Billig E-Bike… Gut ? oder Schlecht ? 1 Jahr und 1000 Km ! Prophete E-Bike Prophete Entdecker 28

hello and welcome to this video today it's about riding an e bike, especially an e bike i bought a cheap ebay almost a year ago that is the prophete explorer 29 inch trekking bike and meanwhile i have 1000 kilometers down with the speedometer and which is to take time times as a little summary what happened to me this year this bike to drop which makes it problems and makes e bike ride itself fun for whom is the what and and and all that now video much fun in this while looking at the bike when the bike finally arrived after three long weeks of waiting, of course I was thrilled at first because I had hardly ridden an e bike before.

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Everything was included. detailed instructions two keys for the immobilizer some tools and the bearing part for the battery all other parts except the pedals which were already pre-assembled the professional team of the gentlemen e bike comes with a comfort drive mid-engine a torque of 100 newton meters the reflex tires come from continental and the hydraulic disc brakes front and rear come from the company shimano the hourglass suspension fork that ensures comfort on uneven surfaces the control unit of the drive is located in a tft display with pro key that in addition to the most important information at a glance, a usb charging function for the smartphone is also an important selling point for me was the copy function when the e bike is left unattended for a break then comes the security function in the game you can only use the electronic immobilizer with an individual chip pick up and switch on the e-bike the aeg down to go with an output of 576 watt hours is the shepherd for a low center of gravity on the down tube and offers ranges of a good 100 to 110 kilometers, depending on the riding style, it is charged in about four and a half hours and the permissible total weight of the bike is 1 50 kilos so also ideally suited for a load at a maximum speed of 25 km / h you then have to continue pedaling on your own here the e-bike then switches to manual around the ram, which is made of aluminum, so the professional bike comes to 1 25 kilograms empty weight through the Sufficient lighting and all built-in parts of this bike must be left for the stvo and you do not pay any taxes or fees in general to ride the e bike, of course I can say it was not a wrong decision to buy the e-bike this year and generally have it I take about 50 kilometers to work there and back and I often do it with an e-bike and the nice thing about the whole story is that you don't come to work sweaty and you don't go home sweaty, which is relatively easy when you are driving in the third mode, this is the tour mode and of course you can only pedal a lot and at the same time, of course, you can move forward Of course, adjust yourself how you want to pedal here now is yes if you don't want to have so much support you just set it to the first mode then it is relatively exhausting to progress in mountain and valley but from the second third mode up to the fifth that is then the highest, of course, it is relatively easy then you step further but as I said you don't come to work somewhere sweaty you can really use the thing completely as a commute vehicle and also as a leisure vehicle is of course ideal for driving around the lake or just one go on a longer tour with the battery you get about 100 kilometers on average almost 100 kilometers the manufacturer states 140 km that I have never achieved so far and of course you have to fool a bit is clear, but if you are now at the highest, so to speak – so mode five drive all the time then you are about 60 70 maximum of kilometers that you can reach but then in the normal len eco mode, do you already come 100 110 kilometers driving so economically is also enough for a day because you have to think about 110 kilometers you have to cover 110 kilometers during the day otherwise riding an e bike is no different than riding a bike it is just a little easier And it's more fun because you can choose when you come up the mountain you don't always have to kick and trample and try to get up there lie and just switch to mode 5 and off you go, so I had a lot of fun in this one, as I said year what is positive to mention for me about this bike and, of course, also ride the e bike in principle i can say this bike has not let me down the 1000 kilometers and this one year it always went on it went off once that battery or properly charged and the construction factor and the quality, you can say it is a great price-performance ratio for 1500 euros meanwhile in times of corona It is no longer so easy to get an e bike there are delivery times, so to speak, everyone had to switch to the bike a bit and as I said back then , I bought that for 1500 euros, meanwhile the manufacturer has carried out a model update and that no longer costs 1500 euro no that now costs 2500 euro meanwhile the battery is built into the frame i wanted to have an external battery because i don't have a power socket in the basement that means i always take the battery with it pulled upwards and then it clicks on the bike again when driving off but otherwise not much has changed with the new bike and it is almost 1000 euros more expensive, actually I don't think the manufacturer made a good decision because the price ratio of 1500 euros for this bike is a great story you really enjoy it and hate it Not that much money was spent but this vehicle or this e bike is still available from certain mail order dealers at auto h But I've seen it and also at some other mail order companies who are interested I'll make you a link right here in a video description that could now look up in any case it is still available even at this price performance ratio for 1500 euros I saw as a new vehicle Just has a bit of delivery time, as I said, I think it's a month that takes a little longer until it is at your home, so to speak, as I said on the positive things here, I can say great, so company for fathers, I also did a good job I haven't had any problems at the beginning it was a bit sanded that was had to grind in somehow that went a bit off with the electric motor and a bit of luck I never knew what that was it was done completely by itself, meanwhile we are also here the handles have become a bit looser and then had to be tightened but otherwise that is stable, it does n't work and positively i can really mention that this bike is very well made when i bought the rider at the time i had to change a few things because i did n't like them at all on the one hand the pedals they were totally slippery you know this plastic that doesn’t hold that i have meanwhile exchanged for metal pedals from the company aaron which are great then at the same time of course my butt always hurt after 20 30 minutes and that urgently had to change if you are on the road all day with the bike that doesn’t work The saddle was also completely exchanged for a saddle that is really wider and that is really mobile here, otherwise there is a bit of accessories like a couple of pockets here completely for the mobile phone in the pocket and at the same time the saddlebags that are, so to speak, completely in the accessories lost to me and now at least I can take all my video equipment and other things with me hmen and it's fun to be on the road with the vehicle otherwise there is a friendly gopro holder for the bike up here so that I can also pick up a few things when i'm on the road otherwise nothing has changed the bike is fully equipped as it was delivered a year ago, so to speak, and i'm still satisfied with the conclusion of this prophete explorer 29 inch trekking bike i can only say for myself i made the right decision 1500 euro is not too much for this wonderful bike it didn't suit me left in the lurch i drove through thunderstorms in the summer and there was also heavy rain the bike drives and rolls there are no problems with things penetrating or anything else at the same time it is of course so that for me the tires are maybe a bit thin i'm often out in the field you can't say but also on the road and there are the r Eifen maybe a bit thinner if they are gone now I will probably have a particle screwed on here otherwise brakes super 8 super meanwhile I can still get 100 kilometers with the battery after a year despite a lot of charging cycles and that is also built stably the bike doesn’t rattle any screw there doesn’t wobble that’s really good quality from prophete and when I look at the successor now when I go to the prophete’s page then it’s of course a real price because that’s just changed 1000 euros more expensive that means the battery is now completely built in here there are other changes but 1500 euros compared to the new model 2500 euros that is already a cheap bargain and I'm really satisfied that I bought this type of bike because Spending 2500 euros is another direction where I say man but there are other manufacturers r that offer more for the same price but 2500 euro you can't go wrong with this prophete explorer 29 inch and who is interested in this bike i put a link here in my video description there are a few accessories for the bike under there are of course the remaining stock at the same time i discovered it at otto again for 1500 euro and at some other mail order companies also vienna interested in my video description so i say thank you very much for watching this video and with great pleasure until the next video leave me a subscription like or in the friendly comment as how do you see riding the e bike be yours for that per page contra would interest me and of course until the next video

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