Big Cat ® Fat Cat Gen 2 Electric Fat Bike

hello and welcome to today with me I have the big cat fat cat generation 2 we're gonna be doing that indoors for you today because it's about 10 degrees outside it's dark it's cold it's windy so I figured that this would be a little bit better for the video and we will be updating with an outdoors view where we test ride the bicycle take it out in the snow on the street on some dirt trails and whatnot but for today I'm gonna keep it nice and warm in here and talk a little bit a little bit about the features on this bicycle and some of the main differences about the generation 1 fat cat and the generation 2 fat cat so we finally got these bicycles in our warehouse in New York we did experience some delays for some time and we want to apologize for that and we also want to thank everyone for their patience but we finally got them in and we've had roughly believe close to 50 or more pre-orders that have been sent out already so we're very excited about everyone submitting testimonials and videos and photos about their fat cats mainly out in some of the warmer states of course like Florida Texas and California is where most of these bicycles will be seen for at least the beginning of the year until it gets warmer out here in New York and you'll definitely start to see a little bit more okay so the generation 2 fat cat as you can see the first main difference that you'll see between this one and the generation 1 fat cat is the color the generation 1 fat cat only came a gold gloss color and the generation to fat-cat at the moment is only available in a matte black with lime-green wheels it does seem a little bit shiny in the video but the main reason for that is because we had the bicycle outside earlier we had it out in the snow and it was very dirty so I brought it in and I cleaned it up a little bit just for the video but the color that you're seeing here is a matte black lime-green decals and lime-green rims all right so we're gonna start from the top and work our way down and to the back of the bicycle for starters you can see we're still incorporating the Shimano sis index thumb shifter it is a 7-speed I still get this little bell here ergonomic grips there's a twist throttle as well these are the tech TRO brake levers which have the cutoff switch to the motor so when you're twisting on the throttle you want to come to stop you apply the brakes that's gonna send a signal to the motor it's going to stop it this is the LED headlamp it's seven LEDs and you turn it on by pressing the power button on the controller that's up on the handlebars one of the best features of the fat-cat generation 2 is that we've incorporated this LCD display the FAQ at generation 1 did not have this LCD display which reads your speed your distance your battery life and it also powers on the front LED light the fact at generation 1 as well did not have a front headlamp simply press the power button on the battery no key is required for this okay so you have your battery life this is your speed your distance and you also have the option of controlling the level of pedal assist and there's five different levels that's something that the fat-cat generation one of course did not have it was a just one basic level for the pedal assist that was on at all times for this one here you can choose to go between one and five different levels and of course another difference between the fat-cat generation two and the fat-cat generation one is that the fat-cat generation two has a throttle so a lot of people really prefer to have a throttle because it's it's more of a leisure kind of thing but it's also beneficial to have once you get tired or if you know you have a condition that's going to stop you from writing a traditional bicycle in a traditional way having the throttle is gonna allow you to still enjoy riding a bicycle without having to pedal the only things to keep in mind though is when you're using the throttle you are going to experience a lot less range so keep that in mind when you're writing these bicycles is try to have moderation or a balance between pedaling and having the pedal assist propel the motor as opposed to having the throttle all the time you can get a lot more range from the battery and the motor that way and like I mentioned earlier it's a power on the headlight you just press on the power button at one time and as you can see here the headlight is powered on that's it again and it turns it off and to power this off you simply press down on it for a few seconds there you go just really quick before I move on in case anyone is wondering where the serial number for this bicycle is it's located right here in the front right about the fork and something good to keep in mind is if you want to take this serial number and go down to your local police station precinct or Sheriff's Office depending on where you live you can take the civic number you can register this bicycle just in case of any theft it will make it easier for the authorities to locate your bicycle and get it back to you okay so now right here we have the same tire that you found on the fat-cat generation one it's an all-terrain tire it's a twenty six by four inch and it's pretty good force and of course had to adjust your tire pressure for that I personally have written this bike on ice on snow on dirt grass on pavement heaven really had the chance to take it out of the sand but it's performed really well as a really smooth ride to it the only thing you're gonna have to keep in mind is that when you're going on different terrains you're gonna want to adjust your tire pressure so be sure to keep the tire gauge and a air pump on you at all times if you're looking to go between in between terrains and looking to do different activities with this bicycle but one other thing is this is a full rigid frame but it's not designed for extreme off-road use so be sure not to do many crazy stunts any 