Building a Tesla ELECTRIC BIKE For my WIFE

Only thing actually giving me trouble isn't something I made or built. It's something I bought that unicorns are cool So this is the booster board that I did the battery mod on and it ended up not really working How I hoped it would but I know why I know the exact reasons how to fix this thing But we're going to cover that in a future video because in this video. We're going to talk about something a little different [I] Love riding electric vehicles And in fact the only thing that's more fun than writing them is writing them with other people and There's one person who I've always wanted to go on a ride with but never been able to and that's my wife Jenna I [would] Really like [to] success [be] given enough attitude, so this is Jenna I exist for almost three [years] [she's] a nurse She actually works at a hospital feeding a [patient's] medicine and drugs Give them drugs.

If I work from 7:00 p.m.. To 7:00 a.m. Assess Jenna is so uncomfortable writing things like skateboards in one wheels she's okay with riding a bicycle So an electric bike is the perfect logical way to go. I wanted to do something special just for her I'm going to build an electric bike for my wife You know this is a gasoline-powered motorcycle. It's really fast It has all these Complicated parts and machinery that will have to work together if we take that and simplify it down into just an electric system We can put all that other spices in very few part.

I'll show you just how simple It actually is [I] only need four primary components to make an electric vehicle like a bike and you have your power source a battery of some sort a throttle and you have the brains of the operation the Computer chip that's called a speed controller because that communicates with the motor and makes Spin when you give it an input Now that I have all of the parts to make an electric bike I need to figure out some sort of system Actually mount it to the bike itself this guy named Tom Stanton on YouTube. He's an aeronautical engineer He came up with this brilliant design or actually 3D printed parts But a pla plastic and mounted all of his components to is by using those pieces however.

He's using. What's called pla Which is traditionally a very brutal unreliable material if you want to make any mechanical parts out? So I figured I'd reach out to him personally and ask him that question myself Hey, how's [it] going man? Nice to meet you. What made you want to make this bike out of 3D printed parts? I've been willing to do for quite a while I see like what made you want a 3D prints and parts instead of just going out buying Brackets and machining parts and doing that then the main thing was cost. I I have a 3D princess I thought why not just try it What makes you think that 3D printed parts will be strong enough for the motor to be attached [to] it? Even if a material is quite weak if you design it [properly], and you had enough material that it can be strong really Maybe it's a [misconception] But people seem to think that 3D printed parts especially out of pla plastics are particularly weak Well from previous experience I [learnt] quite a lot about the specs of pla, and I think it usually gets It's brittle tendencies from the weight of people print it when the when the printer head comes back round You've got to make sure that it's hot enough [that] it melts that I blow it slightly.

Yes if you have a cold layer, and then hot layer on top It doesn't completely fuse whereas this the layer below it's still quite warm then it has a bit of fuse together And it creates a strong part okay, okay? The bike literally just arrived well, you better get build in there [Karlis] nice be able to write it around [alright] the amazing riot on the $200 bike it shows because it was really well confusing and a bunch of good reviews first good reviewing Look at See Mike over here I've now finished 3D printing the park by me to attach these things to the blanket, and they are these This is two halves of a motor mount this will wrap around on the fold Motor will attach directly to this which will attach to a belt system attached to the [coaly] now [a] coolie is interesting It's not a single object It's four separate objects that we're going to glue together in the reason for that is the 3D printer I have isn't that large it's really cheap printers the Monoprice Empty Select Mini Okay, before we continue I want to talk about something that might surprise you this is the battery pack that's going to go on the bicycle and it's a big battery So I know you might be thinking this is going to cost a lot to charge Here in the United states the average cost of electricity is [twelve] cents per kilowatt hour and what is the kilowatt hour? It's an amount of energy.

It's not speed. Which is a kilowatt don't confuse the two Electricity usage here is measured in Kilowatt hours this right here is a gallon of water and let's do an analogy and let's pretend that this is a single kilowatt hour Of energy typical American home use is about 900 months This is an iPhone 7 it has [a] battery of about point zero zero seven kilowatt hours which is equivalent to two Tablespoons from this galland what that means is that I can charge this phone [ten] times before I've even paid a single penny this This is my one wheel and it has a battery capacity of point one three kilowatt hours which is equivalent to an eighth of a gallon otherwise known as a Pint this would actually cost two cents to power the one wheel just two pennies.

