Bike Design | 10 Best Electric Bikes made for Adults

2020's worldwide pandemic has seen a massive
rise in people wanting to hit the roads, trails, and mountains in a green, healthy way. It's this surge in popularity, pun intended,
that's seen electric bikes come to the forefront of personal transport in 2021! To get notified when a new video is posted
hit the bell icon below, right next to the subscribe button. Thank you for watching Mind's Eye Design! Despite the leaps and bounds made in e-bike
design, battery efficiency, and motor power, pedal-assisted electric bikes' legality is
still a grey area. In the US, laws vary from state to state. In 17 states, an e-bike is considered a moped
and requires licensing and the wearing of a helmet. In fact, in New York City, there have been
attempts to ban e-bikes altogether! However, in California and an additional 12
states covering about a third of the US population, e-bikes are classed into 3 different classes
based on their throttle type and final top speed.

The first two classes are treated the same
as ordinary bicycles, but the third has minimum age and helmet requirements. As e-bikes become more and more mainstream,
competition between manufacturers and innovators is heating up. So, what are some o the best electric bikes
for adults in 2021? First is the rugged yet versatile Karmic Koben
M. This is the latest in the illustrious line
of e-bikes from Palo Alto-based bike company Karmic, with engineers boasting that the Koben
M is a "Do-it-all, go-anywhere, machine-made for fun." This bike is tailor-made for all situations,
including commutes, gnarly trails, or a leisurely ride in the park.

The alloy fork has a three-pack of mounts
that make it suitable for bike-packing adventures or use as a sport utility vehicle. The frame's geometry is also suspension-corrected. Its tapered headtube takes a 100 to 120mm
fork for all your extended trail capability needs. The frame-lockable Karmic battery is a 43V
design architecture yet can output 48V of power. It features a capacity of 450Wh and can endure
500 recharge cycles before requiring replacement. Despite its additional power, the Karmic battery
is competitive with 36V systems with lower power output. The consensus from the multiple reviews we've
read is that the Koben M is a perfect e-bike for beginners. At a reasonable price, it's feature-rich without
sacrificing affordability or ease of use. If you're looking for the best hardtail mountain
e-bike for your money, the MXS special edition from SONDORS is right up your alley. The Malibu-based company has claimed it has
the greatest performance, power, and adaptability of any model on the market with the MXS Special
Edition. The excitingly rugged electric hardtail is
designed with minimalism and a balanced, well-rounded ride in mind. It uses a 750-watt motor and a proprietary
48V 17.5 Ah lithium-ion battery.

You can also choose from a torch, ghost, or
graphite finish, which all look as cool as their names sound. The MXS special addition doesn't do anything
extraneous or break new ground in the E-bike industry. Still, at the sub 2K price point, it is a
tempting option for a new e-bike in 2021. Delivery drivers of the world rejoice! The HyperScorpion Express fills an important
niche in the E-bike market, delivery driving. Juiced Bikes, hailing from Chula Vista, California,
promises the ultimate high-performance cargo e-bike with this latest model.

Those pizzas and packages will not go undelivered
with its 70+ mile riding range, powered by a 52V 19.2Ah battery. The HyperScorpion Express also doesn't skimp
out on the features, either. An alarm system, integrated brake lights,
and turn signals will ensure your bike's safety and security at all times. At $2,599, it is an economical choice for
any delivery business looking to lower their ongoing fuel and maintenance costs as well
as reducing their carbon footprint. This IndieGoGo funded E-bike appeared in 2019
but is now being sold to buyers worldwide. The X One is our pick for the smartest e-bike
with all the best tech. One of its most significant selling points
is its regenerative battery capabilities. The battery can capture unused kinetic energy
during downhill sections to recharge itself, meaning you can ride further on a single charge.

Speaking of the battery, the X One Power uses
the best battery on the market, a removable 42V Panasonic GA Cell. This thing is no slowpoke, with a top speed
of 27 miles per hour and an impressive 46-mile range. The X One also utilizes facial recognition
technology, allowing it to recognize you, automatically unlock and load your personal
settings with the press of a button. The hefty sum of cash raised in its IndieGoGo
campaign has attracted a lot of hype around this e-bike, with write-ups from Forbes, BikeRumor,
Yahoo news, and Electrek.