20-foot jumps or anything like that you will damage the fourth or the frame all right so I move them over to the downtube is something that you'll notice if you're familiar again with the fat-cat generation one the fat-cat generation one had a slightly different down to this one here it's more squared and that's because it has to have the new battery that we incorporated it's a 36 volt 10 amp hour it's really cool cuz you just push the power button here there are no keys required on the bicycle when it's powered on in order for the battery to be operated or the bicycle itself to be operated pops right off so there's another feature that I wanted to show you on this bicycle that was not on the fat cap generation one you'll find it here on the battery simply by pulling up this tab it's a USB sorry it requires just a little bit of play but ok so like I said this is a USB port right here just by lifting up this tab you look at this tab that's where your charger is gonna go this is the USB port again it's a really cool feature to have because nowadays you're getting a lot more people with smartphones and they're using them while they're writing the bikes are masking them up to the handlebars and they're using applications like Matt my ride to calculate their distance their speed GPS stick along it in and share it with their friends and you know you might have run into some problems where you have low battery and you're gonna have to make an important phone call or something or you get stranded and the cool thing about this is that you can plug your phone right up to this USB port and you can get some juice out of it but of course once you're running the bicycle you're getting juice from this battery so you're gonna plug up your phone just keep in mind that you are going to take away from your range and your performance okay so we've pretty much covered most of the bicycle just to finish off here we have a Shimano derailleur it's a Shimano a 707 speed it's a chain bike AMC and like I was mentioning earlier a lot of the components on this bicycle you'll find on many other bicycles many other brands a lot of the higher and stuff that sell for a lot more than what this bicycle may call us to you you'll see that this again like I know like we always say it relaxed put emphasis on the fact that this is a premium entry-level offering and you're getting a really good components a lot of components that you'll find on other branded bicycles that work really well actually with you know cross board with in terms of performance and reliability but one thing to keep in mind when you are riding this bicycle or any bicycle that has a derailleur always shift up or down while you're riding the bicycle never one is to standstill because it could damage the trail in it and when you're going uphill you got I want to use a lower speed and when you're on flatter surfaces you can use a higher speed which will give you either rizona at a faster speed or it's gonna just make it much easier for you to ride this bicycle depending on you going uphill or down okay so the fact I generation to like the fat-cat generation one does have a pedal assist function as you can see here that's powered by these magnets there's a little plaque that's located in the bottom bracket so Ezra pedaling there's a sensor right here that's picking up that movement the cadence it sends a signal to the motor and it propels you and provides torque case you're wondering what this thing right here is that's the controller which controls the current from me too the motor patrols the signals and everything electrical pretty much on this bicycle another difference from this bicycle back had two opposed to the fat cat one is the saddle here or the seat post and what you'll notice is that the fat cat generation one had a shock absorber that was located on the seat post which made riding just a little bit more comfortable we actually had mixed feelings about it most of people that wrote that bicycle didn't like it while others did like it so it kind of came to the conclusion that we wanted to keep it off and keep a little bit more traditional because it was just something that more people complained about than they liked but if you ever want to have that option of course this bicycle like any other bicycle that we carry does operate just like a traditional bicycle and it's it could be modified with different accessories from aftermarket manufacturers so that's one thing that's different from this bicycle that's one thing that you're not going to get on this bicycle that you would have gone on to fat-cat generation one okay so just to kind of summarize again here what you're getting is an aluminum frame big cat fat cat generation two with a 36 volt 10 at bat or battery capable of giving you a range between 15 to 30 miles again there are many factors that are going to affect your range depending on the writer way the charge the terrain and weather conditions always keep in mind that if you're using the throttle more than you are pedal-assist you're going to experience less range it is a 7-speed powered by a Shimano Acera you had the pedal suit assist cadence sensor you have a front led 350 watt front hub motor 36 volts 160 millimeter disc brakes mechanical by Tetro the design on this one is slightly different of course it's really just ended down to because we're housing a much better battery as opposed to the fat cabbage and one the other thing again just summarize here like I mentioned the beginning of the video the LCD display is something that's very beneficial it's gonna be a lot easier for people to monitor their battery life to control the pedal-assist which can also affect your range and it's going to tell you your distance and your speed so it's a really nice feature to have on this bicycle so be sure to go log on to big cat to find a dealer near you or log on to he – Mike's comm thank you

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