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Cost of Ownership Comparison Between a Mains Fed and a Bottled Water Dispenser

While there may still be some situations where a Bottled Water Dispenser is ideal (e.g. where there is no access to mains water, or in a Portacabin where plastic pipes could freeze and split during the winter) there is little justification. Just to emphasize the point here is a simple cost comparison between the two different types cooler.

California Shuts Off Incandescent Options – LED Bulbs Are an Alternative

California preceded the nation by a year when it started phasing out 100 watt incandescent bulbs as of January 1, 2011. Incandescent bulbs require much more energy to power than either halogen incandescent, compact fluorescent or LED bulbs. The Energy Independence and Security Act signed in to law in 2007, is intended to reduce national energy use and decrease emissions.

President Obama’s Green Dream

During his State of the Union speech, given on January 25, 2011, President Obama set forth some big challenges to the energy industry. The President would like to see 80% of the United States’ electricity coming from clean sources. The President believes that it is time for the United States to move aggressively towards developing the knowledge and technology needed.

Decrease Your Carbon Footprint Through Natural Skin Products, Cloth Diapers, And More

Earth-Friendly natural skin products, cleaning products, and more are becoming even more popular with consumers. Eco-Friendly natural skin products, cleaning products, and more are becoming even more popular with consumers.

DOE Approves $1.45B Loan for Solar Plant

It will be the largest plant of its kind in the world, capable of powering 70,000 homes without any emissions. The plant will make use of 900,000 parabolic mirrors to focus the sun’s energy on a heat transfer fluid. That fluid is expected to reach a temperature of 735F, heating water to steam and driving conventional steam turbines to generate electricity.

6 Steps to the Social Aspects of Sustainable Communities Planning

Successful sustainable communities planning can be divided into two categories: physical sustainability and social sustainability. Information on the former (physical sustainability) is readily available but what about the equally important social aspects of building an off the grid eco village? This article is about the six crucial social sustainability steps to building a sustainable world starting one community at a time.

Incinerator, A New Sustainable Technology

Every year tonnes of rubbish and waste materials produced in developing countries and is steadily increasing due to increased industrial activity, agriculture, and the number of users in this country. What happen is we can see that many of these developing countries still not be able to fully overcome the problem of waste management effectively.

Free Energy Solution

In the green revolution there are many people who have gained the knowledge to build there own free energy devices. This type of entrepreneurial zest scares the hell out of the energy companies. They have held the monopoly over the Earths resources and the thought of losing control upsets them.

Eco Bag For The Mothers On Valentines Day, Principally To The Mother Earth

Most certainly swapping over to reusable bag may not be your main concern on Valentines Day; it is good that you still contemplate it. Reusable bags not the first thing that comes on your point of view or maybe you will not ever think of it as a present. However, promoting the environment is a good course of action to take.

‘Passive’ House Saves 90% On Energy Bills

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History plans to build a house on its grounds that will be so well insulated, so weather tight and so efficient that it will need no furnace. That’s right, no furnace. And Cleveland can have some nasty, bone-chilling weather. The house is of the “passive” variety, a movement gaining major steam in Europe and apparently here too. The superinsulated home boasts 18-inch walls, triple-pane and glazed windows and overall efficiency that should make it one of the museum’s biggest attractions when the house opens for three months in June 2011.

Hand Water Pumps by Simple Pump: Three Forms of Power in One Device

Hand water pumps by Simple Pump can be powered manually to bring up five gallons of water per minute. A motor using battery and solar power can be attached to make this daily process more efficient.

Be Self Sufficient With Hand Water Pumps

An alternative to traditional sources, hand water pumps supplement motorized systems. One brings up a day’s amount of water from an aquifer or similar source.

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