Auf den Spuren eines E-Bikes – Vorentwicklung | Episode 1 (DSV x TQ)

Hello and welcome here at TQ. Today we're going to swap skis for bikes and take a look at how such an e-bike system is set up . Hello, I'm here at TQ in Peiting today and Toni works here and he makes the e-bike motors here and fiddles around and now I'll take you with me. Hi, you're Toni, aren't you? Yes. You're the inventor here , I've heard.

Yes, that's my job. The tinkerer – what exactly is your job here then? Yes, I can show you that. Sit down with me. My job at TQ is pre-development and pre-development is right at the beginning, where ideas are created and where products are created. It's all about trying things out that don't exist yet. See where are the limits and what happens when you go beyond the limits. And then the goal is really to bring new things to life. So to create new technologies, to simply prove new functional principles and their feasibility. And what exactly is important about the products that you then invent or develop? Yes, the most important thing is always having fun. So my personal claim is that it is not just fun for me to develop it, but really the people who build it and those who then drive it. Above all, the end customer, that they really have a piece of quality of life. So just have fun driving, that it helps you and also enjoy life. But what is so special about the engine? The special thing about the engine is that it has a very high torque and power density.

This means that the performance and the power that it develops can be achieved in a very small installation space and very little volume with very little weight. And the next is the characteristic. We tried out a lot and did research into driving behavior. You control an e-bike with your legs. People and machines have to work together perfectly. The big challenge is to fine-tune the sensors and the engine control so that it is really suitable for all possible drivers, be it athletes, be it grandma, child, grandpa, every category that says – yes, that brings me something, that matters to me Fun.

And how does it come about that the engine has so much power? Yes, the special thing about it is this gearbox in there – this ping ring gearbox, that's also hidden in the name HPR. The human has a certain speed. That is his cadence and it is somewhere in the range between 0 and 100 and an e-machine runs particularly well and efficiently only at a much higher speed. This is why you need a very high gear ratio. All e-bike motors have that too. This gear unit is usually the part that requires the most installation space, the most space and the most weight. The transmission as we invented it and developed it here requires very little space and installation space and it is very small. I can show you that briefly, then maybe you can introduce them a little bit. If you look into a drive like this, it's just cut through and you can already see the electric motor .

Here is the bottom bracket, there are the cranks, there is the chain ring. Normally, in such a drive, the gearbox and all the gears are the biggest part in the whole system. And with us here, the gearbox is only the part. A transmission has to be imagined first of all when two gears transmit power . And if you want a high reduction ratio, you usually set several stages in a row, or you need very large gears. And gears just have one or two teeth in mesh and the rest of the teeth are then, so to speak, unemployed. The special thing about our gearbox is that we managed to let all the teeth work and the power transmission goes through the pins.

pexels photo 2118560

If you look now, no matter where the force is transmitted, the pin is always engaged. That means I always have all my teeth in mesh. So here is the outer ring of the ball bearing. When you turn the rotor, it pushes the pin outwards and the pin continues along the tooth contour and no matter which pin and at which point, the teeth are always in mesh. So that means no matter how I want to use the technology, whether I want a lot of power or just want to build very small, the special thing about the technology is simply that you can transmit a lot of power in a very small space. If you invent something new now and that means that nobody else has something like that, who will build it? If you invent something yourself, then there is nobody to ask and usually nobody who builds it, so we just build it ourselves.

If you are interested, we can take a look at it. With pleasure. Okay, let's go to the machines. So, there is the fine forge, that's where the parts are built. There are now more milling machines, lathes and with them we build the parts that we develop. It is also important that we really do everything ourselves, because on this way it is important to find out things again and again when you do something like that, to get things to work. And whenever you are faced with challenges again, you simply shouldn't lose any time. You have to have a solution right away and you have to build it right away. That's what we learned too. We have to have that under control ourselves and that's why we all build the parts ourselves and keep developing them, and during the entire manufacturing process, new potential continues to emerge and we keep bringing the parts forward.

And that's where the journey of our e-bike begins and that's where it starts. Ok, thank you Toni. It was great – it was really fun . Thanks for the explanations and let's see what the others have found out. Toni, I have one more question – you've already come down a ski jump, but on a motorcycle, right? Yes, exactly, that was a childhood dream and I once fulfilled it. That was when “Wetten, dass” was on TV and I had a lot of fun. But what worried me the most during the preparation and what I always asked myself, how can you jump off your skis? It's way too dangerous. I think it's not that dangerous with us. I can ski for home use, but I would never jump down such a hill.

I really have to admire how you can sail down there. I grew up on a motorcycle, it's different, I feel good there. But everyone probably has his own thing. Yes, then I would have said you would stay with your two wheels and I would have with my two skis. Yes, that's how we do it..

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