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How to Start a Christmas Tree Recycling Program

Recycling is fun, easy and gives a sense of a job well done at the end of the day. However, one recycling department that is grossly overlooked is the need to recycle Christmas trees. In the old days, we tossed the tree to the curb, and a nameless, faceless person hauled it away. However, in today’s conscientious green society, a discarded Christmas tree can be a treasure to the environment and it takes so little effort to make it all happen.

Alternative and Renewable Energies – Save the Planet and Save Money Too?

Is it possible to save money by using alternative and renewable energies, and help the environment too? Rising oil prices, tax incentives for those who use alternative energies, as well as the creation of more and more alternative energies each year, is leading to a global change in energy use. Looking into alternatives such as Solar, Wind, and Micro Hydro Power Energies can save substantial amounts of money and help to save the planet too.

Dell – Recycling is Important

Dell is a company that is no stranger to admiration, enjoying such recognition as being Fortune magazine’s top choice for America’s Most Admired Companies in 2005, being chosen as the no. 1 computer systems provider by U.S. consumers in 2002, being a company that is known to have innovated direct selling to its customers, and ranking as no. 1 in global market share in 2001. Other than being a company known to have numerous achievements in the industry, Dell’s achievements extend to being green as well.

Recycling Services Offered by Waste Management Inc

As we’ve grown to love the “disposable” life, we learn how much damage this can cause to our environments. Solid waste is filling up our dumpsites and we are running out of space for the continuous disposal of such. Not only that, but the production of materials for such eats up a lot of energy from non-renewable sources too. This is why we’ve been taught over and over again about the three Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Help Save the World With Renewable Energy

One option to a space heater is a fire pit. This is a great way to cut down your electric bill. If you cut your own wood it warms you twice.

Waterless Printing – The Eco Friendly Printing

Making things work better around is certainly in our control. We are the ones who are responsible for any good or evil that happens around us. Just the same way, we are responsible for the good and bad that is happening in the world today. It was our mistake that has lead to a condition where the climatic conditions and the nature of our planet earth are changing towards extremities.

Recycling in the City and Some Environmentally Friendly Things Are Part of the Process

Some environmentally friendly things are part of recycling in the city. It may not seem like it is worth it but it is more important than ever in a city atmosphere to recycle.

Think Solar Will Solve the Purported Problems of the Global Warming Theory?

Not long ago, I went to a lecture and the speaker was a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry. In his speech he believed that solar power was the answer to global warming. He is wrong for several reasons. And before I begin this debate, let me state that I do not believe the global warming alarmist theory at all, in fact I think much of it is pure poppycock. So that tells you a little bit about where I stand, and now let me give you the evidence.

Renewable Energy – Advantages and Disadvantages

Everyone is familiar with our traditional non-renewable energy sources such as, fossil fuels, and more and more people are becoming familiar with the renewable energy sources. This may be in part due to the fact that our traditional sources are polluting the earth and atmosphere, not to mention that they are also being depleted quite rapidly.

Reduce Reuse Recycle Signs

Reduce Reuse Recycle is one of the most well known mantras of the environmental movement. The three “R’s” are important to remember, even in the workplace when it is easy to revert to wasteful habits when not encouraged or suggested by management. A simple Reduce Reuse Recycle Sign is a great reminder to practice earth friendly habits and maintain an awareness of our resource consumption.

Source Reduction – Reuse and Recycling

The catchphrase in this area is “P2”-pollution prevention. Source reduction means making less waste in the first place, with a secondary goal of reducing the toxicity of the waste that still exists. In today’s throwaway society, it’s a long-term solution, but more and more products are being designed and used in ways that reduce their chances of ending up in the trash, and market research indicates consumers think positively about companies making these extra efforts.

Recycle Bins in the Workplace

Recycling bin signs can save time and labor by eliminating the need to separate out recyclable materials from trash. Recycling bin signs easily direct people to place materials in the appropriate place, eliminating the need for sorting later. Recycling bin signs are especially important in the workplace.

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