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Eco-Friendly Tips For Hip Moms

Whether you’re a hippie from the olden times or simply riding the drifting trend of times, you know for sure that Green is in. Smart mommies bag cool bonuses and save money by being environmentally friendly, while training children some significant life lessons about caring for the planet.

Health Consequences of Global Warming

Scientists pretty much all agree on global warming today, but what are the health aspects? Clearly one is heat stroke. Did you know that close to 700 people a year die from heatstroke in the US alone?

Trash Recycle Bins

If you are looking to live a “greener”, more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, the first place you should start is with a trash recycle bin. Thankfully, many recycling companies have sprung up around the country that now accept all types of items that you normally throw into your trash as recycled material; in fact, some of them will even pay you for some recyclable items – like aluminum soda cans, for instance.

Global Warming – Which Side of This Controversial Subject Are You Embracing?

Global warming is supposed to increase the severity and frequency of tropical storms. But hurricane and typhoon activity is at a record low. Global warming is an imbalance of nature. Global warming is a huge risk. We surely are not just talking about retiring our winter coats in favor of lighter jackets.

Critical Global Warming Facts That Affect Us All

No matter who you are, the topic of global warming is one that will affect you. If you live on the planet Earth, then global warming is an issue that you need to be educated on and which everyone should take seriously and really care about. There are some disturbing global warming facts that really bring light to the situation and which allow people a better chance to truly understand what all the fuss is about and why this is such a hot topic in the world today.

Recycling For Cash – Sell iPods, iPhones and Mobile Phones to Help the Environment

Today’s unquenchable thirst for the latest gadgets is accepted as the norm. As new models hit the shops the last generation of models instantly become obsolete for some. Typically mobile phone contract users will get a new phone every 12, 18 or 24 months. All the old gadgets have to go somewhere. Fortunately some get recycled.

A Frightening Account of the Effects of Global Warming

The term global warming is used to describe an increase the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. Global warming has been an important issue for some time now, but only became truly serious as of a few years ago. Due to pollution, greenhouse gases and various other causes, global warming is now a major concern as scientists are saying that due to the dramatic climate change we could basically be expecting an end of days.

Recycling to Save Money

My community has adopted a program in March of 2009 called Recycle Bank. This program gives the residents discount coupons to restaurants and stores for their recycling.

Recycling Mobile Phones is a Great Idea to Help Save Our Environment

Cell phones have become an essential gadget in every one’s life and they play a major role in transferring important messages at the right time. It enables people to communicate with the world from mountain tops or even jungles. Thus, it has made Earth a global village!

Recycling Cans – Your Instant Way to Get a Couple of Bucks

Are you a part of a school organization which needs funds to buy your materials or instruments? Are you looking for a good source of money without resorting to too much drastic measures? It’s easy! You and your colleagues can just gather aluminum cans and sell them. Not many people know but recycling cans can actually bring a couple of bucks to your wallets, or in this case, your organization’s funds. If you do not want to believe it, you should listen to my friend’s choir.

Aluminum Recycling Prices – Get Profit From Selling Trash

Are you thinking about getting extra cash for your daily needs? Have you ever thought about learning more about aluminum recycling prices? And why aluminum, you ask? In the first place, you should research on this very special metal. It is actually found everywhere and can be recycled. These are not only seen as materials in constructions but also get a glimpse of these in foils, food and drink cans, packaging and many others.

Scrap Aluminum Prices and Recycling – Make the Most Out of Trash

Do you have numerous aluminum cans getting piled up at your home? Don’t you wish that you can something out of it rather than just throwing it away? If you are thinking this way, then you probably know about how people recycle these cans and trade them. You can actually sell these depending on the amount so aluminum scrap price varies. Regardless of this, you can really make some extra bucks with this. Let me share with you my friend’s experience with selling these cans.

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