Best ELECTRIC BIKE from CHINA /$4,000 eBike Review from AliExpress

so China is slowly flooding the market
with finished e-bikes and I was very curious how they perform my friend
wasn't confident enough to build his own ebike so he decided to purchase and test
it out one of these Chinese ones and he was nice enough to let me review it I I was very surprised when I saw the bike
actually coming to his address in the three boxes with no additional charges
and no import fees we tracked a little bit later the path they took and looked
a little bit shady to avoid those taxes but worked. assembly was pretty
straightforward that took just a few hours and the bike was ready to go the
design of the bike is a personal taste and I have to say it works but it
doesn't look the best and that's where I differentiate a little bit because I
like the high specs nice and clean design for the lowest possible price so
we'll be comparing in this review this China finished model with my DIY ebike
4.2 this e bike shares some same components that make them look similar
but product overall is very different let me show you what I mean by looking
at functionality this mudguard serves no purpose doesn't protect you from dirt
it's heavy and looks hugging this bottom controller covered doesn't
fit very well it's bulky it's not waterproof but I get
it it's a universal box for many controls it's affordable and does the
job pedals on this bike are only meant to help it look like a bike the front
chainring is too small to pedal higher speeds and too big to drag the bike with
flat battery when my bike I use this crank transmission this makes it a
badass speed bike because it compensates 74 to chainring and allows me to pedal
up to 80 kilometres an hour the original signal lights were stripped
off before the pike even left the house because these are typical motorcycles
signalized love berkeley and sticking out and for this size of an e-bike they
just didn't look good at all let's take a look at some of the specs
this is 20s 16 P battery and as unknown sells inside and no BMS the entire pack
claims to have over 40 and powers with 84 volts max charged the same voltage
his mind my DIY bike has just 30 and ours when
testing we notice roughly the same distance per charge on both bikes this
is a sign not to get too caught up on some of the specs of this china ebikes
like of BMS is a bit disappointing because it protects your battery and
also keeps it healthy Bluetooth BMS add some cool features you can wirelessly
monitor your battery status while walking around the house and see the
charge progression or you can send notifications let me explain you this be
honest thing it protects the battery it controls individual cells and if some
cells are a little bit weaker from the factory and they discharge a little bit
faster that means overall when you use the bike they get stressed much more you
might end up with BMS that you fully charge
BMS sees different voltage you know different cells and slowly evens them up
so if this doesn't happen and your battery keeps being a little bit off
with a voltage you fully charge the battery some cells these higher ones are
fully charged and the rest might be different you know and as you progress
the difference becomes bigger and look and thing what happens when you
discharge the voltage this one reaches the bottom while this one has most of
the power in there so this can
actually leads to using only fifty thirty percent of the entire capacity
and that's a real story that happens at this stage I can for objective opinion
on these batteries because only time will show how they perform after few
seasons of intense writing I would have to take this battery out of the box cut
open the heat ring open it up and see how they actually make them in the
factories but my friend was not okay with that
some of these ebikes use cheap controllers so you end up with low
efficiency higher noise level and the entire writing experience is much
rougher this can easily be eliminated by choosing the right configuration the
best ones I found are listed down in the description I'll keep this list up to
date as I see interesting eBags online you always find good deals down in the
description there's a sensitive way to power ratio with electric bikes it
influences range acceleration battery stress and lifespan this particular key
bike has an unnecessary big motor that will never be taken advantage of to me
this is a big design fail it might not seem like a big deal but having an extra
12 kilo on a rear wheel will be irritating sooo enough by default they
come with quite a charger that realistically charges with about 4 amps
meaning that the charge time will be around 10 hours this makes this bike
fully dischargeable only two times a day plugging it in overnight during work is
your best having two full rights a day with 20m
charger the battery charges with 90 minutes which is what I have this allows
me to recover after an intense ride relax and the bike is quickly ready for
another adventure it becomes a game changer on one-way trips if you go 80
kilometers one way and then you need to wait 10 hours for the bike to be fully
charged to me that doesn't make any sense to have any bike when me and my
friends go for one-way trip and we have one or two charges on the way there
that's always the best fun because we plug those bikes in for an hour we have
fun we Chad will have a meal and by the time we are finished and we are ready to
go the bikes are ready overall it performs
pretty well my friend was able to keep up with me the entire time it does its
job well you might notice a clicking that's because this particular bike
doesn't have a pure sine-wave controller the throttle isn't super smooth and
works based on a speed only which is the biggest downer on a motorcycle or my
bike throttle dictates amount of torque not
speed again this is an order mistake and can be easily configured when ordering
can I did that for you already thank you lodi brakes are not ideal on
this setup i would especially point out the rear 116 millimeter brake discs for
80 kilograms bike with 85 kilogram rider but overall these up for piston from
this can be a little bit better but it's okay for the price acceleration is
pretty good not as fast is my bike top speed was around 80 kilometers an
hour which is great for an average consumer but again it all changes with a
different controller don't expect any warranty as i know as it goes without a
express once your 40 day refund listen expires you are in your own I
hope you're not naive enough that the factory would send somebody from China
to fix your bike right is this Chinese II buy good for you you decide you hear
another builder you don't have time or place to build yours or you're not specs
obsessed this might be a good starting point I noticed some sales are
misleading they say ten kilowatt power and I see
right away that the battery listed in the description is not capable to this
output so be aware of this please if you want to learn a new skill for a
potential business in a new fast-growing industry while having the best specs you
should consider building one picking or building up an e-bike can be
overwhelming process I've been there too it's a lot of information a lot of
options a lot of parts it's difficult to make a decision not sure if these parts
are comfortable together while trying to avoid expensive mistakes that's why I
create a detailed list of every single part you see on my ebike version 4.2
including extra accessories and tools required every part includes a link
where to purchase price and community comments for help and better deals the
video guide helps a lot of people who are not confident enough to build one
without guidance I record myself at the workshop building the ebike version 4.2
everything is well covered including different battery chemistries software
settings and maintenance no you don't need to know how to well the frame it
comes in a box ready to go you just need to know how to solder and I'll teach you
that you can also go to my website my super bike calm to read more about the
parts list and a video guide i charge money for it because it is a big
shortcut for you and it summarizes years of my development experience I've wasted
a lot of money developing now you don't have to make the same
mistakes I do these videos for the community so if you find them helpful
and you want to reward it you can do so by not skipping ads on my channel if you
want to know more about DIY e-bikes you should definitely check out my other
videos that cover exactly that topic see you next time on my channel

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