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Recycle and Reduce Hideous Landfills

By increasing recycling to much higher levels than it is in the US today we can reduce the number and unpleasantness of landfills. What remaining waste then still arrives at the landfill needs careful management to stop leachate or “landfill juice” escaping and causing pollution of our rivers and underground water flows. Help us to reduce our horrible landfills.

A-Z Of Global Warming – Biofuels

This second article from The A-Z of Global Warming deals with biofuels, which will undoubtedly be a phrase that will be heard a lot more often over the coming years, but what are they?, where do they come from?, and what is their significance in relation to global warming?

Glass Recycling is Simple and Easy

Glass recycling is right up there with aluminum recycling when it comes to the ease of it and the fact that glass can be recycled over and over. Glass can be reused indefinitely because the structure is not harmed during the recycling process. This means that recycling glass is very important.

Sustainable Development – The Role Of Coal

The debate over the future of America’s energy policy is heating up, and it is liable to reach temperatures of near-combustion amidst the politics of this explosive election season. One industry that has long been a pillar of the American energy establishment is coal, and the case of coal is particularly compelling for two reasons. The first is that massive reserves in western US states such as Montana and Wyoming allow a viable pathway to improved energy independence from unstable and often unsavory oil-producing states.

Global Warming Topics

Over these 100 years there has been a massive increase in man made greenhouse gases, mainly down to the effects of burning fossil fuels and the depletion of forest and woodland. These are not the only two topics in the Global Warming debate, as there are many other topics that affect Global Warming and contribute to climate change.

A-Z of Global Warming – The Amazon

This article is taken from The A-Z of Global Warming, a book on all issues relating to global warming and climate change written in unique A-Z format. The Article is first in a series of extracts from the book, to be published in May 2008.

Global Warming Is Hurting Us

The world is increasingly warming. This is largely due to the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from human activities including industrial processes, fossil fuel combustion and changes in land use, such as deforestation. These are the findings contained in the latest report of the UN-backed intergovernmental panel on Climate Change which was released in February 2007. The Indian environmentalist Dr. R.K.P., the director General of Energy and resources Institute is the Chairman of the panel.

How to Set Up an At-Home Recycle Center

With curbside recycling programs available to more than half of all Americans, there’s no reason you can’t easily set up your own at-home recycling center. Still, the EPA estimates that while 75 percent of what Americans trash every week could be recycled, only 25 percent is.

Thanks To The Global Warming Bananas Are Cultivated In Greenland

For many countries the global warming is a sign of the coming nature cataclysm. In tropical countries less and less precipitations fall, water reserves decrease, fires break out very often. But for inhabitants of Greenland the warming promises cheerful perspectives.

Science, Healthy Lifestyles, Global Warming – California Crops Enter the Pacific Northwest

Science explains why people heading west would make their decision whether they turned left and veer southwest to California to grow oranges. Or if they wanted to grow apples and needed frost they would turn their wagons right and northwest towards Oregon. And so it has always been. Until this past half century when we have begun to notice that you can grow some hardy varieties of oranges or bananas in protected pockets now up into Canada. They may need to change that sign back up in the mountains.

Celebrities Helping to End Global Warming

Records suggest that lately, many celebrities have taken a open position on the issue of globalisation which affects our mother earth. These celebrities have leveraged their celebrity status to bring much attention to the extremely important topic of global warming.

5 Tips To Help With Home Recycling

The issue of recycling has been an important one for some years, but recently, with councils resorting to fortnightly collections in a bid to encourage recycling, this is an issue that has been receiving increased attention across the country. Councils are doing what they can to encourage recycling by providing recycle bins to households to make this task easier, and the government has pledged to increase the number of recycling bins in public areas to also encourage this activity.

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