Biktrix Swift Step-Thru e-bike review: More power than meets the eye

Recycling Potential Pitfalls and Possible Benefits – It’s Up to You!

This story could happen in any little community, anywhere in the world, it happened in my community and I will share it with you. In the beginning 30 years ago, I recycled or took back bottles as a kid but didn’t see the benefit of it much beyond some small change, cleaner environment and reuse. Over the years and especially recently I became amazed at what was possible with bottle recycling. Did you know that you can…

Mobile Car Wash Business – Ancillary Cleaning Opportunities in Solar Panels

Many years the prior, I was running a mobile car wash nationwide franchising operation. One of our franchisees found something else to wash besides cars. He was washing solar panels. Why you ask? It’s simple, because clean solar panels are more efficient, and you get more energy from them than when they aren’t dirty. In fact, you can improve 5 to 10% very quickly simply by cleaning them, sometimes much more. It may not make a big difference right away, but over many months it certainly is.

Coping With Weather Disturbances Through Stormwater Management

Polar vortex, torrential rain and extreme weather have been affecting our towns and cities. The weather bureau forecasts more of these weather disturbances in years to come. How does our drainage infrastructure system cope with this? Best practices in infrastructure management create a sustainable solution to managing stormwater.

Compostable Plastic Bags Are the Future

With many countries, cities and states regulating the use of plastic bags, businesses around the globe are looking for alternative products. Compostable plastics have made great advancements in the last few years. Some of the newer products are not only offering a viable solution, but actually improving our environment.

The Basics of Solar Energy – How Does Solar PV Work?

Given the large push society and governments are putting towards renewable energy as a whole and more specifically solar electric energy. Solar electric energy (often referred to as Solar PV or Solar Photovoltaic) is not a new technology. In fact in Europe and Asia the use of this technology is widespread.

Purpose of Shaft Grounding Systems in Marine Engineering

That maxim is no clearer than in marine engineering, where seawater mixed with the electrical systems of a propeller can cause corrosion, loss of efficiency and system failure. To completely protect a ship it’s important to electrically ground the ship’s propeller to the hull. Grounding the propeller limits corrosion and damage to the propeller’s shaft, bearings, and gear box.

GMOs – What Is All The Fuss?

What is GMO? A GMO is any living organism that has had it’s genes altered through science or genetic engineering to produce different traits from that of the original organism. Examples of GMOs are fish, animals yeast, bacteria, and plants. GMOs are widely used to create food and other non food products such as drugs or biotheraputics.

Electric Vs Hydrogen Cars – Which Is More Likely to Succeed?

Comparing hydrogen to electric cars, it is easy to understand why motorists would not want to opt for electric. Electric cars were exciting, but only until the driver had to make frequent stops for recharging. The last nail in the coffin of the electric and gasoline cars is the affordable cost of hydrogen and its efficiency as a source of power for an engine. Experts say hydrogen worth $3 can take you as far as a gallon of gasoline would.

It’s Payback Time, Or Is It?

There’s such a thing as asking the wrong questions. My grandfather would agree. When he returned home a few years back and told my grandmother that he’d bought a car, the only question that she asked was “what colour is it?

Homage to Louis Armstrong

We live in wonderful world in nature and peoples. World now in danger of losing its splendour, identity, diversity as our civilisation could commit ecocide.

The Advantages of Electrochlorination of Seawater

When an electric current is run through salt water in a specific manner, it produces a substance called hypochlorite, a form of chlorine. This process is called electrochlorination and is commonly used to desalinate water and kill the bacteria it contains in order to make it safe for human consumption and use.

Let’s Collect Carbon and Make Stuff Out Of It – Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes

The other day, I was sitting at an outside patio at Starbucks, the one nearest the University. There were two students there studying organic chemistry as part of a prerequisite for what looked like a nursing program. Of course, along with organic chemistry they also had to study a little bit of the non-organic chemistry in the world. One gal said to the other; “I don’t know why I need to study this, if it is inorganic, what does it have to do with biology?”

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