Best LIGHTWEIGHT Electric Bike | lightest 27lbs city bikes

introducing Urtopia Carbon E-Bike offering an ultimate electric bike riding experience it combines technology and art design that brings 
you an incredible riding experience your Urtopia   carbon e-bike is a game changer you'll explore 
a new way of commuting with e-bike carbon fiber   frame port and handlebars weighing 13 Kg only
this screen is really cool the unique smart   bar patented technology integrates almost all 
IOT smart functions this is the most enjoyable   and smart riding experience that you will ever 
have with our intelligent ai voice recognized   technology you can communicate and control the 
e-bike by voice instant response within 0.2   seconds allows you to keep the cycling speed on 
steep slopes more natural and smoother 250 watt   hub motor with built-in clutch gps positioning 
and smart connection you can locate your e-bike   in the app easily Urtopia e-bike comes with 
fingerprint unlocking and gps anti-theft functions no matter how the times change we 
believe bicycles will never be eliminated   new technologies will always be invented 
new things will always emerge on the market   we are the people who believe in
and pursue a new urban lifestyle meet the new Urtopia E-Bike [ COBOC BROOKLYN ] Pure Flux 1 is the lightest e-bike in its class 
designed to be easy and fun to ride weighing in at   just 17.5 Kg it rides and feels just 
like a normal bike where many e-bikes have heavy   chunky batteries Pure Flux 1 is different it's 
contained in this bottle style unit which is key   lockable for security and yet incredibly easy 
to remove and take away with you to recharge   on the move the 250 watt rear wheel 
hub motor offers powerful assistance   Pure Flux 1 is fitted with a gates carbon drive 
which instead of a chain uses a belt to drive   the rear wheel and motor with a heat treated 
aluminium frame everything is fully waterproof   when you do use Pure Flux 1 in the wet or 
during winter you'll ride safely with disc brakes   which offer better performance and reliability 
in those conditions and on grippy maxis overdrive   tyres you'll always feel in control and of course 
comfort is key thanks to our high quality saddle   ergonomic handlebar grips and textured brake 
levers and that's the Pure Flux 1 you can   find out more online or in our showrooms where you 
can test ride one for free we hope to see you soon [ GOGORO EEYO 1S ] you've just witnessed a world first
the global reveal of the all-new all-electric Vanmoof S5 and A5 our fifth generation of Vanmoof e-bikes
mark a revolutionary leap forward practically everything has been 
rethought and re-engineered   the our new 3-gear E-Shifter completes 
the smooth natural riding experience driving the A5 and S5 forward is our
powerful near silent Gen 5 Motor  it's at the heart of what we call
our system of smarts   a complex network of intelligent sensors
and responsive parts that work together to give you 
a highly intuitive ride the Vanmoof S5 is our 
iconic straight frame model totally remastered the all-new Vanmoof A5 has a distinct step in 
frame that makes it easy to hop off and on to   all our riders have peace of mind because 
of our three-stage security system   every Vanmoof S5 and A5 is fitted 
with unique anti-theft technology   from tamper sensors to unbreakable locks 
our bikes are built to be useless to steal   we've engineered everything to make sure you 
and your bike stay on the road at all times   the Vanmoof S5 and A5
created to redefine urban mobility every part inspired by and
designed for the city we live in to get more people riding than ever before it's revolution this is the CGO 600 it is the flagship 
electric bike from Tenways it is a lightweight   this is a 250W brushless hub motor which 
delivers 40Nm of torque and a max   peak power output of 500W the Tenways
packs 43 – 81 miles of range in one charge   with a charge up time of 2.5 hours
it's a 36V, 7 Ah the Tenways top speed is set according to local regs
so in Europe and here in the UK the    electric assistance maxes out at 15.5 MPH
and in US it can reach 20 MPH there are 3 power levels to choose from
level 1 you get a nice little extra push that feels   incredibly natural like an extension of your
own force and level 2 and 3 is more of a push   perfect for sending you off at the traffic lights 
belt drives are a fantastic component if you're   looking for a low maintenance ride not only are 
they far more durable than a chain they also   never need to be lubricated and Tenways
guarantees 18.600 miles of carefree travel   choose from 5 different colors 
available on the website I got   the Sky Blue but you can also go for Midnight Black
lime green, light gray and arctic blue really cool feature about this bike
is that there's a security software built   into the system
so when you switch on the oled display you'll see the Tenways symbol come up and then
you'll have a 4-digit code that you need to input [ BONC BIKE J1 ] hmm hey we're on time [ ROSE BLACK LAVA ] [ CYKLÆR E-GRAVEL ] imagine an intelligent agile machine
that makes your everyday an adventure it might be a vehicle lighter than you yet capable of carrying you your belongings
and treats picked up along the way   it could open up your sunroof to the entire sky   made with sleek lines and smart 
features it's hybrid refined imagine a vehicle you can park everywhere powered by fruit what if the vehicle 
of the future helps you stand out what if it also helps you move fast
and stay safe will it be an all-terrain machine 
with the world as your soundtrack who knows it might even make your heart 
go from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds   what we do know is it will take you anywhere

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