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something strange going on here we're in Berlin I think but we have a Danish photographer and we're interviewing a Danish gentleman called needles fire and we're going to talk about Mike squared and I want to ask you to tell us about it what is unique what's different excitedly what is really different here what we've done is that we made the first all electrical ebike so we taken the chain out of the of the equation so we are not cooling on the back view we've built on mechanical force analytical course but only with one force the electrical so what's going on is that the use of pedaling is actually pedaling the pedals around like you used to generating electrical power right here in the crank box so from that point on everything is controlled by our electrical control and everything is electric that means much more control over what's going on in the back wheel as much as it is of what's going on in the crank but that's the counter hole that you feel when you're driving this bicycle feels exactly like any ordinary bicycle to drive but we have all the advantages of having full electronical control over all aspects of it as you notice from the steering we don't have any chemical gearing's up here since there no mechanical parts you don't you don't have to operate some mechanical parts some electronic parts together you just have completely adhering stepless continue spearing all automatic urinal TCF on one side and on the other side from can turn on a cycle and you can decide how you want to multiply your power with the help of of the assistance from the battery that's absolutely amazing that comes in the category of it's obvious why didn't anyone do it why didn't I do it that's one that we just completely just cleaned up the electrical by cycle it may make the Polish product the range lagging and the other by electrical by socket depends on the battery if you put on a big battery we get the same rings as although electrical by cycles watching this is a this is an ordinary battery coding style or is it green no this is what is for save there's the drive system so this part with the motor and the battery and intensifies files on there yeah another we expect our clients to be bicycle manufacturers doing buy cycles and make them look very nice this is just a just bike it could vary from ones that have had legs to ones that you only pedal in emergency or something yeah this this very bike we have some community help us using that in a city of Denmark driving around helping helping people in the city we have all of three wheel bikes where actually they have extra benefit of not having the straight line from the pedals to the back wheel but you can actually start making different designs of bicycle's because you're not constrained by the chain anymore so it also opens up new possibilities and by cycle design and is something that you think could be useful in underdeveloped countries as a pedal generator for your computer and lighting or you saw that for me and any of those other things yeah easy to do in the meantime it's it's absolutely possible it's also possible to use it as an exercise device but that's not the market we're looking into we want to hate people commute especially commuting in big cities and solve problems with pollutions and stuff like that and we also want to help some people that might not be able to buy cycle today to actually do it because they have a better product with a better feeling and more control okay so could you get me really clear about what the benefits are then because I could imagine this might be lower cost I could imagine it's more reliable you talked about how it functions rather more nicely or more versatile way you know you could adjust it so you have to pedal really hard if you want exercise or something but in in the marketplace have you feel for what people will perceive as the most important benefits yeah I think we have two two sectors here one is that we have a commuting by cycle which is just nicer because we have one system working in both engines instead of two systems working together so we can make at a more fluid it will like a perfect automatic gearing in a car when that came in in the seventies eighties so we get a better feeling of a better bicycling experience that's one one part of it when you commute to work and the other end is it could be a lot of people it's more simplified is actually nicer to use a little like the electrical hand planed are compared to the old mechanical ones leaders will do anything and they couldn't if someone who's very feeble yeah but be tolerant of that so that's one end of the spectrum and the oven is the geometry is the fact that you can suddenly make different bicycle designs so then again the buy-side manufactures designing by cycles for handicapped for example with low entrance point or three wheels where you do it then you have for suddenly have other possibilities of making designs adequate for people with different needs to other things we ant idtech X we're analysts we travel our lives away and we've recently Princeton's been in JA Han we go there often with the Japanese office I interviewed the man who's set up terror motors and he is largely doing it on a charitable basis but basically he thinks that three wheelers can be modernised and he's got people now in Bangladesh India all over the place and the figures are amazing that huge I mean in Bangladesh he says his people are got statistics that they're importing half a million for me electric gun pedal three wheelers electrically assisted a year as taxes you know it's the tuk-tuk alternative that's electric it's the equivalent of electric rickshaw but they're basically this sort of hub motor I mean in London it's been an empowerment thing because we got a slip of a girl pedaling for me fat men Ram London as a bit as a business and she couldn't be in that business before but now thanks to an electric drive can be so India they terror motors are saying the number of polluting tuk tuks to be replaced is about five and a half million a year and in the Philippines it's about 3.2 million total not for a year but the massive spit was so would you think that you could contribute something to that world where the it's three wheels natsu I mean it seems to be the same thing well I think that three wills is definitely part of the market the small we I maybe even Corddry hi curls and stuff like that but the the well the place where we can contribute is to get more people commuting by by cycle making it easier to a process as kind of product without being a cyclist you know yeah it's getting like a household where like your blender in the kitchen and stuff like that you acquire in the same way yes this whole thing should be three if you know the higher bikes they have them in Berlin then they that are electrical but this could be an advance on that where I come from London they're not electrical they're just metal wife's very heavy ones and so it means not many people who well that they're very popular but we copied Harris they did it first of course but very late they have a limitation for people's are not very strong liquidity a very important advantage we have in that case is that without all the mechanical parts we have much less maintenance so especially if you want to use it as fleet fly cycles you don't you need all that maintain is people driving around putting an oil on the chains and repairing it so that's that's a that's a big deal force the maintainer sparked when we solve fleets of course yes absolutely and if it were if it could be dismounting orders or even in that form used as a general economist how's my creation generators they can disconnect those connections excellent no that's very interesting good luck gemologist so you're really an intellectual property company or you're selling any actual advice but you're not going to sell the bicycle or them yeah we actually found out that we need to get our clients up and up and driving the bycicle so when we thought we were just selling the device they have to go through marketing even if you're not and we have we have to sell some bicycles so they can get up riding your bicycle very fast so that we would do in the start oh yeah for our business all bad I was going through marketing we solve this one with a battery and the motor you know this very nice indeed Akane hold on congratulations absolutely excellent

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