BULLS E-Bike IPU-Evo Akku

i am very tired product manager at puls and now i want to give you some information about our new ip system, let's start with the first point which is also immediately visible our new ip system is completely within the framework integrated the battery can be removed from the frame at the bottom and is still there well hidden that you can hardly see it from the side, we did that and although we have come up with something very special, we don't just have one simple frame profile but a u profile with two hollow chambers hollow chambers on the right reach a chamber on the left through these hollow chambers we special rigidity in the frame there is another good point that We can all move our trains through this hollow in here So if all the space is free for the battery, the lower one has a cutout the system can also be switched off for the led charge level indicator become very comfortable when I sit on the saddle or stand next to the council the battery itself has 650 watt hours, which is really a lot of energy it is complete poems the question always comes up so first completely sealed because no water can enter and from below it is with an anti Rockfall film coated so you don't need to be afraid if driving off-road next, I'll show you how to keep our level takes the battery out of the town hall and re-installs it Although you would first have to turn the key on the left side and insert all then turn the lever loosen here to take the battery out downwards the installation is then carried out in reverse, the battery in the top and then the lever Do not forget to remove the key on the left downwards a special feature of our system is the locking mechanism, namely is our battery is not kept connected to the connection as in conventional systems but via a lever integrated in the frame, which is then inserted here this thick solid metal bolt engages so it is guaranteed that the The battery does not fall out, even during the toughest off-road driving the battery can either be taken out of the town hall for charging or can also be conveniently charged on the bike

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