Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra 1000 – The most powerful electric bike with a torque sensor?

hello my name is alex and today we'll be looking at our all new juggernaut alter 1000 lineup the budget-friendly base model [Music] and the fully loaded ultra 1000 pro [Music] juggernaut ultra 1000 and ultra 1000 pro are the most powerful torque sensing e-bikes on the market with 1500 watts of peak power and 160 newton meters of torque with the sleek utility of our best-selling ultra 1000 frame and one of the most powerful torque sensing motors on any e-bike you'll find yourself riding more than ever before start with our exceptional build quality then customize your ride with plenty of options and upgrades to choose from both models feature the bang m620 ultra mid drive motor which delivers 1000 watts of continuous power 1 500 watts of peak power and an impressive 160 newton meters of torque [Music] the ultra 1000 and ultra 1000 pro comes standard with the 48 volt 14.5 amp hour removable battery if you need more power or want to ride further on a single charge boost your capacity in range with battery options to suit your riding style the ultra 1000 has a nine speed shimano transmission that will keep up on any terrain from tackling steep inclines to cruising at max speed on the flats with the pro you'll get an 11 speed ceramic nx drivetrain this has a 2 1 shifting actuation ratio unlike the usual one to one ratio this means the cable and derailleur move less with each ship you'll feel the difference in handling with smoother shifting and less effort overall the base model has an rsd guide suspension fork with 80 millimeters of travel and optional lockout this provides control comfort and traction on the pro we have our bike tricks inverted air suspension fork with 100 millimeters of travel and preload and lockout adjustability you can also upgrade to a dnm or ren inverted fork dual piston hydraulic brakes come standard on both models riders who love extreme conditions and steep descents can upgrade to quad piston options from tektro or magura unlike mechanical brakes hydraulic brakes use fluid to multiply the effort you apply to the lever this means that the braking power is greater than the force applied by the rider leave the hard work to the hydraulics brake effortlessly with increased control the ultra 1000 and ultra 1000 pro are available in three tire widths to suit every terrain choose a 4 inch fat tire for all-terrain all-season versatility with increased traction and stability for off-road riding mountain bike riders will love the fit and feel of the 3-inch tire option with a knobby tread or choose a 2.8 street slick for city cycling and commuting the thinner width and low tread profile are ideal for picking up and maintaining speed both bikes come standard with fenders to keep you dry when the path gets wet if you need to carry some gear they are equipped with an aluminum rear rack for convenient storage on the go your safety is important to us that's why we've included an integrated 100 lumen headlight for increased confidence safety and visibility at night or upgrade to the optional armageddon integrated headlight with 2000 lumens to see clear and further than ever before the large lcd display and easy to use control pad keeps you in charge of your ride at all times set pedal assist levels see important information like speed and battery life and track your ride with an odometer trip meter ride time and more the velo plush saddle lets you ride as far as you want with no saddle soreness to hold you back visit our website to learn more about the alter 1000 and ultra 1000 pro if you have any questions give us a call at 1 866 bike tricks thanks for watching [Music] you


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