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I've gone over [1,500] miles on it Which is equivalent to about five dollars worth of energy I can go halfway across America for only five dollars on the one wheel I want to make one final comparison And that's comparing my guest lien card to attest to the model s which has an 85 kilowatt hour battery which takes about Ten dollars to charge from Zero to [100%] compare that to this car which runs off gasoline which goes the same distance cost? $45 but if you compare that to the bike it only takes one dollar to go that same distance So how much is it going to cost to charge this bicycle? Well the battery is about half a kilowatt hour so half a gallon is about five cents or a nickel Imagine charging this thing to go 20 miles for a nickel All right, I just wanted to get that all the way because I think it's really cool Let's get back to the Bill first things first though I have to make sure that the speed controller can work with the motor and I've already got a problem the issue here is that the [Bullet] Connectors, don't fit.

I have to solder something else That's a bullet Connectors Soldered inside the larger Bullet Connectors And I put some shrink wrap on and then Covered up the exposed metal bits with some liquid tape and now what's beautiful about this is that the motor? Connects to the speed controller So now the next step is actually plug the speed control into my computer so that I can test the motor [start] [to] section This is a [12] tooth And this is what attaches to the motor to actually drive the belt which power is a bike the problem Is that the little hole here is a little too small to go around the shaft of [the] motor So I have to take a bigger drill bit and pour this out so that we need a drill [press] oh No, well nobody will see us off you want to try it.

It's just going to wobble Now I'm going to try the think it works It's going back great thing about electric motors if the motors going backward you literally just unplug two of the little three cables and switch them so now if I switch these beauty Yeah, any two cables now it should Now it's going the right way so cool beautiful [oh] No My shoe now is that this little metal pulley that I've put on to the motor slips this little metal thing that we had to drill a hole into The motor should move with the wheel one would not move without the other and yet if I hold the wheel tight And I got two set screws into it, but they're not holding it solid I was kind of hoping to not use Superglue But that would fix it Only thing actually [giving] me trouble is there something I made or built it's something I bought What kind of you about this? I think I can just add solder to kind of melt these two together.

Is that what you're saying? The issue there is going to steel and one is [aluminium]. [I] can't just like solder them together. That's not kind of work That solder could break and then not work, but for now it works. I'm go try it well that idea didn't work so right now when the motor moves like As I don't know what all the parts [of] the motor yeah This is the motor and it's hooked up to the wheel like this, so when the motor moves, we will move but right now the issue is that The monument to the L.

Doesn't know All the electronics the motor even all the 3D printed parts they all work [just] fine. It's the aluminum thing here That's attached to the belt It's replaceable I expect better from you There's one more stuff. I gotta do but I think it worked Hey, Miss, Eva I Broke it you just broke it. I straight-up actually just bro broke the the Nepali Because I let up on the throttle and so it caught Causing this whole thing to rotate and then it caught this Holy right, the [tog] is broken. It's like Carbon fiber when you crack it. It loses all structural integrity This is the opposite of Carbon fiber actually [don't] listen [to] the steak news I Heard they're doing Carbon Fiber smokes man, we're having fine You're just rolling down the street, and it looks fine let up on the throttle Why isn't your lens? Why is it waddling wheels lovely I see that? the wright Brothers their first plane well actually was pretty good, but [I] expected better Okay, what is wrong and how do I fix this? Some spokes are broken, but it still works the vent holy.

Yeah, that should be fine the motor is okay I just need to put it back into place. [I] need to be able to coast the lawn, but the [motors] not letting me Makes me think that there's probably some sort of regenerative braking setting that I completely overlooked. [I] can fix that then Let's go and just beginning that wouldn't work [last] time. Maybe the top [node] yeah There's what a person who I've always wanted to go on a ride with but never been able to and that's my wife Jenna I Would really like to success? How do you feel? I survived It's really easy. [I] [was] [a] little worried. It's so fast faster than the one wheel yeah It's amazing looks nice It's much better than one real I feel I feel [like] I'm kim activated This is welding like I'll be there in like five [years] because I'm going so fast I'm okay with it So speak that was quite the learning experience [as] she could probably – I didn't really know what I was doing So I'm really happy I was able to get us out and thank you for sticking through this learning experience big thanks to Tom Stan for help me with This project this project was a lot of fun I hope to do another video like this, but I don't know what to build leave a comment below telling me what? you next Ambassador My keys on me

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