AVENTON LEVEL 2 REVIEW: My Favorite Aventon Yet! This Commuter Has It All

Hey, guys, I'm Alastair from Trail
and Kale, and today
I am reviewing another bike from Aventon. This one is called the LEVEL 2
and I'm really excited to talk about this because this might actually be my favorite Aventon electric bike yet. Now “why?” you say… it looks like a very normal bike? Yes, exactly. It's a very normal bike,
but it does everything really well. I love a frame. I actually really like having
a step-through frame when I'm riding an electric bike. Helen will agree with me that this bike
ticks all the boxes as well. It's a lot of fun to ride
and everything is very refined. It just works very well. Nice, kind of elegant brake levers and it's a great bike. So some of the key things about this bike
is it will actually go 60 miles on one charge.

The LEVEL 2 has got some serious stats
on it, 60 miles on one charge, and that included within that,
you can actually get 30 miles just by using the throttle. So no pedaling at all. You can go 30 miles distance. So, commuters. Hello! This bike is going to be an epic ride for you
because most commutes aren’t that long and
that means you don't even have to pedal. You don't even have to build up a sweat
to get to work with this bike.

So, very cool. And the top speed is 28 miles
per hour on this. So that's awesome. That's a very speedy bike and the throttle is very responsive
as well. Very much like the other Aventon bikes
like I've reviewed the Sinch, the Soltera 7 and also the Aventure bike, all Aventon have all got that premium
feel to the bike and just generally good bikes,
but they're all good for different reasons and for different people. So definitely check out my other
Aventon reviews if you're wondering which one you want to get, you want to get an Aventon
but you’re not sure which one, definitely check out those reviews.

They're up there, down in the description
– they're all over the place. Probably the easiest way
to find all our electric bike reviews and other outdoor gear is definitely to go check out trailandkale.com That's where all our best high quality
content lives. A lot of these videos are very complimentary
to those reviews that have high resolution photos of all the components
of these bikes and outdoor gear. The bike is for, I guess commuters. Anyone who just wants
to zip around town and a nice bike rides very much like a normal bike,
but with huge mileage and great acceleration
and top speed as well.

So what's it like to ride? Well, it's a very refined ride. It's got a very comfortable saddle. There is suspension on the front, which has a good deal of travel in there. So if you're going over
any speed bumps or off curbs, this will really it's going to compress and take some of that bump
out of your ride. It's a really joy,
joyous thing to ride, actually. There's a torque sensor in here, too,
so that means it gives you the power as you're pedaling. It kind of senses how much power
you're putting into your cycle and kind of gives you torque
depending on that. So it makes it a very nice smooth ride. Okay, so now going over
some of the features that I love about this bike, moving to the handlebars,
you've got this classic Aventon display,
which is like all Aventon bikes. They all have this same display. It's nice and big. It's very easy to read things like
the level of assist, your average speed, max speed, how far you've gone,
how much battery you've got left.

You can cycle through it
with these buttons. So much going on. Definitely
check out my review to learn more about that side of things here on this physical display. This is where you turn the bike on. It's actually on at the moment,
as you can see. And this is where you step
through your levels of assist. There are five levels of assist,
so that makes it easier to ride uphill.

Or if you need a break,
you can just use the throttle or just turn up your assist,
so it makes your ride much easier. There's also a button on here
for your headlights, so if I turn that on, you can see the
headlights and the rear lights will go on. The screen actually dims as well
when this goes on, because it then assumes you're riding at night
and you don't need as bright a screen.

So that's a nice little battery saver. And around the back
there's actually plenty of lights. So you've got this one little light here. And two builtin ones on the rear frame
and they are brake lights. So when I push either break, they get much brighter too. Next thing is you've got this rack. So if you do need to put any bags
or shopping or anything on this bike, you can just attach it to this. There's also fenders, nice saddle, nice wide saddle so It's
very comfortable with a quick release. So you can kind of pop that up and down
if you need to. Here is where you charge the bike. So within this section here,
this is where the battery lives and you just take this cover off so you can charge it within the bike. Or with the key you can then unlock the bike on this side open and then you can use
the latch underneath.


