Aventon Level.2: Pedal Assist Test

Let's test each pedal-assist mode on the Aventon
Level.2. Zero. I'm not feeling that extra weight too much. I really feel like you could ride this bike
without the motor if you wanted to. Let's go up to pedal-assist one now and see
how it feels to take a little bit of that load off. Feeling just a little bit of extra help, not
too much. It really feels like it's just offsetting
the weight. So let's go up to level 2. Level 2 is getting easier to pedal. Still feeling a little bit of resistance. Go up to level 3 now, where I was. Now I'm starting to get that superpower feel
where you feel like you're walking on one of those moving sidewalks at the airport. Let's go up to level 4 now. Now I'm really getting some speed, going 20
miles an hour now. We got one more. Let's do it. Level 5. How fast can we go? I think the fastest I can get is like 21,
22 miles an hour.


Pretty good though. Full video link in the description..

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