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Global Warming May Be Just Round The Corner

Now who is to be believed? Who isn’t? My take is that global warming has already set in. Last summer was a way too hot and prolonged as well. Last year, winter descended very late. Monsoons were delayed. It rained heavily at a time when it was least expected. And this year winter has come way too early. Isn’t that one of the many symptoms of global warming – erratic seasons?

Donate – Recycle – Everyone Benefits

STOP! Don’t throw away things like furniture, appliances, clothes, toys, dishes, silverware, knick-knacks, pet items, etc., etc. Many of these items can be recycled right back into the community. Places like the Salvation Army will be happy to take these items off your hands. They have thrift stores that they use to sell these items.

Walking Improves Obesity and Global Warming

America ‘s obesity epidemic and global warming might not seem to have too much in common. But public health experts suggest that people can attack them both by cutting calories and carbon dioxide at the same time.

Running A Green B&B – How To Run A Luxury B&B And Still Be Environmentally Friendly

It makes good business sense to run your B&B in an environmentally friendly way. It’s good for the environment, saves you money and may attract you more guests. But can you run a luxury B&B and be green at the same time?

What is Recycling?

Recycling is the term that is used to describe another form of getting rid of old materials. Instead of putting old materials in a landfill, they are processed and made into new things that are useful.

Nobel Prize Winner and Former Vice President Al Gore Blames the US for Global Warming Future

Former Vice President Al Gore and Noble Peace Prize winner stated at the United Nations conference on global warming in Bali that the weather and all the catastrophic events that are coming for us must be blamed on the United States of America. Interestingly enough, this is the same man who ran for President of the United States and now he is going around the world badmouthing us.

Condemn the Global Warming Prophets of Doom!

Many religious people have joined the Liberals and Democrats in calling for global warming mitigation. These religious types claim that since God built the earth he would want us to keep it very nice. There is only one problem with all that, the Pope (famous Catholic Leader) says that global warming is not real and that the prophets of doom are nothing more than fear mongering individuals with an agenda.

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle – Ethical Decision-Making in Environmental Issues

Majority of us are hesitant to become aggressive environmental activists. We have our own occupations and activities that consume most of our time. At the same time, environmental ethical considerations (especially those linked to global warming) can not be ignored anymore. How should an ordinary person like you and me (assuming we are ones) incorporate eco-friendly thinking and habits into her/his own lifestyle and decision-making?

It Will Be a Cold Day in Hell Before the Global Warming Issue Is Settled

Not long ago the newspapers read that global warming was official and yet not a single scientist would go on record saying that it was a guaranteed for sure thing. In fact, scientists on both sides were arguing all the different points of view and there was no consensus at all. Is C02 causing climate change?

Carbon Emissions Must Be Cut To Stop Global Warming

According to new research from the American Geophysical Union conference, this year record high temperatures have been recorded in the Arctic. The result of that caused the amount of ice to diminish more than ever as well.

The Great Global Warming Scam

Are our Governments and media brainwashing us over the effects of climate change? There is no scientific proof that planet’s temperature is rising. Carbon trading companies are the latest commercial con trick. The following article will perhaps change your mind about the threat from climate change.

Global Warming – Let’s Take The Focus Off Politics

My sister and I were discussing global warming and whether or not it is true. I believe it is but she is not convinced. Like a lot of other people she has her doubts because of political agendas surrounding this topic and the discrepancies among the scientific community.

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