You can see I'm just going to flick this that pops the battery out. This is the battery – it has quite
a bit of weight to it, as you'd expect. This thing gives you 60 miles,
so it's going to have a bit of weight, but that's fine. It's in a nice place on the bike where it feels well weighted and yeah,
so you can take the battery out, you can take it up to your, your office
to charge if you need to or at home.

So you have to charge within the garage and then
to put it back in, slip it back in and turn the key to lock and you’re good to go. So this Aventon Level 2
bike is actually the medium / large frame. I'm five foot eight to give
you kind of reference. This is great, it fits very well for me and also Helen who's 5’4” or so. And also this version is the step
three version, which means this frame down
here is sloping down. So it's very easy to step into the bike. A lot of people will like that. If you do prefer the
the non step free version with a more level top frame on there,
then that version exists as well.

The bike also has disc
brakes on the front and rear, so that means the brakes are going to be super effective
if you are traveling at high speeds, which you probably will be as this
bike goes 28 miles an hour. So you need some good brakes
to be able to stop you. I will demonstrate top speeds of this bike, and acceleration
in a minute. Also, the wheels are nice and narrow,
but they're not to narrow, there’s kind of enough width
there to be able to take this thing on any dirt trails or dirt gravel roads
and actually on the side of the wheels you've got a nice reflective
coating around it. So if any cars or anyone shines directly at you from the side,
then they will be able to see you. Then down here you've got the kickstand. If you do need to adjust the kickstand,
there's a little screen at the back here.

You can unscrew it,
kind of pull these two apart, get a little bit longer
and screw it back in. So for just under
$2000, I think this bike has, well I mean, it has all the features
you need from an electric bike. It's got the lights,
it's got the huge distance and a great top speed, the throttle. Yeah, it's got everything you need. So for just under $2,000 a premium Aventon bike like this,
I think it's definitely worth it. I've reviewed quite a few Aventon
electric bikes now and Rad Power Bikes and Ride1up
as well, a few different brands. This one I think is my favorite Aventon
electric bike right now. Just because it does everything very well,
it looks very attractive as well. And very unassuming. But the stats on this thing are brilliant. So yeah, it's a great bike,
but what's it actually like to ride? Well, I did say what it's like.

I'm going to now
demonstrate how fast it is. Acceleration with the throttle and level assist five I'll also then zip past showing you
the top speed of a bike and also the braking distance or braking speed, how quickly this thing stops
and also the noise levels. I do have the microphone on me right now,
so the noise will be from my perspective, that's good for the for you, the rider. So you can get an idea of noise levels,
which actually it's very quiet compared to a lot of electric bikes
I've reviewed in the past. So I'm going to go do that
demonstration now. All right. And let's do this demonstration. I'm going to accelerate off with the throttle
now and it's on level assist five. So it should be the fastest. It will accelerate. Then I'll come back
so you can see the top speed of a bike and hopefully you’ll get an understanding
if the noise levels of a bike as well. And then I'll stop it coming towards you.

Let's go. Okay. So as you can see, it's pretty fast. I actually only managed to get to around 23 miles per hour on the flyby – I probably didn't have long enough run up. And as you can see, the stopping, I’m
actually on gravel and grass right now,
so I kind of skidded a little bit, but believe me, it does not very well
with these disc brakes and as you can see, smiling. It's a lot of fun to ride. Just feels very comfortable and kind of elegant in the way it moves. So, yeah, no faults on that. Well, that's pretty much it
from this Aventon Level 2 review. I really hope
you enjoyed watching this review. I hope it gave you an idea of what it's
like to ride, some of the key features that I think are cool when compared to
other electric bikes in the similar range. And definitely give this video
and like if you enjoyed it, maybe share it with a friend.

If you know someone who is looking for
a great electric bike just like this one, definitely recommend it and consider subscribing to our channel
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what we do at Trail and Kale. Thanks for watching. See you next time..

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