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Recycling – History and Evolution

Surprisingly enough, recycling has been regular practice used in some form or another throughout history. Long before the industrial age until more and more recycling concepts began to evolve, and recycling research continues today. It seems as though the increasing numbers of recycling techniques have become more important to people the more the industrial age has grown.

Need A Better Recycling Method?

Many people are inclined to recycle everything they use as of as they can. However, sometimes the carry-in recycling location is a long drive away. Often, recycling collection locations will recycle glass and paper only, for example, and then you have to go somewhere else to get rid of your plastic and aluminum. It is definitely more beneficial to have a dumpster or recycling container for your home, but when that is not possible – your good intentions end may up in the trash.


For anyone who wants to help preserve a safe and healthy environment on this planet, waste is a very important concern. The environment can not handle the amount of landfills we need to accommodate all of our trash. Therefore, for anyone and everyone to recycle as much as he or she can is very important – hopefully we can make it a priority to recognize the problem as well as try to do something about it. Many people are easily convinced – others are more stubborn. But that does not lessen the importance of the issue.

Goddard Institute Issues a Warning on Global Warming

Sometimes the fact of global warming gets a short shrift due to the more politically-charged discussion on whether it is caused naturally by, for example, an unusual cycle of sun flares, or human activity. I think the latter question will never be settled to the satisfaction of all parties involved because it has political undertones and repercussions for people who do not share the same political views.

Global Warming – Dangerously Ahead Of Time

Global warming is a term that refers to the increase of temperature near the earth’s surface caused by the accumulation of greenhouse gases. It is interesting to note that this phenomenon was first observed in the mid 18th and 19th century during the industrial revolution in developed countries. This rapid industrialization, which used heavy machinery utilizing fossil fuels all added to the huge build-up of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

Recycled Greeting Card Projects THAT You Can Make Yourself

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Nuclear Weapons And Global Warming – An End To Humanity

Mother earth has been serving humanity since the world began. Yet the gratification to satisfy humanity doesn’t even cease a bit. From manual to advance technology, the human still search for a much more resource for a comfortable life. Mother earth gives as these entire things unknowingly and continues to give us her strength and powers with out anything in return, an example of unconditional love.

Can Nuclear Energy Save You From Global Warming?

Nuclear energy is a magical and seductive power source. The pros and cons of nuclear energy fly thick and fast. Here is your way to cut through that noise.

Environmentally Friendly Gifts

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Renewable Energy Trends

When in 2005 the federal Production Tax Credits (PTC) for companies producing renewable power was renewed, it sent a message far and wide that the renewable energy industry was worth getting into, with the promise of profitability, energy efficiency, and social/environmental “good karma” all in one tidy package. The following are some of the latest ways we’ve seen this collective foray into renewable energies take shape.

Global Warming – How Much a Ton of Carbon Dioxide will Cost?

The estimates still range anywhere between $20 and $100 per ton of CO2 released, leaving plenty room for policy makers and economists to come up with ever-changing alternate plans while providing plenty reasons for the perplexed consumers to scratch their heads. The way it looks right now in May 2007, not only the science and politics, but the economics of global warming also looks equally complex.

Home Toxicity – Global Warming Could Be Caused by Toxins in a Bottle Or Can

Okay, here’s where we get down and dirty (no pun intended.) We’re hearing a lot in the news these days about the environment, the Arctic, the Inconvenient Truth movie and recycling.

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