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Global Warming – Science Or Hoax?

The issue of whether global warming is based on sound science or indeed is a hoax may come down to the fact that the theory is a little bit of both. Some people would say that although human activity does have a somewhat deleterious impact on the environment, people may also say that the dire circumstances included by global warming proponents appear to be a hoax.

Global Warming – Climate Change Distortions

The Copenhagen Climate Summit in Denmark had great expectations. Countries from around the world were suppose to bring their proposals on climate change enactment. Instead of an open, honest summit countries were being accused of not being transparent in their approach. Case in point.

We Can Help to Stop Global Warming

One major way we can improve the condition of the planet and reduce our carbon footprint is by building a home that helps the environment. We often think that decisions on climate change should be left up to the experts, but small changes like making improvements to our homes can have a great impact in the way our planet is affected.

How to Live an Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle

If you want to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle or do more for the environment than you currently do but are unsure where to start. There are many simple ways to get started so read on for more information.

Calgary Begins Recycling Program

Calgary is the last major city in Canada to implement a recycling program. How much will it cost and how much waste will it stop from going to land fills?

Renewable Energy – An Overview

When speaking about renewable energy, we are talking about power which derives its energy from resources which will not be diminished from the use. Renewable energy is a substitute for the non-renewable energy of fossil fuel due to other reasons than non-depletion.

Go Green With Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Going green basically concerns adapting of several initiatives in personal or professional lifestyle in order to provoke lesser damages to the environment. Going green is simply being more ecologically and environmentally responsible.

Electronic Companies and Recycling – The Simple Truth

Do you know what happens to those fancy new electronics when they are past their prime? The simple answer herein could be that they are recycled. However, the prospect of these electronics getting recycled is dependent entirely on their brand and the electronic companies that they belong to. We have tried to bring to you a few home truths about electronic companies and their recycling programs.

Recycling Electronic Goods – A Brief Idea

Your used electronics could be recycled, and that too, through manufacturers. Moreover, if you want to get your old electronics items recycled then you would do well to contact your local electronics store, or even go through the online trade-in program that offer you cash or gift cards in return for your electronic goods.

Computer Recycling – A Revolutionary Idea For Reducing Electronic Waste

Computer recycling refers to reusing or recycling computers. It may include creating another product for use or donating to charity or may also mean systems dismantling in such a manner that constituent materials are safely extracted for reuse into other products. Some of the computer parts which may be recycled are:

Glass – An Item With Limitless Potential For Recycling

The glass manufacturers consume a lot of energy in extraction as well as transportation of raw materials. During glass processing, materials are heated together to very high temperatures. Combustion of large amount of fossil fuel results in carbon dioxide emissions.

Used Laptops & Electronics – Recycled Technology

With changes in technology coming faster than most consumers can keep up with, an unfortunate byproduct of today’s technology-dependant society is a great deal of electronic waste, the discarded parts of obsolete or otherwise thrown away electronics. Laced with lead, cadmium, and beryllium, amongst other pollutants, electronic waste poses an environmental hazard at home and a health risk to workers who strip their parts for scrap abroad. While these dangers are becoming more widely publicized, many consumers now want to know how they can limit the amount of electronic waste that they contribute to the environment.

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