Best Cheap eBikes Under $1,000!

today we're reviewing the best electric bikes for 
under one thousand dollars we'll be looking at   the Ariel Rider Rideal the Metakoo cybertrak 1000 
and the gotrax alpha all three of these bikes have   both pedal assist and manual throttle so you can 
choose how much to pedal or just use the throttle   to get going or coast along without pedaling 
this means going further with less hassle or not   breaking a sweat while you commute to the office 
first up looking at the Rideal commuter electric   bike from Ariel Rider this e-bike is perfect for 
commuting with a sleek design quality parts pedal   assist and a throttle that will get you going up 
to 20 miles per hour and a range of 30 to 60 miles   with a price tag of $1,000 on sale 
the rideal is aerial riders cheapest option among   their ebike selection and they offer a handful of other classes of e-bikes to choose from   the Ariel rider has a sleek and classy design 
which comes with some elegant and comfortable   brown grips and brown seat but aerial rider offers 
other color options as well as a mid-step frame   for shorter riders just to note the rider in this 
video is 5'11 Ariel rider recommends the midstep   frame for riders between 5 foot 2 and 6 foot 

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The ridel has a 6 speed shimano derailleur   and 5 pedal assist modes with a 750 watt motor 
the bike gets to speed quickly and tops out   at 20 miles per hour on mode 5. the output is 
powerful and balanced on almost all of the modes   and kicks in after one second though we did find 
that modes 4 and 5 outputs so much power that   pedaling becomes almost irrelevant at 20 miles per 
hour but in case you don't want to do any work the   bike features a half twist throttle that you can 
use to initiate the motor without having to pedal   no matter which pedal assist mode you're in 
the throttle will always give you the maximum   acceleration making it easy to get around cars 
and other bikes for the controls you'll find a   very simple user interface to change between 
riding modes check your battery life turn on   the headlight or power on and off the bike with 
a few buttons speaking of lights the bike has an   integrated power headlight and rear light the rear 
light also works as a brake light when you hit the   brakes even when the lights are off the battery 
is a 48 volt 14 amp hour pack that can be quickly   removed and features a lock with a key for range 
aerial advertises between 30 and 60 miles of range   depending on how much pedal assist and throttle 
you use in our testing we did a long city ride   with a 165 pound rider mainly riding in pedal 
assist mode 5 with plenty of stop and go with   top speed acceleration and using the throttle 
frequently after 26 miles the battery started   getting down to the red light on the battery 
and we could feel the power start to diminish   while on the lower end of their advertised 30 to 
60 mile range we did ride it aggressively on a   very windy day next up we have the Metakoo Cybertrack 1000 an e-bike which is currently sold on   amazon with the price at eight hundred dollars 
as of this video posting but there are coupons   available to make it even cheaper sometimes 
down to seven hundred dollars for specs   this bike features a 350 watt motor a removable 
battery with 25 miles of range pedal assist to   make pedaling easy a throttle so you can cruise 
without pedaling and a max speed of 20 miles per   hour the Metakoo has five pedal assist modes which 
can be quickly toggled using the small screen   interface by your left hand the controls are 
very easy to see even under the bright sunlight   and it's simple to navigate the power button also 
functions to switch between your current speed   the odometer and your current trip time of course 
even if you want to use it as a regular bike it   does include 21 speed shimano gears allowing 
you to pedal through any incline you run into   though with a little bit of pedal assist you won't 
even need to break a sweat if you don't want to   the frame and wheels of the bike are definitely 
on the smaller side the rider in this video is   5'11 and felt fairly comfortable riding but anyone 
taller may want to find something a little bigger   the wheels are 26 inch wide which is slightly 
smaller than an adult bike that has 29 inch wheels   and the tires are thinner than full-size mountain 
bike types they have decent tread but we wouldn't   recommend it for any complicated trails when 
you do go off-road the Metakoo does include   a front fork suspension that does a good job of 
handling routes bumps and cracks as well as dual   disc brakes to get you to a quick stop though with 
no rear suspension and a low quality seat you'll   definitely feel some pain in the cheeks after some 
longer rides for battery life and range   Metakoo advertises 26 to 40 miles using only throttle 
and 37 to 50 miles in electric assist mode   in our range test we did an even mix of bike path 
off-road and some pretty steep hill climbs and got   about 25 miles before the motor stopped giving 
any assistance though with more casual use for   commutes we could see it getting up to 30 to 
35 miles on average use cases the third bike we   tested was the gotrax alpha xl priced at 800 this 
electric bike has a sleek design with the battery   and components all housed inside of the frame the 
alpha xl is a full-size bike with 29 inch tires   making it perfect for adults from the outside 
you'd think this was a normal bike but the   frame of the gotrax has a 36 volt battery that can 
easily be removed so you can bring it into charge   on the left hand side of the handlebars is 
the control switch where you can turn on   or off the bike change the riding modes or turn on 
the headlight on the right hand side you have the   seven speed shimano derailleur to change the gears 
of the bike the gotrax has three different pedal   assist modes low medium and high the motor is a 
350 watt hub motor in the rear wheel one thing   we did notice right away with the motor is that 
the pedal assist takes longer to kick in than the   other e-bikes in our test it seemed to take about 
five full seconds for the pedal assist to kick   in after you start riding while the other e-bikes 
only took a second or two the acceleration is also   not as strong as the metaku or the aerial rider 
on the flip side you can also use the throttle   with your thumb which will immediately kick in the 
motor to assist the gotrax is also water resistant   up to ipx4 since all the components are inside the 
frame the gotrax also features front suspension to   provide additional comfort while riding on rough 
terrain overall we think the gotrax is well suited   for any adults who are looking for a slower 
and more casual ride alright that's it for now   if you enjoyed this video let us know by clicking 
the like button and let us know which e-bike you   like best or a different bike you want us to 
review in the future keep in mind that none   of these companies sponsored this video but 
they did send us their bikes for us to test   some of these bikes are also on sale so we'll 
put links to the best deals to these bikes in   the description of this video in case you're in 
store for a new helmet for your riding be sure   to check out the thousand helmet featured in this 
video with a magnetic tail light next up be sure   to check out some of our other e-bike reviews 
at different price points and functionality you

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