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Why Recycle Cardboard?

Generally there are two types of cardboard that are considered to be recyclable. The first is the ruffled kind used in packaging materials called corrugated cardboard.

Make Money Recycling Aluminum Cans

In 1965, the United States introduced widespread production of aluminum cans. It quickly caught on worldwide because the can is easy to mass produce.

Why is Aluminum So Recyclable?

Aluminum is one of the most recyclable materials because it can be melted down over and over without losing its integrity. It can be easily sorted out from the other materials at the recycling centers and shipped back cheaply to aluminum plants for reprocessing. Did you know that a whopping 95% less energy is used in manufacturing items out of recycled aluminum than in creating new aluminum?

Four Facts About Recycling Plastic

Fact One: In the United States alone, we use over two and a half million plastic bottles every hour. These are not just water bottles, but cleansers, health products and other liquids containers from motor oil and lubricant to milk and juice bottles. Most of these bottles unfortunately end up in the dump.

Three Easy Steps to Recycling Metals

When it comes to recycling metal, you have to look at three things. Is it a precious metal, or is it ferrous or is it non-ferrous? Let’s look first at the precious metals; more specifically what makes a metal precious?

What – Not All Paper is Recyclable?

When you think recycling, many people will have the word “paper” come to mind first. Perhaps it is because we use so much paper in our daily lives. Perhaps there is access to recycling paper in your office or the ability to recycle dry, non-yellowing newspaper at home.

The How To’s of Glass Recycling

Glass is one of the most popular materials to recycle today. Why? Well, it is because most glass is relatively pure in substance, so melting it down releases less harmful chemicals into the air we breathe.

Can I Recycle My Computer?

If you think about it, our everyday world is more and more made up of electronic gadgets, from cell phones, iPods and other mp3 players, to computers and televisions, DVDs, Blackberries and Wii players. Many of these are dumped in the trash after only a few years of use according to most consumer resources.

LED Lighting and Global Warming

What is the image you get when you hear about this term global warming? The very term suggests something warm and hot. Think of our globe as a burning furnace. Yes this is the worst thing that can happen to planet Earth. What if the temperature soars to something unbearable?

Print Newspapers Get Recycled As Digital Media

Recently, two major newspapers circulated their final print publications: The Rocky Mountain News in Denver and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Similar fates may await the San Francisco Chronicle and the Boston Globe, and several newspaper groups have already filed bankruptcy. These actions have re-sparked conversations about the future of print media in the face of growing digital outlets. How will you choose to get your news? Are you still getting a newspaper simply out of habit? What are the digital-age options, and what will work best for you?

Do Your Share in Stopping Global Warming!

I have always believed in the following: every action, no matter how big or small, starts with a desire. Global warming is a reality and it is here to stay if we do not take action today. It is that simple. After living in Panama, in a country located in the rainforest, I have witnessed a lot of deforestation in the name of country development. Today I have a desire, a desire to take action and speak out, and a desire to let people know that global warming is happening and that we can reverse it! It is up to us, in our desire to start an action, to stop global warming.

Renewable Energy – What is It?

Want to know more about Renewable Energy? Unsure what Biomass CHP means? Read on and find out.

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