the nut side Leave the lever upwards Check the disc brake alignment The disc brake rotor is not true Check if the is any wobble Install the fenders and headlight Adjust the tilt Thumb throttle and horn Rear shifter LCD display Control panel Front shifter Hold "M"for few seconds to turn on the display Headlight test Hold "UP" button for few seconds Testing the horn Remember to check the tightness of all the nuts and bolts even the factory installed parts especially the brake system and the rear wheel.

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