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The Simplest Solution To Help Stop Global Warming – A Major Fact For You To Face

Every day brings another news story about the seeming inevitability and severity of global climate change. It is impossible to say with much accuracy how the forces put into motion by global warming will play out, but the bottom line is simple: the more heat-trapping gases we put into the atmosphere, the more the climate will change. The major culprit is thought to be carbon dioxide (CO2).

Hydro Renewable Source of Energy

Among the renewable energy sources that produce electricity, hydropower is the most common one. It calculated for a 7 % of total U.S. electricity generation. It is among the oldest resource of energy and was used many years ago to revolve a paddle wheel for reason such as grinding grain. The first U.S. hydroelectric power plant opened on the Fox River near Appleton, Wisconsin, on September 30, 1882. Before that, coal was the solitary fuel used to produce electricity.

Biomass Renewable Sources of Energy

Biomass is macrobiotic matter prepared from plants and animals. Biomass includes stored energy from the sun. Plants absorb the sun’s energy in a method called photosynthesis. The chemical energy in plants gets transferred on to the animals and people that eat them, all in a form of a big chain reaction biologically. Biomass is a renewable energy source since as we grow more trees and crops, more waste will always be there to renew.

The Pros and Cons of Using Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has its uses but they aren’t all advantageous. In this piece some of the benefits and adverse effects of renewable energy are considered and examined in different forms of renewable energy.

Apartment Recycling Tips

According to a 2007 news story by the CBC, Ottawa’s apartment tenants throw out an astonishing 81 per cent of all materials that could be recycled! While the routine behind garbage and recycling collection can certainly be different when you’re living in an apartment (compared to living in single-family house), just because you’re in a high-rise doesn’t mean you’re above recycling.

Biofuels – Achilles Heel of Global Warming

Do you think buying E85 at the pump is saving you money while saving the environment? Think again. The use of biofuels are not only destroying the planet but destroying those that live on it.

Biofuel Renewable Energy Resource

Due to modern day contamination and ridiculously high fuel prices should we begin to look into other alternatives? What about renewable energy sources? This article introduces us to biofuels and biodiesel. Expose the cons and favorables behind each one.

Global Warming – The 21st Century Challenge

Global warming is a fact, as evidenced by research that indicates a 1.33 degree Fahrenheit increase in average global temperature over the last 100 years. A further 2-11 degree increase is likely in the next century, melting polar icecaps and raising ocean levels worldwide. We have the knowledge to undo much of the climatic damage we have created. The time to act is now.

Recycling Should Be Americas Favorite Pastime

Recycling should be one of our most favorite pastimes. It’s already a favorite for those who inhabit the streets. But for those who aren’t in need of its financial reward it is simply a past time of putting cardboard boxes, plastics, glass and aluminum cans in their city provided recycling cans. But why isn’t recycling one of our favorite pastimes? Well, recycling is fairly recent, at least in modern times.

All About Geothermal Renewable Energy

One of the most natural forms of energy that you have in existence today is geothermal energy. This energy comes from the heat present within the earth and it can be employed in a variety of different forms. The origins and the application of geothermal energy are explored in this article.

Carpet Recycling Efforts Help Reduce Waste

A new home, freshly decorated and that new carpet looks great and feels nice under your feet. Wall to wall carpet, also referred to as tufted carpet, is still the most popular choice in floor covering for home and commercial applications.

Emergency Managers Deal With Global Warming

Global warming could make life a lot busier for emergency managers. The results of global warming could cause weather extremes, including more violent storms and prolonged droughts.

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