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Global Warming – The Hard Facts

With the increase in population, industrialization, deforestation, pollution and shortage of energy resources, we are seeing drastic changes to Earth’s eco system. According to NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, the Earth’s average temperature has inclined up to 1.4°F since 1880 especially in the recent years.

Electronics Recycling Helps!

How does electronics recycling help? One cell phone can contaminate one hundred fifty-eight gallons of water? Two and a half ounces of oil are used to make one ink-jet cartridge, and in 2004 the number of ink-jet cartridges thrown away, if stacked end-to-end, would circle the earth? In short, electronics recycling helps not only you, but everyone around you. It’s one of those things where what you do personally actually helps others.

The Advantages of Recycling Waste

Greenhouse gases and large number of waste being dumped in the landfills have a major effect on the environment. This article talks about the benefits of recycling waste material to overcome the problem of environmental pollution.

Recycling Magazines

With so many magazines purchased around the globe each day, what do we do with them all once we’ve read them? Especially with the environmental issues we currently face? Luckily there are many things we can do with old magazines, and this article talks about some of the ways we can do that, to reduce our effect on the environment.

Federal and State Incentives For Installing and Using Renewable Energy

Federal and state governments now have rebates for solar panels available to encourage the installation of renewable energy generators at the home owner level. There was a time in America that many families had Victory Gardens in their back yard or even on the balcony of their high rise apartment. Times were tough and sometimes fresh vegetables and food were not in good supply.

Eco Shopping Bags

Are you doing your part to help with the environment? If not then maybe you should think about it, every company should do their part to help if possible and it can be such a simple task, I am not saying that you should change the way your company is to help out but even just a little change like the type of carrier bag you use goes a long way…

Why Recycle a Mobile Cell Phone

Recycling is new concept in this decade especially cell phone recycling. Our environment is deteriorating every day because of cell phones. Why recycle a Mobile phone? Well because mobiles are not biodegradable, meaning if not properly recycled then they are harming the environment, and in turn harming us.

Eco Friendly Solutions – Tips For Small Offices

Devising eco friendly ranges from your homes to your offices. Wherever you are, you should be able to think of ways to save the environment. It doesn’t matter whether you belong to a large or a small company. What matters is you are a responsible citizen in this world endeavoring to go green.

The Environmentally Friendly Kitchen

Often in the kitchen we forget that the things we do and the products we purchase can have a disastrous impact on the environment. In this article I provide a number of tips, which if followed can to help make your kitchen more environmentally friendly.

Impact of Global Warming

Global Warming is the increase in temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. Both natural and human factors are responsible. However, global warming has become much worse due to humans activities that have led to an increase in heat-trapping gases over the last few centuries.

Recycled Wood – Do You Know How Versatile & Eco-Friendly Rubberwood Is?

Rubber wood is called ecologically friendly, because the wood from plantation grown rubberwood trees used to be burned as a waste once the trees reach the end of its 30 year commercial latex producing cycle. Now instead of being burned, natural rubber wood is processed and used for things such as high-end rubberwood furniture, finger-joint parquet floors and table tops.

Bikes, Finance, Local Food and Recycling – Doing Our Bit For the Planet

Many of us cannot understand the stark warnings made by scientists, environmentalists and geographers on the dangers of global warming. The realities of the phenomenon mean that we are likely to see few changes to the world within our lifetime, and so we do little to slow down the warming process. However, what is becoming more and more obvious is that our children and our grand children will be personally affected by global warming, be it financially, geographically or health wise.

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