All three bike models are priced under two
and a half grand, making it a somewhat heavy investment, but for all its bells and whistles,
it's worth it. The Babymaker from San Diego-based company
FLX bike is quite possibly the most stylish e-bike you'll see on the market today. The Babymaker is another IndieGoGo success
story, raising 13.5 million dollars since its inception. But make no mistake, it delivers on all its
promises. Just by looking at it in its range of styles
and finishes, it fulfills the role of the sexiest and sleekest electric bike on the
market today. It also has a lightweight frame, concealed
battery, and attractive details, so you can go wherever you need to take it and look good
in the process. You get a choice between the budget orientated
Babymaker standards and the more rugged Babymaker pro, fulfilling two different price points. We're not sold on the Babymaker's name, especially
considering it's built for a single rider only. Still, with this e-Bike continually turning
heads, it might just live up to its name. In the hectic daily commute, sometimes you
need a little more portability, and that's where the Lectric XP folding e-bike from Lectric
E-bikes comes in.

pexels photo 7018254

The ability to fold your E-bike and take it
wherever you need to go is invaluable in the cramped subway cars and buses of modern-day
cities. The Lectric XP fulfills this role perfectly., the e-bike industry's
most trusted source for electric bike reviews, selected the Lectric XP as one of the best
bikes of 2020. The high-efficiency 500W motor has a peak
output of over 800W, providing the power to get you where you need to go. It also arrives fully assembled, making it
convenient to hit the road fast. With a 900-dollar price tag, it's an excellent
choice for beginners and people who need a portable e-bike for their daily needs.

The VanMoof S3 and X3 provide impressive power
and a natural ride-feel, all within an aesthetically pleasing design. The specs on the Vanmoof speak for themselves,
a 37-to-93-mile ride range, 504-watt hour battery, and a top speed of 20 miles per hour. This bike also packs a turbo boost torque
of 59 nanometers. These models have won a prestigious Red Dot
design award, and they didn't win it without creating something special. Its seamlessly integrated battery, built-in
lights, effective anti-theft features, and seamless electronic gear shifting are the
bike's standout features. All this comes at a fair midrange price tag
of 2,000 dollars, making it an excellent choice for those who want respectable specs and a
cutting-edge aesthetic The Radmission 1 from Rad Power Bikes, a Seattle-based
company, has some of the business's best value. RadPowerBikes have focused on doing a few
things really well, without the expected exorbitant price tag.

This bike can be relied upon for all your
local transport needs with its range of 25 to 45 miles and a 500W battery. Its four levels of pedal-assist and throttle-driven
power make it very versatile in handling different types of terrain. They've also thrown in integrated lights,
disc brakes, and some beefy tires for traction. It may not have an LCD screen or a USB port,
but at a price that barely cracks the thousand-dollar mark, it's both a reliable and economical

No, it's not the niece of the Autobots leader,
but the Nireeka Prime will definitely give Optimus Prime a run for his money. Featuring some of the biggest tires in the
market, the Nireeka Prime markets itself on versatility. It's designed for both ripping up trails and
cruising down city streets with seamless transition. The Prime also can't help turning heads with
its sleek metallic design and impressive 26×4 Kenda Gigas tires. Nireeka has spared no expense with its motor,
boasting a 1000w mid-drive motor powered by a 48v, 17.5-amp hour battery. The Nireeka Prime hasn't been without some
critical fanfare, with Electrek calling it: "A high-powered parade on two wheels." It also comes with some optional additions,
such as a smart tail light, carbon fiber accents, comfort saddle, and 11 frame color choices.

At two and a half thousand dollars, the Prime
doesn't come cheap, but for such a beastly machine, you can't expect budget prices. The MadMods line-up of E-bikes from Sondors
is defined by and famous for its motorcycle-inspired, fully-interchangeable customization. Purchasing a MadMods E-bike starts with picking
a basic model, then building it to suit your style with accessory kits. Seats, bars, headlights, and tires are all
interchangeable across the line-up, bringing unparalleled customizability levels to the
E-Bike market. You can go for a cafe, retro or scrambler
inspired look, or a mix of the three. The specs are pretty great, too, with a range
of 40 to 60 miles, powered by a 750-watt motor, allowing the MadMods e-Bike to travel pretty
much anywhere, and fast. At 1,500 dollars, it's not the cheapest of
mid-range e-bikes.

Still, with this level of customization and
rock-solid specs, it's a no-brainer for people who want a one-of-a-kind electric bicycle..

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